How to pump out a cesspool

In many homes that are not connected to a central sewer system, it is necessary to periodically pump out a cesspool. There are several options for carrying out work. In this article, we will consider the features of pumping out the pit, give as an example, biological products used in wastewater treatment.

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Features of pumping a cesspool

Most often, specialized offices offer services for pumping out cesspools, but many owners do cleaning work with their own hands. Companies carry out work using a sewage truck, which allows them to do a significant amount of work in a short time. This is the simplest solution, but the pricing policy of the services is not so cheap..

In suburban areas or summer cottages, where the owners come for several days, the volume of the pit may be small due to irregular additions of drains. In this case, you can do it yourself pumping water using special biological products or pumps. If the septic tank or cesspool is huge, then it makes no sense to carry out independent work, it is better to call a sewer truck.

How to pump out a pit with your own hands?

If most of the waste of the cesspool is water, then you can do the cleaning work yourself. The procedure for pumping wastewater should include the necessary devices:

  • you will need a special pump, for example, a water or fecal pump;
  • a container of huge dimensions, where the waste will be pumped out, so that in the future they can be removed.

The container should form an airtight container that is closed with a lid. The larger it is, the better, because then you will not have to take out the waste several times.

Sump pumping can be done using a water pump, and for this you will need to purchase several filters. They will not allow the equipment to become clogged with various waste. In the absence of additional processing elements, the pump may break down, and its repair will be expensive..

Experts recommend purchasing a special feces pump. For its use, it is advised to homogenize the pit to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Also, you can use more modern sets, to which a special cutting mechanism is added, which allows all waste to be chopped. Such equipment is simple and reliable to use, and if used correctly, permanent breakdowns can be avoided..

In some cases, the owners leave the pump in the cesspool, this is the most convenient option if the drain is small and quickly filled with waste. Modern equipment allows for automatic work. This feature makes life easier for the owners, because they do not have to install and fold all the equipment every time. The pump automatically detects the degree of filling of the sump and pumps out all waste.

Sump cleaning method without a pump

To clean the cesspool with your own hands, it is not necessary to purchase specialized equipment, it is enough to apply the well-known old methods. One way foresees the use of a bucket to which the rope is tied. Thus, the container is lowered into the pit and drains out all waste and drains. For cleaning work, you will need protective clothing and footwear that will hide areas of the body.

Of course, this option is unattractive to many, and therefore the owners prefer more civilized methods of sewage treatment. In some cases, this method can be applied if the cesspool is not small in size and is very rarely filled. This method is simple and economical and does not require any repairs..

The use of biological products for the cesspool

If you have a cesspool at home made of plastic, then it is recommended to provide cleaning work to specialists. The necessary equipment is the use of a sewage machine, for the operation of which water and electricity are needed. For pumping out septic tanks and cesspools, it is recommended to use special biological products, with the help of which all remaining waste is thoroughly processed.

The choice of means for cesspools is quite wide, and is purchased depending on the structure of the sewage system, and so on. For example, special bio-granules are most often used, which completely recycle sewage and remove all fetid odors, thereby reducing the density and amount of waste..

Microorganisms that are present in biological products quickly and efficiently recycle different forms of waste. The main advantage is that it is much easier to pump out a cesspool with already processed sewage, especially when using a conventional water pump. This will ensure the smooth operation of the cleaning machines at the moment when you need to pump out the sump..

The main difficulty faced by buyers of biological products is the problematic choice of funds for a particular type of sewage. Many drugs have common parameters and characteristics, but differ in some aspects. The market offers such drugs and brands that have a different form of action, for example:

  • biological product Universal, which is suitable for any sewer and has the greatest effect on various degrees of pollution;
  • for automatic pumping of waste from the pit, a special Start is used;
  • It is recommended to buy the Effect preparation for cesspools, where a huge amount of fats and oils is formed on the walls and in the contents;
  • experts advise to purchase the Winter remedy for the preservation of sewage drains in the winter.

Fecal pumps for cesspools: features and benefits of use

Fecal pumps are intended for cesspools, the main task of which is to pump out daily waste. Usually they are purchased by residents of country houses or remote summer cottages, where there is no way to connect to the central sewage system. Regardless of the size of the cesspool, it will still have to be pumped out. For this, it is better to use fecal pumps, because water pumps will not always be able to handle a huge amount of waste..

These pumps work automatically, and for the owners it remains only to put a closed vessel and connect it to the septic tank with a hose. The equipment has a special float that detects the filling level of the sewer and automatically empties it.

The advantages of using this equipment are:

1. Outdoor cesspool pumps specialize in pumping liquid and solids. For example, a water pump can only pump out crushed sewage..

2. As additional elements, shredders are used, which thoroughly process the remaining large waste. By their structure, they are divided into semi-submerged, external and fully submerged, which determines the area of ​​their activity..

3. There are special pumps that completely process all human waste products. They are mobile devices that do not require support and can be easily carried. As a rule, such pumps are used for especially deep pits, which can have a depth of up to 10 m.The cost of this equipment is not higher than others.

Approximate prices for fecal pumps, depending on the type of construction, presented in rubles:

  • submerged – from 4 thousand to 68 thousand;
  • semi-submerged – from 30 thousand;
  • outdoor – from 12 thousand rubles.

When choosing the necessary equipment, it is recommended to pay attention to the volume of the cesspool, as well as the engine power. Indeed, with constant use, a more practical pump will be required, capable of withstanding frequent loads.

Water purification

With the constant pumping of sewer pits, defects begin to form in them, which affect the whole structure. If the waste drain is built of brick, then one of the walls, which needs repair work, is dug out. Further, from the outside, concrete blocks are installed that will hold the structure.

Cesspools are constructed of plastic sheeting, plastic drums or tires and should be completely redesigned. Such drains are not reliable and require dismantling. To do this, all the objects of the structure are removed, after which you need to level the hole and dig a large hole. Further, experts advise to install concrete rings, which will make up a strong and reliable sewer drain..

It is quite difficult to repair a cesspool equipped with concrete rings, especially by pouring concrete. In fact, concrete is not able to adhere to walls with grease and oil accumulation. In this case, it is recommended to use a different drain, which will receive waste from the main one. This building is necessary when the liquid in the cesspool has stopped being removed and the drain has begun to overflow.

Recommendations for pumping out the cesspool

If you use a water pump for a cesspool or resorted to using a sewer machine, then it should be borne in mind that the length of the hose must be sufficient to reach the bottom of the sewer drain. Pumping with the help of equipment takes place in the vicinity of the waste well. To make access to the cesspool convenient, it is recommended to place it in a certain place in advance. Approximately, the sewage system should be located 30 m from a well with drinking water, 12 meters from the site to get rid of unpleasant odors and 1.5 m from the summer cottage.

It is recommended to pump out the cesspool once a month if the owners permanently live in a country house. However, it is necessary to take into account the measure of filling the cesspool with waste, which is determined by the volume of waste waste. On private sites, where people come only on weekends or on certain days, pumping is done twice a year. However, it is not recommended to wait for the filling limit of the pit, but to clean it prematurely. After all, bacteria and various microorganisms are absorbed from it into the fertile soil, which pollute the external environment..

There are several ways to pump out the cesspool, for example, using water or fecal pumps, and you can also resort to the services of a sewer truck. We hope that in this article you will find all the important information on the treatment of localized sewage in a private area..