How to make a gazebo canopy with your own hands

The gazebo is one of the most favorite places in the garden, where summer residents spend their free time and meet guests. Someone from such a structure can make a kitchen, and someone – a convenient place for gatherings of the whole company. But the main task of summer cottages and sheds of various types is protection from various weather phenomena of a negative nature..


Types of gazebos for giving

The canopy belongs to small architectural ensembles and is a rather profitable construction in terms of construction. It is an open-type structure, the basis of which is vertical-type racks. They hold the roof.

Types of canopies that can be built on a suburban area:

  • By location: sheds, standing separately from other buildings, and attached to structures. Attached awnings are usually placed close to the wall, it turns out that one side of it is closed, and the other three are open. These awnings are usually intended for verandas. Single awnings are used for household needs and parking lots.
  • For the assembly of the structure: stationary and collapsible. Stationary gazebos are assembled for a long time, for many years. And collapsible canopies are installed with the onset of the warm season and removed for storage when the cold season begins..
  • Roof type: straight and inclined. Straight awnings are flat roof gazebos. Sloped roofs are also subdivided into single-slope and dual-slope forms. This tilt system allows rainwater and melted snow to drain off. Also, canopies in the form of an arch are becoming more and more popular for summer cottages..
  • According to the material that was used for construction: metal, wooden and slate canopies. Depending on the material used in the manufacture, the gazebos are placed on the ground or on the foundation. In turn, the foundation is divided into strip and pile.
  • By appointment: gazebos, which are used in the farm or recreation area, open and closed.

Popular gazebo designs

Gazebos can be built in a variety of styles. In this case, the most important thing is that they are combined in style with the rest of the buildings and structures that are on your site. The most popular designs of summer cottages are as follows:

Arbor for giving with your own hands

The construction of a stationary large gazebo is a rather complicated matter. After all, you have to do the concreting of the site before installing the structure itself, and then the rather difficult process of erecting the roof follows. Therefore, this option is rarely chosen. In addition, you can build a simple but practical gazebo in a very short period of time with little money. And you get a few square meters of oasis in the summer.

Choosing a place for a gazebo

Gazebos come in all kinds and shapes, but in order to fit correctly into the suburban interior, they must be installed in the right environment and in a good place:

  • Country gazebos, according to the design rules, are installed at the end of the perspective line, in places where garden paths connect or intersect, on hills from which beautiful views of the garden open.
  • In practice, gardens usually find a quiet corner among green spaces that is not visible to strangers. It is also customary to put gazebos near a stream, a pond, where you can admire the water surface. There may be an alpine slide or flower bed nearby.
  • The main thing is that a pleasant landscape opens up. No garages and facades of summer cottages.
  • The gazebo is recommended to be placed in a place well protected from the sun, among shrubs and plantings.
  • If there is no such place, you can hide the building from the burning sunlight with the help of climbing plants. For example, even if you tighten at least two sides with green spaces, you will still get enough lighting, but at the same time it will be cool in the gazebo. The entrance itself and the walls of the gazebo can also be filled with vines..
  • In order for your gazebo to become the center of attention, you need to install it on a high plinth. It is advisable to increase the area of ​​the gazebo if you are going to dig a small body of water near it.

Construction of the frame of the gazebo

The most important thing when building a gazebo for a summer residence is to build a strong and reliable frame:

The roof of the summer cottage

After the construction of the frame for the tent of the gazebo for the summer residence, you should just tackle the roof:

  • For summer types of gazebos, there is no need to make a solid stationary metal roof, since it is used only in the warm season, and is removed for the winter. Therefore, an awning is quite suitable, for the manufacture of which it is advisable to use a tarpaulin, canvas, dense fabric.
  • You can also install a polypropylene roof that is completely transparent. For these purposes, you need a 4 mm thick polypropylene sheet. The main advantage of such a roof structure is that it is the most economical option, which is also removed for the winter period..
  • The roof of a summer cottage can be made of dry reeds. Dry straw is also good. In this case, the gazebo will look exotic, in contrast to the mass production of Chinese awnings. For more reliable protection from rain in such a roof, or rather, in its middle, you can put roofing material or film.
  • To prevent the roof from sagging, pull a small section of steel wire from the center of the umbrella to the Mauerlats. Alternatively, you can use thick line. Install the wire at an interval of 25 cm.This system will not allow the structure to sag as a result of heavy rain.

Decorating the gazebo in the country

At the final stage of the construction of a summer cottage, you should think about how to make it more convenient and comfortable for spending time in different weather – in the rain, and in hot heat. To do this, follow our simple guidelines:

Thus, tent-type country arbors are very convenient and practical. They can be quickly assembled if necessary and dismantled when bad weather has played out outside the window. The design is advantageous in that it can be installed in any place that you like. The light roof, made in the form of a tent, allows you to very quickly disassemble the gazebo for the winter. If you decide to assemble such a gazebo yourself, then choose strong and reliable materials for the frame and be sure to take care that the roof does not sag.