How to make a flower bed from plastic bottles

How to equip your garden or area of ​​the local area so that it is aesthetically pleasing at any time of the year? There are many good ideas for this using inexpensive materials, for example, plastic bottles for flower beds are widely used. Due to the variety of shapes and colors, ordinary containers for liquids, which are usually disposed of, become an excellent craft material in skillful hands. To improve the land, you only need original ideas, several dozen multi-colored plastic bottles, scissors and garden tools.

Table of contents:

Plastic containers – an irreplaceable material for creativity

The garden is not only a place for growing fruits and herbs, but also a great place for the embodiment of creative ideas. Planting material requires certain financial investments, but free plastic bottles are suitable for decorating flower beds, constructing an original border and landscape decor.

Transparent packaging plastic is a fairly strong and durable material that does not deteriorate from water and temperature extremes. Collecting multi-colored plastic bottles of different sizes is not difficult – each family buys many packs of kvass, beer, carbonated and dairy drinks during the season. Each product is produced in a characteristic container, so it is easy to assemble dozens of transparent and colored plastic bottles:

  • black;
  • dark brown;
  • green;
  • yellowish;
  • white;
  • red;
  • bluish or blue.

Each color is suitable for the embodiment of a particular idea. For example, small white and yellow bottles are used for garden crafts in the form of flowers, from green ones – leaves for them. Larger plastic containers are suitable for original containers for single flowers or small plants. And ordinary dark 1.5 – 2 liter containers are often used to build a flower bed curb from plastic bottles – photo:

Tip: Do not throw away plastic bottles after using the contents, since containers can be filled with some kind of material and build beautiful flower beds. By the way, this is another good way to remove the remnants of building materials from the site. To fill upturned and dug in the ground, transparent plastic bottles are used;

  • sand and dry clay;
  • small pebbles;
  • expanded clay;
  • shell rock crumb;
  • construction slag and other bulk materials.

In dark and opaque bottles, they also pour ordinary garden soil left over after excavating a hole, a small pit for a makeshift pond or an original flower bed. If desired, these structures can be disassembled for the winter or left as the only decoration for a snowless cold period. In addition to homemade plastic sculptures and bottle flowers, the garden will be attractive and original until the time of flowering and blooming of the trees. Plastic containers for liquids are used in different forms:

  • whole;
  • partially truncated;
  • no top or bottom;
  • with cut out side holes;
  • cut in the form of hanging planters.

As practice and numerous illustrations confirm, decorating flower beds with plastic bottles is gaining popularity. And there is no shortage of rational ideas, because in the hands of a creative person, plastic containers are a wonderful ornamental material. A flowerbed with a plastic fence is much easier to care for than conventional plantings without a border. Plastic bottles tied in circles are also used for the construction of multi-tiered flower beds or for low garden terraces – for planting low-growing flowers and rare plants.

You can even build a vertical flower bed from the containers – along one of the walls, fence or other garden fence. For this, small flowerpots are formed from bottles and fixed in rows or chaotically. They also grow hanging ampelous plants that require lifting above ground level..

By the way, not only plastic bottles are suitable for garden compositions, but also other packaging containers – buckets, cans and trays from mayonnaise, ketchup, buckets from vegetable oil and other food products. From the windows of the attic, the balcony of a summer residence or a high terrace, original flower beds made of colored plastic bottles, lined with a pattern or ornament, look good.

Tip: If for a large-scale garden composition it is not possible to collect the necessary number of containers of the desired color on your own, connect neighbors from the entrance, relatives or those who will bring you a bag of plastic bottles for a small fee.

The color of plastic containers often suggests ideas for creating garden decorations and flower beds:

  • white and yellow for flowers;
  • green for leaves;
  • brown – for the trunks of homemade palm trees;
  • transparent blue – for the wings of dragonflies and bees;
  • black and red are ladybugs and beetles.

The shape of flower beds and borders from plastic bottles

Well-planned drawings and drawings for plastic bottles for a flower bed are half the battle and the key to success. First of all, decide on the theme of the site design. Perhaps I would like to make a whole “Glade of Fairy Tales” in the garden for children. Then you need to think over the characters, their houses or habitat. If you want to make a blue lake out of plastic bottles, you can decorate it with white swans and frogs cut from car tires. A flower meadow made of plastic flowers can be supplemented with insects from the same plastic bottles.

Note: All ideas are good if it looks nice and proportions are correct. Agree, a bee should not be larger than a flower, and frogs should not be larger than storks and swans.!

The planned layout of the site for the original flower bed or garden decor involves scaling on paper or designating actual sizes. For a bottle border, a pretty outline is enough:

  • linear segment (from object to object);
  • in the form of geometric shapes;
  • in the form of a picture;
  • with well-defined circles or squares.

An original drawing can border a group of plants or an entire green lawn for children to play. Sometimes there is a need for edging a strip of low-growing or seasonal plants. The colored border is also good for isolating single plants from the general plantings that have not yet gained strength, and such a sprout is easy to break without seeing. When the plant grows and comes into force, the colored border from the plastic bottles is removed.

Choose for yourself any shape of a flower bed from plastic containers:

  • terrestrial;
  • suspended;
  • multilevel;
  • in-depth;
  • raised as a dais.

It is better to take opaque clear plastic bottles for hanging flowerpots, that is, not from under vegetable oil. In order for them to look beautiful, think about where and in what way they will be hung on a twine or chain:

  • along a fence or fence;
  • on metal ceilings of garden trellises;
  • under the roof of a country house;
  • under strong tall trees, etc..

Any hanging plants with abundant flowering or fruiting, as well as decorative mustache-layers, are well suited for hanging planters. For example, there is a special strawberry for growing pots, ampelous varieties of petunias. In the summer, houseplants such as chlorophytum are also hung in the garden. These pets do not need to be repotted, just place the pots in prepared planters from plastic containers.

The easiest way to make a flower bed from plastic bottles is to lay out a recognizable mosaic pattern. This requires a certain number of bottles of the required shade. It is undesirable to paint the finished layout, since plastic does not take paint very well, and it will peel off over time, it will not look aesthetically pleasing. Further, according to the scheme, a small pit is dug, that is, the soil is removed a few centimeters, depending on the size of the containers. Earth or sand is poured into plastic bottles so that they are not blown away by the wind, after which the prepared material is buried according to the scheme.

Tip: Plastic bottle caps can also be used for colored mosaic patterns, such as sticking them to a fence around your homemade flower bed or anywhere else..

How to build an original flower bed: practical advice

The Internet is replete with illustrations on the theme of crafts and flower beds made of plastic bottles, however, there are not so many of them near our entrances and on garden plots. Therefore, loving a flower bed made with your own hands will be considered original. In addition, each “master Samodelkin” embodies creative ideas in his own way..

1. A colored border made of plastic bottles is the simplest garden decoration. The containers are stacked in different ways, but most often they are dug in upside down, filled with earth. Sometimes you can find sloped rosettes dug in, in the form of flowers, which are tied by the neck and neatly laid. Horizontal styling comes across much less often, but this method is also used for a border or decor.

Most often, green and brown bottles are used, in which the neck is cut off and filled with earth. Whole bottles are sometimes tied around the neck and added dropwise. To form a beautiful border, opaque plastic containers of the same size are suitable:

  • 1.25 liters;
  • 1.5 liters;
  • 2 liters;
  • 2.5 liters.

2. Plastic all-season flowers are the most popular garden decoration. You can come up with original crafts yourself or use ready-made illustrations. Some of the petals and the middle can be opaque, sometimes they are heated, melted and bent – for a greater decorative effect.

How to make flowers from plastic bottles for flower beds – watch the master class in the video at the end of the article.

3. Flowerbeds, animals and birds from plastic bottles for flower bed decoration look no less original. There are real masterpieces of home craftsmen and professional artists, but the most popular are birds:

  • peacocks and firebirds;
  • swans;
  • storks;
  • cranes;
  • herons;
  • parrots;
  • eagles, etc..

4. Flowerbed-container or original flowerpot made of plastic containers. For these purposes, containers with a volume of 5 liters or more are used to accommodate enough soil for plants. The compact flowerbed-container is easy to rearrange due to its small size, so they are indispensable for thermophilic plants in the spring, when the heat is still unstable. Single, small or collectible plants such as succulents and lithops are also placed in such flowerpots..

5. Gnomes and other fairy-tale characters from plastic bottles – excellent garden decor and decoration for a flower bed. This is another great idea to ennoble and “revitalize” your garden plot with crafts from scrap materials. A cute gnome, a witch flying under a tree or a garden lantern can also be made from plastic containers or bottles. Clothes for them can be sewn with tape or crocheted from colored plastic bags or ropes so that the outfits of fairy-tale characters do not deteriorate from the rain. The easiest way to attach clothes and parts to the body is with a stapler and tape. If you want their handles to wiggle in the wind, attach them to flexible cocktail tubes.

The “Glade of Fairy Tales” or fairy-tale characters exhibited by the group looks best on the flowerbed:

  • turnip, grandfather, grandmother and others;
  • bun and fox;
  • 7 dwarfs;
  • flying elves;
  • 3 girls under the window, etc..

6. Insects from plastic bottles are the most popular crafts and flower bed additions. A large flower bed of bottles is laid out in the form of a butterfly with colored wings. The easiest way to make a flower bed in the shape of a ladybug is from black and red plastic bottles..

Bees are very popular because they are easy to make from small black and yellow bottles, and the wings are made of translucent bluish plastic. A bee can be one or a whole group above a flower bed. To make insects “fly” from the wind, they are fixed on a metal rod or suspended on a fishing line under a tree.

Each idea or scheme of a flower bed proposed in the article can be implemented exactly as shown, but it is better to introduce something of your own.