How to make a bird feeder with your own hands. The main types of bird feeders. DIY bird feeder expert advice

Caring for the animals and birds around us has always been considered a noble deed. How can you help winged wildlife at any time of the year, especially in winter? The answer is simple, make a feeder for them yourself and support them with food. In this article, we will learn how to make budget structures at home for feeding flying friends and what is needed for this..

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Types of materials that are suitable for making do-it-yourself bird feeders

A good feeding device is one that can serve as a reliable shelter from bad weather. The choice of materials for making a bird feeder with your own hands depends on its purpose and the type of winged for which it is meant. Many ideas for their manufacture are known, for the implementation of which a variety of improvised materials that we meet in everyday life are suitable. But not every material for the production of feeders will be able to provide durability, strength and reliability. Quite often there are devices for feeding birds made of metal, wood, plastic, plywood, etc. Given the fact that the feeders are located in open nature, it is important that the material is resistant to precipitation and, most importantly, is safe for winged inhabitants..

Plastic structures are very popular among consumers. Due to the transparency of the material, the food is clearly visible to the birds, and they easily fly in to eat. Along with the question of the choice of material for work, due attention must be paid to the question of the choice of terrain for the feeding trough. A well-chosen site is one that the cat will not pick up and it will be comfortable for the arrival of birds..

Varieties of bird feeders from improvised materials with your own hands

The most common types of bird feeders made from scrap materials can be displayed as follows:

Types of bird feeders from scrap materials
Constructions from plastic bottles;

Suitable for wet, cold conditions. However, plastic is considered not entirely safe, since this material itself is sharp and birds can easily get hurt..

Made of cardboard Cardboard boxes from under the purchased juice are actually a ready-made structure for feeding birds. The disadvantage of this type is that the cardboard cannot serve for a long time, and even more so in winter conditions.

Plywood and wood Feeders made of wood and plywood are called classic. This type of device is distinguished by its durability and practicality in use, they differ in constant characteristics..

According to the design, devices for feeding birds are divided into the following types of feeders:

1. Suspension.

2. Site.

3. House.

4. Bunker.

5. Tray.

6. Shredder.

1 – sells food on a string or a net cover. Usually this type is suitable for feeding tits in the winter..

2 – a plus of the design is that birds can easily reach the feed and see it from a long distance. The downside is that the feeder is fully open, and the feed is not immune from blowing by the wind and falling asleep with snow.

3 – such structures can be built both from cardboard and from more durable materials, for example, from plywood. Thanks to the roof of the trough, the feed is reliably protected from possible precipitation.

4 – may be different in design. Considered anti-passerine, as these birds usually fly in flocks and can destroy the feeder.

5 – food is poorly visible in such containers, but it is considered a huge plus that it does not wake up on the ground. These designs are very economical.

6 – this feeder is a metal mesh that holds the feed.

The process of constructing a bird feeder with your own hands can be carried out as creatively as possible and embody any extraordinary idea. But it is still accepted that all structures have classical components: a roof, sides, and, in fact, the entrance to the feeder.

DIY bird feeder made of plywood sheet

A device for feeding birds from plywood with your own hands is a good, durable structure for feeding birds not only small, but also of medium size, as well as an original device for decorating a garden. In the process of working on a plywood feeder, you will need such tools and materials as:

  • roulette;
  • drill;
  • jigsaw;
  • a piece of plywood;
  • corner;
  • pencil;
  • screws;
  • knife.

In order for all calculations about the design to be accurately embodied in the work, it is best to prepare drawings and diagrams of the future feeder.

Before proceeding to the assembly of the feeder, it is necessary to prepare all the constituent parts. It is worth remembering that the roof of the bird feeding facility must be larger than the bottom in order to neutralize the possibility of moisture getting inside..

From the plywood sheet, you need to cut the bottom of the workpiece, about 40 * 40 cm. Then we prepare the sides, which play the role of a fence and which are fastened together with screws. Some ideas for working with plywood involve the use of glue, but such structures usually cannot be called strong and stable..

To connect the bottom and the roof, we need longitudinal slats. It is important that the height of these bars is not very small and allows the birds to fly into the feeder itself without difficulty. Do not forget that plywood should not be opened with antiseptic solutions. For this material, a special waterproofing solution is sold, which is absolutely safe for birds..

The plywood feeder roof itself can be constructed in several ways, but the most common idea is a two-piece roof. According to the plan, these parts of the roof should be of different sizes. To connect the top of the trough with the main part, it is better to use screws and wood glue in combination. Plywood containers are often constructed using other materials, for example, plastic.

Pictures on request do-it-yourself bird feeder

How to make a do-it-yourself feeder from tetrapacks

Tetrapacks are ordinary juice boxes. Such designs are considered cheap and quick to manufacture. To work on a cardboard feeder, you will need the following tools:

  • stationery knife;
  • furniture stapler;
  • wire;
  • two liter tetrapack.

Despite the fact that a box feeder is considered a budget design, it also has a number of disadvantages. First, it is difficult to see the presence of feed in the container. Secondly, cardboard is a very fragile material that quickly deteriorates when exposed to moisture. Thirdly, such a feeder is more suitable for small birds such as tits and sparrows, but it is not available for larger species. So, the process of constructing this type of feeder can be described as follows.

We use one liter box as a base and a container for feed. On the wide side of the box, we make a volumetric hole with a clerical knife. We divide the other tetrapak into two proportional halves (at the end they are not completely cut), they will be our roof. We connect the details with a furniture stapler. The complementary feeding device is ready for use!

A quick-and-dirty plastic bottle feeder

Probably, in every household there is such an item as a plastic bottle. It is she who serves as the main material for the embodiment of unusual ideas for the production of do-it-yourself bird feeders. You can work with bottles of different displacement – from 1.5 to 5. Some designs are implemented from two components – they are called bunker. Another advantage of working with plastic material is its ease of decoration. For this purpose, you can use paints, colored cardboard, etc..

Various ideas for making a plastic bottle feeder have their own subtleties and additional elements that act as a so-called “highlight” in a particular design. For more information, consider several instructions and recommendations for working with plastic material of different volumes..

Pictures on request do-it-yourself bird feeder

A simple quick-feed trough with a plastic bottle of 2 l

This design option for feeding birds can be called the simplest. To work, you will need such a tool: a 2-liter plastic bottle, a knife, a rope, decorating paints, hot glue, various ribbons, bows, buttons, etc..

In the area of ​​the label on the bottle, it is necessary to make an incision, along which the upper part of the bottle is roughly cut off with a red-hot knife. A rounded incision is made in the main part, which will serve as an entrance to the container. The top of this base adjusts relative to the top to make it easier for birds to reach the feed.

The workpiece can be decorated to your liking, you can buy better paints for this. Some craftsmen use small and large decorative particles that are attached with hot glue. In order for the feeder to be comfortably located in the garden, on a tree, holes are made on the sides of the workpiece, into which the rope is pulled and fixed. For additional fastening, in the area of ​​the window, rivets connect the main part of the feeder to the top.

How to make a do-it-yourself feeder with a spoon

More complex is a feeder with a spoon from a plastic bottle, for the manufacture of which you will need:

  • plastic bottle;
  • wooden spoons;
  • knife;
  • clothesline.

The bottle serves as a container for storing bird food. In order for the birds to be accommodated and the food does not wake up on the ground, practicing masters suggest building a structure using wooden spoons. With the help of a knife in a bottle, according to the size of the spoons, two holes are made crosswise, in which the spoons are placed. In such a structure, feed is usually placed through a watering can. Such a feeder is attached with a rope, which can be completed in two ways. The first involves making a hole directly in the top of the bottle and tightening the rope in this way, the second is to fasten the rope in the area of ​​the bottle neck. How to do it better? The choice is directly up to the individual discretion of the master..

Features of the do-it-yourself bunker bird feeder

After giving the work the necessary time, you can make an excellent do-it-yourself bird feeder from plastic bottles. In the process of work you will need:

  • one 5 l bottle;
  • two 2 l plastic bottles;
  • rope;
  • marker;
  • adhesive plaster;
  • knife.

The originality of the design is that it is a so-called bottle in a bottle, the work on which is best done step by step.

Step 1. Using a marker on a 5 liter container, you need to draw a drawing of the entrance for the birds. Experienced craftsmen recommend making several small holes and one large one, into which a 1.5 liter bottle will be installed..

Step 2. The top of the large plastic bowl provides a secure enclosure against moisture entering the trough. All cuts on this part of the structure must be fixed with a simple adhesive plaster..

Step 3. A U-shaped hole is made at the base of the large bottle. A 1.5 liter container is placed inside, into which food will be poured in the future. The advantage of such a structure for feeding birds is considered to be the saving of feed, which spills out as it is eaten and does not wake up on the ground..

Such feeders are best placed under the roofs of houses, since it is much more comfortable for the birds to eat there. Another important recommendation from experts is that you should not use too colorful ropes as a rope-attachment, they scare away wild birds.

For more information on how to make a do-it-yourself bird feeder, watch the video: