How to dismantle an air conditioner with your own hands. Dismantling the air conditioner with preservation of freon. Dismantling the indoor unit of the air conditioner

The services of specialists who serve split systems at home are not cheap, and as you know, dismantling such devices without damage is much more difficult than simply disconnecting a household appliance from the network. When moving or just sending the air conditioner for diagnostics, it must be removed from a permanent place; this can be done by every owner who has minimal skills in working with electrical appliances. In order to carry out this procedure qualitatively, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of practitioners. About the methods of dismantling split systems, the features of eliminating the device without losing freon, the intricacies of working with the device in winter, more details below.

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Do-it-yourself air conditioner dismantling methods. Features of working with different types

Disassembly of climatic devices becomes necessary in various cases, which are associated with relocation, purchase of new devices, planned repair procedures. Calling professionals every time is quite an expensive pleasure, therefore, based on the instructions of practitioners, you can remove the air conditioner at home on your own; when working with huge structures, you can ask a friend for support. The main principle of dismantling with your own hands is considered to be an orientation towards the type of device, on the technological features of which dismantling directly depends. More on this in the table.

Features of dismantling different types of coolers
Duct The equipment recovery workflow is particularly complex due to the size of the system. It is almost impossible to cope with the elimination of the device at home without the help of another master. Also, when working, you will need additional tools for implementation to air ducts..
Cassette Reinforced protection of the unit is considered typical for devices of this group, which requires elimination using special electrical devices. Has a huge weight. The disconnection process consists of elimination of pipes, refrigerant and removal from the network..
Split system If the above devices can be removed to idle, the liquid can be completely drained from them, then speaking of split systems, such frauds are excluded. Here, the refrigerant must be collected in a separate form, starting from the thinner pipe, and then serving the thicker part. It is worth noting that for this type of climatic equipment, the presence of copper pipes is most often characteristic, which means that they simply cannot be untwisted, it is necessary to use cutting and in this way remove the system.

How to dismantle an air conditioner with your own hands? A question to which the masters give two answers, revealing a couple of working ways:

  • with preservation of freon;
  • without saving freon.

Having pumped out the liquid from the device to restart it, you will need material costs for refueling, so if the owners are interested in further using the cooler, they should consider the instructions for the first option and try to keep the device operating as much as possible. This procedure consists in collecting liquid in an external unit, the intricacies of which will be discussed a little further. However, it is worth noting that, leaving the freon intact, the owners carry out all the work in a completely environmentally friendly way, albeit slightly, but without harming the environment..

Precautionary measures

In order to fully understand how to properly dismantle the air conditioner, each owner should familiarize himself with the precautions and understand that any deviation from the recommendations, instructions and rules for working with climatic equipment can lead to the fact that freon will be disbanded or, even worse, a capable device will irrevocably come out out of service.

Before making any intrusions into the split system, the master needs to understand the elementary design of the cooler. The air conditioner consists of an external and an internal unit, which are interconnected by characteristic lines, in the amount of two pieces, inside which the refrigerant moves. When moving through a pipe with a small diameter, from the inside to the outside, the state of freon remains liquid, when circulating in the thick section of the pipe, a gaseous mixture runs in the opposite direction.

So, if the owner tries to disassemble the device and disconnects the main paths in the wrong order, he will not be able to keep the freon intact. Also, problems associated with a malfunction of the cooler depend on:

  • moisture has entered the compressor;
  • are copper pipes protected from small particles that can lead to operational breakdown of the device;
  • whether the threaded sleeves remain intact, the repair of which is expensive.

The terminals must have special marks, guided by which the master must disconnect the wires. By mixing up the marks, you can lose the real opportunity to successfully connect the device at a new location. Do not leave a drain pipe that is too short, as it is responsible for neutralizing condensate from the system. Therefore, without calculating its size, the owner immediately leads to the need for its complete replacement. A number of situations that, when dismantling the air conditioner, can lead to expensive repair investments, is the illiterate transportation of the climatic product, the owner, after disassembly, should collect all fasteners and components in one container so as not to lose or damage.

How to prepare to dismantle the cooler

How to dismantle the air conditioner yourself? Before proceeding directly to the responsible process, an inexperienced master needs to carefully study the material regarding the accompanying fraud. Next, you need to prepare a toolkit, which, as it turned out, includes not simple, familiar elements for the house, but also special equipment. A drill, a pressure gauge, pliers, various attachments for an electric device, keys of different markings, all this must be placed on the working area. It is not necessary to parse as they say “by eye”, because it is fraught with a number of consequences, which were mentioned above.

The main task still remains the construction of actions in which the preservation of freon intact is a priority, or is not fundamental. Often there were situations that, without instructions, the owners removed the cooler and did not expect that the injection of a new substance creates a big problem, which, in order to solve a professional, it is necessary at least first to diagnose device breakdowns, to fill the air conditioner, and in total this is a considerable figure, but it will not be possible to avoid specialized help. In addition, the type of refrigerant used will affect the cost of maintenance..

How to disconnect the air conditioner correctly

Most owners are interested in the further functioning of the split system, so they are most concerned about the guidance on how to dismantle the air conditioner without losing freon. In any case, before starting this process, you should explain the sequence for disconnecting the device. You need to start by switching the device to a special cooling mode. Using a hex wrench, the owner must turn the smallest valve on the external unit, it is he who is responsible for supplying freon to the device.

This procedure creates a vacuum in the system and releases gas from it. After the full release of the freon, the second tap is screwed, which is larger in size. Having closed the valves in the operating mode of the device, it is allowed to disconnect it from the network, however, the presence of gas is pre-checked again. Then, the external and internal blocks are disconnected, while due attention is paid to the fasteners and their integrity. Cranes require additional protection, they are treated with special plugs to avoid clogging during transportation.

Difficulties with disassembling the external block may arise for residents of high-rise buildings, in which case the presence of an assistant is mandatory. Sometimes the owners have to pay for the services of special equipment. The outdoor unit is disconnected after removing the fastening, at this moment air mass can penetrate into the internal compartment, therefore, after disconnecting the device, it is not recommended to keep it in another place for a long time, the oxidative process may begin.

Instructions for eliminating the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

When disassembling the cooler at home, it is worth remembering that the introduction to the external and internal unit has a number of features. When working with the detachment of the outer part, it is necessary to understand that in the process you will need maximum confidence that the freon remains intact, therefore, it is rational to use specialized measuring devices and a set of tools. However, it should be noted that such resources are quite expensive, their price even exceeds the cost of calling a professional at home. Only those owners who have free access to the cooler are allowed to start dismantling, if the place of residence is determined by floors higher than the second, then only trained craftsmen should perform this work. Having free access to the system, you should be guided by the following recommendations:

  • before disconnecting the fasteners, using a marker, you need to mark the terminals, since in the future you will have to reconnect them;
  • when transferring freon, creating a vacuum, screwing taps, you must constantly have a pressure gauge with you and monitor the presence of gas;
  • the power cable of the air conditioner is promptly excised from the network after performing all the manipulations associated with the preservation of freon.

The last is the extraction of the fastening materials, after which the cooling product can be transported to its destination..

How to properly organize work with the indoor unit

Work with the internal contents of the air conditioner requires special attention, since it is in this compartment that such important parts as the evaporator, wires and fragile latches on them are located. All shenanigans in this section should be done with special clarity and care so as not to hurt or damage important elements. It happens that it is difficult to get to the indoor unit, because of the inconvenient location on the wall, the cover of the device may not open well. In this case, it is recommended to use a screwdriver, with characteristic tips, like a cross and pasatizh.

This simplifies the task of inconveniently removing the fastener. Here, the presence of an assistant will not be superfluous, since when loosening the screws, the air conditioner must be maintained until it is completely removed from the wall.

Features of dismantling a split system in winter

A frequently asked question is related to how to dismantle the air conditioner in winter, because due to the low temperatures prevailing during this period, it is not so easy to overtake the liquid, create a vacuum, and the oil in the compressor will become thicker. At home, either those owners who have at their disposal coolers of modern models with additional capabilities – heating the compressor, are equipped with a unit that can slow down the rotation of the fan, or owners who have the skills to work with such systems will be able to cope with this task. In addition, this process requires the use of a special refrigerant collection system, which functions on a principle close to a pressure gauge..

As a conclusion, we can say that it is not recommended to start disassembling air conditioners at home without preparation if the use of the device is foreseen in the future. This is due to the fact that the dismantling process is built on a number of nuances, and in order for it to be crowned with success, the presence of special devices should be organized. Since they cost a lot, I recommend that owners pay for the services of competent craftsmen, which, with a guarantee, keep the cooler in working order.