Eurobion, yubas – sewerage in a private house

Living in a private house is always fraught with a number of difficulties in terms of ensuring comfort. For example, until recently, the question of where to discharge wastewater or what to do with it was almost a dead end. Then filtration wells appeared, at the exit from which there was not too clean water, and which had to be often cleaned. They were replaced by septic tanks, which are pumped out with the help of a sewage machine. All these options cannot be called an ideal solution for arranging a sewage system. An unpleasant smell, the cost of calling the sewer truck frequently, the possibility of groundwater contamination – these problems had to be addressed somehow. Thanks to modern technologies and non-standard thought of our scientists, an autonomous sewerage system for a private house has appeared, which performs deep wastewater treatment. No odors, 98% purified water is suitable for technical needs, exceptional reliability, ease of use, the ability to process a large volume of effluents at once – this is an incomplete list of the advantages of Yubas and Eurobion treatment plants..

Yubas sewerage – the predecessor of Eurobion

Yubas sewerage

Several concepts are hidden under the name “Yubas”:

  • Patented trade mark “Yubas”, under the logo of which treatment plants are produced using aerobic cleaning technology.
  • Wastewater treatment technology “Yubas” based on rhythmic aeration tanks.
  • Product line – cleaning stations “Yubas-Classic”, “Yubas-Logo”, “Yubas-Aqua”, “Yubas-Mobile” and others.

Considering that all these concepts are related, let’s talk a little about everything. What are the advantages of Yubas systems in comparison with conventional septic tanks or anaerobic purification systems that do not use oxygen:

  • The decomposition of organic matter using aerobic bacteria eliminates unpleasant odors near the installation.
  • High quality wastewater treatment. Aerobic bacteria are able to process a wider range of pollutants, so the water is purified by more than 95%.
  • Installation durability. The body is made of polypropylene, therefore it is not subject to corrosion.
  • High-quality components and equipment.
  • A wide range of models allows you to select the installation for specific requirements.
  • Yubas units can be installed at any time of the year. At the same time, the installation itself is very simple..
  • There is no need to call a flush truck. All maintenance work can be performed by the owner himself.
  • At the outlet, industrial water suitable for watering a vegetable garden or technical needs, and its surplus can also be safely dumped into reservoirs.
  • Waste activated sludge, consisting of aerobic bacteria, can serve as an excellent fertilizer for the garden and vegetable garden.
  • The result is waste-free production: water is purified almost perfectly, and denser sludge is used as fertilizer. Absolute autonomy.

The model range of Yubas sewerage plants is capable of treating the volume of wastewater from 1 to 20 m3 per day. The NEP “National Ecological Project” has been manufacturing the units for more than 15 years. During this time, all the shortcomings were identified and eliminated. The sewage system in the private house “Yubas” is distinguished by its durability, reliability and high rates of purification and disinfection of effluents.

The principle of operation of the sewerage plants

The principle of operation of the sewerage plants “Yubas” based on the use of aerobic bacteria in the so-called aeration tanks. Periodic aeration takes place inside the aeration tanks – oxygen saturation. The treated wastewater passes through 5 tanks, in each of which air is pumped at regular intervals. Due to the presence of air in the wastewater, microorganisms and bacteria develop, which form activated sludge, their number reaches its maximum level in 4 – 5 weeks. To speed up the process, activated sludge is added to the station from the outside, pumping from another installation.

The activated sludge recycles all organic matter in the wastewater. During this processing, no ammonia, hydrogen sulphide or methane are emitted, therefore there are no unpleasant odors at all. The biological treatment station can be located next to the house or even in the basement. Microorganisms of activated sludge eliminate nitrogen and its compounds, which are contained in urine, as well as phosphates contained in washing powders.

At the exit from the Yubas station, 98% purified industrial water, odorless and colorless, which can be used for irrigation and other needs, as well as discharged into water bodies or on the terrain, for example, in the sea. Dried waste activated sludge is biohumus and is used as fertilizer.

Despite all the advantages of the “Yubas” autonomous sewerage system, there are also disadvantages, by the way, like many installations of other manufacturers, such as Topas, Unilos, Bioxy, etc. First of all, this is insufficient reliability. Secondly, the need for frequent servicing by qualified personnel. Thirdly, the complexity of understanding, the constructive complexity of execution. Fourthly, due to the thinness of the body, it had to be concreted when installed in the ground. The search for solutions to all these problems led to the emergence of a new line of treatment plants Yubas Eurobion, which took into account all the shortcomings of the previous lines..

Autonomous sewerage Eurobion is the ideal solution


Eurobion is a simple, reliable wastewater treatment plant, the quality indicators of water purification of which are at the level of the latest samples of new generation sewage systems. The new technology of vertical biodynamics has made it possible to abandon the use of control units that are not distinguished by their reliability. The activation of biological processes is technically very simple. The cost of production of installations has decreased.

The price for Eurobion units is the lowest among all new generation deep biological treatment plants. Therefore, more people can afford an autonomous sewage system in the country or in a private house. For example, the Eurobion-210 system, designed for permanent residence of 2 people, costs only $ 1,500. The unit capacity is 0.4 m3 per day, and the maximum salvo discharge is 130 liters..

The Eurobion-5 system is designed for the simultaneous residence of 5 people, so its performance is even higher. Maximum discharge 320 l, productivity 1 m3 per day. This allows you to use all plumbing fixtures, as well as fill a bath without fear that when the water is drained from the bathroom, an overload of the system may occur..

Autonomous sewage system Yubas Eurobion

Eurobion is European quality, unique reliability, innovative technologies and favorable prices. But these are not all the advantages:

  • The quality of wastewater treatment meets all the most stringent regulatory requirements and is kept at a level of at least 98%.
  • When using the Eurobion installation, you can take breaks up to 3 months. At this time, self-oxidation of activated sludge occurs, and as soon as the discharge of wastewater is resumed, the volume of biomass (activated sludge) rapidly increases due to circulation.
  • The spent activated sludge is not only not hazardous to the environment, it does not contain nitrite and nitrate sediments, as in other systems.
  • Active sludge is an excellent mineralized fertilizer.
  • Maximum reliability of the case, durability (up to 50 years), strength comparable to concrete and metal.
  • Excellent thermal insulation of the case. In winter, the water temperature does not drop below +12 ° C. This makes it possible for microorganisms to actively act and multiply..
  • Copes with a wide range of contaminants.
  • The system is capable of withstanding a large one-time discharge.

You can buy the Eurobion installation in any CIS country. At the moment Eurobion is patented in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Soon a patent for the countries of America and Canada will be ready.

Due to the ease of maintenance, these cleaning systems can be used even in the most remote regions, since no special service is needed. All maintenance can be carried out by the owner himself, it is enough to pump out activated sludge every six months using a drainage pump into the compost pit. Of the difficulties of maintenance, only the replacement of the membrane on the compressor, which must be carried out every three years. But this is not a problem either, it is enough to remove the compressor and replace it yourself, following the instructions. All other technological components require replacement every 10 or even 25 years.

I would also like to note that Eurobion is resistant to household chemicals, which is important in the modern world..

The principle of operation of the Eurobion installation

The principle of operation of the Eurobion installation

The technology of the Eurobion system is simple and complex at the same time. To be more precise, complex technological processes are implemented in the simplest possible ways. The main difference from Yubas installations is vertical zoning, i.e. aerotanks are located one below the other. Waste water first enters the receiving aeration tank, then into the activation tank, and then into the sump. There is a rule of communicating vessels between the receiving chamber and the sump, therefore, even with a strong discharge, the system never overflows..

In this case, the flow rate at the outlet of the installation does not increase even with a sharp rise in the water level in the receiving chamber and settling tank. Wastewater treatment is carried out strictly according to technology, the flow rate of which does not change. Thanks to this, the reliability of the system and the quality of the treated water can be guaranteed..

Eurobion scheme

In the receiving aeration tank, wastewater is processed by activated sludge, while the mixture is constantly mixed with the addition of air. Light fractions will remain in the receiving chamber for a long time, continuing to mix. But the heavier fractions fall through the hole at the bottom of the chamber into the so-called activation reservoir. Here they are exposed to concentrated activated sludge sludge. After splitting, the wastewater is again pushed into the receiving aeration tank, where oxidation takes place..

The activated sludge sediment is constantly kept alive, for this, a forced circulation system is used.

Output: In the inlet aeration tank, there is a constant purification of wastewater in contact with activated sludge, in the activation chamber, purification takes place with the help of highly concentrated sludge. At the same time, there is a constant change of modes and circulation. When a large volume of waste water flows in at a time, the system regenerates. This ensures exceptional reliability and quality of wastewater treatment, and also keeps the system in a constant operational condition..

Sludge stabilization autonomous sewerage eurobion

What is the self-oxidation of activated sludge, what happens when the system is mothballed? Continuous supply of new portions of activated sludge without adding food for them, i.e. drains, leads to the fact that only the strongest bacteria survive, and the weaker ones decompose in the enzyme field. This regulation of the size allows you to reduce the number of necessary cleanings of the system. Excess sludge is pumped out every six months.

What can not be dumped into the sewers Yubas and Eurobion

The word Eurobion septic tank cannot be called. Yet this is an innovative deep biological treatment system. And, importantly, an environmentally friendly system using natural strains of bacteria. That is why certain categories of waste must not be discharged into installations such as Yubas and Eurobion:

  • Any construction mixes and waste: sand, cement, dry mixes, lime.
  • Polymer materials: plastic, etc..
  • Non-biodegradable materials: contraception, feminine hygiene products, plastic wrap, cigarette filters, etc..
  • Paints and solvents, petroleum products, fuels and lubricants, antifreeze, alcohol, alkalis and acids.
  • Garbage after cleaning forest mushrooms, as well as rotten remains of vegetables.
  • Horticultural waste.
  • Do not drain water from wash filters that use chlorine-based disinfectants. For example, pool water.
  • Do not drain water from flushing systems where manganese-sour potassium is used.
  • Do not use detergents and other chlorine-containing detergents. Such as “Belizna”, “Persol”, etc..
  • Medicines and medical supplies.
  • Can’t use antiseptic toilet pads.
  • It is advisable not to dump pet hair, as in a large volume it can clog the main pump.

What can be dumped into the Eurobion and Yubas deep cleaning station:

  • Drains from washing machines and dishwashers if chlorine-containing products have not been used.
  • Kitchen drains.
  • Drains from the shower, bath and bath.
  • Soft toilet paper.
  • Toilets and kitchen equipment cleaner can be disposed of in small quantities no more than once a week.

Remember that the manufacturer’s warranty for Yubas units does not cover those breakdowns that were caused by violation of operating conditions. And why do you need extra problems, it is better to drain only what the station can recycle. Moreover, the modern market offers a large selection of organic laundry detergents and detergents.

Do-it-yourself installation of the Eurobion installation

Do-it-yourself installation of the Eurobion installation

The advantage of the modern Eurobion deep cleaning station is that it can be installed independently without the help of specialists. Although the initial setup and installation is still best done under the guidance of a sales representative. But on earthworks you can save.


The first task is to choose a location for the station. Due to the fact that the installation is completely sealed, an unpleasant odor does not emanate from it, and the outlet water is suitable for technical needs, you can install the cleaning station anywhere on the site: next to the house, next to the fence, in the basement, in the technical room, you can even do not bury, if there is such a desire. Eurobion will fit into any landscape, since only the green manhole cover will remain on top.

Montage Eurobion

The second task is to determine the size of the pit. Each Eurobion model has its own dimensions, so the pit is equipped individually. The depth of the pit is taken from the calculation of the installation height +10 cm. The dimensions of the pit are calculated as follows: installation dimensions +30 cm for sand filling.

The third task is to correctly sum up communications. In most models, the inlet for the waste water inlet to the unit is located at a height of 30 – 60 cm from the top. Please note that the slope of the supply pipeline should be 1 – 2 cm for each meter of pipe. If the level of the sewer pipe leaving the house is low and it is impossible to bring the pipe at a depth of 60 cm, then it is necessary to use special models with an elongated body. In such installations, the inlet pipe can be positioned at a depth of 160 cm..

Stages of work:

  • After we have determined the place, we dig a foundation pit.

Installation of Eurobion - marking, removal of sod and soil

  • We carefully remove the upper sod and fold it separately, it will still be useful to us. The top fertile layer can also be poured separately.
  • The rest of the soil is transported in a wheelbarrow outside the site or to a convenient place.
  • We carefully tamp the bottom of the pit. Pour a 10 cm layer of sand and 15 cm of crushed stone.
  • Pour a concrete slab on top with a layer of 10 – 15 cm.
  • For the convenience of installation of the deep cleaning station, we support the walls of the excavation with wooden formwork.
  • We are digging a trench from the house to the pit, along which the sewer pipe will be laid. Be sure to take into account the height of the hole.
  • We dig a trench from the pit to the place where clean water is discharged. This can be a buried water tank, cesspool, gutter, lake, or other body of water. You can also organize waste management systems. For example, when the water tank is full, the water can be redirected to a gutter or other.

Do not forget that the Eurobion deep cleaning station is powered by electricity, so consider how you will lead the power supply cable. Also note that if the depth of the sewer pipe is small, then the pipe must be insulated. To do this, it can be wrapped with heat-insulating material, or it can be wrapped with an electric heating cable..

Cleaning station installation

Cleaning station installation

The weight of the Eurobion installation is about 100 kg, so it can be lowered into the pit by two people. To do this, the station is brought up to the very foundation pit, safety ropes are threaded under it, tilted and lowered into the foundation pit.

Installation of Eurobion in the pit

The location of the station must be leveled in the middle of the pit, then check the horizontal level with the level. If everything is in order, you can connect the pipes: inlet sewer and outlet.

  • Holes for pipes are cut in the station body.

Installation Eurobion - connection of sewer pipe and power cable

  • Then the supply pipe is inserted so that its end goes inside the station by 10 – 15 cm.
  • To seal the hole, it is sealed with a PP welder.
  • Next, the station is connected to the power grid.

Setting up the Eurobion station and filling it with water

  • Then the specialist starts and sets up the station, and the station is filled with water more than half..
  • Once you have made sure that the unit is working, you can start securing it in place..

Heat insulation of Eurobion station with Penoplex

  • For reliability, the top of the installation can be wrapped with heat-insulating material such as “Penofol” or pasted over with expanded polystyrene.
  • All those 30 cm between the walls of the station and the walls of the pit must be completely covered with river sand. Not reaching 30 cm to the top.
  • The remaining 30 cm are covered with fertile soil, and sod is laid on top.
  • Close the hatch.

This completes the installation of the Yubas or Eurobion deep biological treatment station. Please note that if you order the installation of the station from a specialized company, then the price for the installation may differ significantly depending on the properties of the soil..