Do-it-yourself arch installation: order of execution. How to prepare and install correctly on your own?

There are many forms and techniques for decorating a doorway and installing an arch is one of the most common solutions. The arch allows you to increase the usable area and visually expand the room, creating functional zones, while leaving the interior space separate. Arches also add sophistication to the interior and can be harmoniously combined with any style. It is quite simple to build an arch and for this you can use different materials, which depends on the choice of the shape of the structure and the parameters of the doorway.

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Types and features of installation of arches

Arched forms are not limited to a straight arc, which allows them to harmoniously fit into any interior design. The choice of the shape of the structure depends on the parameters of the doorway. Many types of arches are used in modern design:

  • classic – the most common type, presented in the form of an even arc with the same radius;
  • modern – the structure is presented in the form of a straight opening, the arched part of which is raised high;
  • portal – repeating the appearance of an open doorway, has a rectangular shape;
  • romance – represents a rectangular structure, the upper edges of which are rounded;
  • trapezoid – a rectangular design, where the upper part is presented at an angle, imitating the shape of a trapezoid;
  • ellipse – a rectangular structure, the upper part of which is rounded to the shape of an ellipse;
  • semi-arch – is a rectangular arch, where the upper part is rounded on one side, and on the other, it represents an even angle, which creates a wave effect;
  • arch with a top – a rectangular structure in which the top is divided by an even arc, forming a small rectangle above it.

Also, in modern design, free futuristic forms are used, devoid of typicality, but, as it were, are made in a curved projection. Such structures can be of arbitrary shape, have non-standard dimensions and any architectural device..

Pictures on request Do-it-yourself arch installation

Material selection

To install the arch with your own hands, it is important to decide in advance on the materials. A wide range of materials can be used for this purpose. Depending on the type of construction, in the installation you can apply:

  • wood;
  • brick;
  • drywall;
  • Fiberboard or MDF;
  • plastic.

Installing an arch made of wood and brick is a rather laborious process, but the effect is very beautiful. Brick is a heavy material, so it is rarely used for arches in an apartment, more often for decorating private houses. Plastic looks laconic and restrained, so it will be an excellent solution for the style of “minimalism” in the interior. The most practical is drywall – a budgetary, easy-to-process material that can be turned into an arch of any shape. Fiberboard or MDF panels are less versatile than drywall, but they can be used to create typical arch shapes. Any material can be used for this purpose, so whichever one you choose, the result will be excellent..

How to calculate the parameters of the arch?

The arch can be installed in any doorway, while its dimensions affect the shape of the structure. Each arch consists of structural elements, the calculation of which is necessary for correct installation. Even if you have an accurate eye gauge, you still cannot make the arch even if you do not depict it schematically. The arch drawing should include calculations:

  • opening width – if you want to make the arch wider, then you need to calculate where it will have a center right away, in order to then determine the height and shape;
  • arc height – the height from the center of the width of the arch to the beginning of the formation of the arc;
  • arc radius – measured from the intersection of the width of the doorway to the arch and height.

Measure the inside of the structure (the distance from one wall to the other) and divide by 2 – this will be the center. Then mark the height from the center to the top. This is necessary for calculating the arc. Regardless of the shape of the arc, you will need to calculate its shape. To do this, you need to determine the radius of the vault, and then mirror it from the opposite side. When finishing the structure, it must be borne in mind that it will reduce the usable area inside the passage by 7-10 cm.Implementation of the arch is possible if the opening is at least 2 m, and the distance from its arch to the ceiling must be at least 40 cm.If the size of the opening allows you to install full arch, you will have to increase it.

Pictures on request Do-it-yourself arch installation

Do-it-yourself installation of arches: the subtleties of the process

The choice of the shape of the vault is carried out at the design stage. Before starting work, you need to decide on the shape of the future arch, since the amount of consumables depends on this. Depending on the type of material chosen, it is worth knowing about some of the nuances of how to install an arch in a doorway:

1. Oval and rounded arches are assembled from blanks. They are made in advance, and then attached to each other. This type of collection is suitable for wood panels and installation of plastic arches..

2. Lightweight materials are attached with glue, and it is better to attach brick or wood with dowels to a metal profile. No glue can handle the weight of these materials. But drywall, plastic, fiberboard and MDF can be glued to the doorway.

3. The arch can be decorated. You can add extra grace to the arch with the help of cornices, banquettes, strips. The decor of the inner and front part under the columns is popular..

The arch can be additionally equipped with niches outside the main structure or go into the bar counter – in general, it can embody any interior functions. It is possible to install lighting elements in the inner part of the arch to create an additional light source in the visit.

Plasterboard arch

Drywall is one of the most demanded materials used in construction and interior decoration. Do-it-yourself plasterboard arches interior installation will require the following materials:

  • arched drywall sheet;
  • a metal profile to create a frame;
  • dowels with screws for joining to the ceiling;
  • self-tapping screws for drywall fasteners (3.5×25 mm);
  • jigsaw or scissors for metal;
  • needle roller, putty and primer materials.

First, you need to remove the remnants of the old doorway, clean and shape, and then cut out the front part of the frame from drywall. To do this, you need to take measurements on drywall and mark the width. Then mark the radius with a compass, which must be made from a rope, a pencil and a self-tapping screw. The upper bend point is marked and a line is drawn from it. The radius is marked on two sheets of drywall in the same way. Using a jigsaw, you need to cut the material. The line should be straight, so be careful not to damage the material. To cut the second sheet, you can put the cut sheet and under it you can cut the second one with the same and even end.

The next step is to install the metal frame. The length of the profile must match the width of the doorway. The small sections of the guide profile must correspond to the height of the cut drywall. Then holes are made with a puncher and dowels are inserted. You need to cut the profile at approximately the same distance of 3-4 cm so that it is convenient to bend it and attach it to the arch. Then the cut-radius drywall is attached to both sides of the doorway. A profile is attached to the inside, and its segments are inserted into under the drywall. The radius profile is screwed on with self-tapping screws for fixing.

The next step is to install the end plate. To do this, you need to bend the drywall, giving it an arc shape. There are two ways to bend the gypsum board: dry and wet. For self-installation of the arch, you can use any. The folded sheet must be held in this position for several days so that it acquires the desired bend shape. The radius sheet is installed on the profile using self-tapping screws. The final steps are finishing, priming and leveling the surface. For leveling, putty and reinforcing mesh are used. It is necessary to make several layers of putty to hide all the irregularities and design flaws. The final step is decorating. You can paint the arch, trim with a pinoplast baguette or use lightweight panels.

Arch made of PVC and MDF

The structure of fiberboard and MDF is an arch, which everyone is capable of installing by himself. Arches made of this material look very beautiful and practical to install. Ready-made arches are sold, the installation of which takes very little time, but in order to save money, you can make an arch yourself. For this you will need:

  • tape measure and pencil;
  • screws, dowels and screws;
  • glue;
  • jigsaw or knife;
  • Chipboard or MDF panels;
  • profile

It is important to understand that particleboard and MDF are three different materials. Particleboard and MDF – a pressed board made of small wood shavings, which is characterized by increased strength and sufficient flexibility to make an arch out of it. Fiberboard is a wood fiber board. It is less attractive, therefore it requires obligatory facing, but it is cheaper than chipboard. MDF – the same as chipboard, only medium hardness MDF board, which means it is slightly stronger.

The basis for wood-based panels is a wooden profile, which is made from bars. Holes are drilled for dowels in the bars and marks are made for drilling holes in the opening. This creates a frame over the entire surface. Then the cut sheets are attached. Drawings and measurements are made in the same way as for drywall. Sheets are fastened with self-tapping screws, on which plugs are put on. With the help of sheets, you can create an arch of any shape. The final stage is finishing.

Arch made of wood

A wooden arch looks very aesthetically attractive, and with the help of this material you can give an arch of any shape, beautifully decorate a doorway and organize an interior passage. Before fixing the arch in the doorway, you need to remove the elements of the old frame and grind the surface. Then draw up a drawing and plan the measurements of the arch. Wood is a fairly heavy material for an arch, so you must first saw it and then assemble it.

To install the structure, you will need:

  • level and tape measure;
  • jigsaw or hacksaw;
  • fasteners;
  • puncher;
  • Fiberboard for the template;
  • boards;
  • decorative and finishing materials.

The initial step is to create a template. To do this, you need to make a markup on the DPV sheet. Draw the arch for a full bend. The radius of both parts must match. Cut an arc out of the sheet with a jigsaw.

Then you need to attach the template and draw the lower and upper arc on the board. The sawn parts must be sanded so that there are no roughness. Then the frame is assembled from the bars. Elements can be glued together. Then the vault is fixed with self-tapping screws to the opening. You can use polyurethane foam or liquid nails. Then the side panels are attached. The final stage is elimination of imperfections, processing of joints and irregularities and coating the wood with varnish or paint..

Pictures on request Do-it-yourself arch installation

Brick arch

An excellent solution for a private house is a brick arch. Brick, stone, concrete – these materials can be used to create an attractive arch with your own hands. If you use a brick, then you can use chipboard as a template. Drawing creation and template preparation are carried out in the same way as for other materials. But it must be borne in mind that the brick is heavy, so it is necessary to choose supporting structures that can withstand its weight..

The brick is laid evenly on both sides, it is better to start with the markup of the picture. During the lining, cement mortar must be used. You can decorate the arch with a decorative stone, which is easy to install with your own hands..

It is quite possible to install the arch with your own hands. Regardless of the material chosen, it is imperative to make a preliminary drawing in order to get an even vault. There is nothing difficult in installing an arch. If you still have questions about how to make the structure yourself, watch the DIY arch installation guide video: