Miter saw HAMMER STL1200 – features, specifications, instructions, reviews

HAMMER miter saws perform complex sawing operations on wood and wood-derived materials. The tool is used in furniture and carpentry workshops. Its use is relevant in the repair of wooden structures and work on a private house.

Table of contents:

General characteristics of miter saws

  • A miter saw or trimmer provides a straight cut at a predetermined angle.
  • The structure consists of a cast metal base and saw blade, motor and gearbox.
  • The tool is firmly fixed to the base on a flat, solid surface.
  • The cutting wheel is mounted on a swivel mechanism, which provides its mobility in the vertical plane.

  • The motor and gearbox are located at the top of the tool and drive the saw.
  • The motor can be collector and asynchronous. The first, requires constant replacement of brushes, but has a higher torque.
  • Miter saws are equipped with motors up to 2 kW. The time of continuous work and the service life of the tool depend on its strength..
  • Models vary in design. A number of them are equipped with a protective cover that completely covers the cutting wheel when the saw is off.
  • A high-quality cut is ensured by fixing a constant number of disc revolutions. Therefore, the presence of such a regulator is an important part of the miter saw..
  • Working with long workpieces requires choosing a machine with an extension of the table.
  • For professional, frequent use, choose models with a laser cut position. This simplifies the work of the foreman and ensures accurate cuts..

Sawing wood is a dusty job that requires a quality waste collection system. For infrequent use, a dust bag is sufficient. For frequent work, give preference to saws with a vacuum cleaner function.

Characteristics of the HAMMER STL1200 miter saw

The HAMMER STL1200 saw has an electric motor and is mounted on a work table.

Cross-cut is designed for combined sawing of wooden blanks, including those with a plastic coating.

Characteristics of the electric miter box HAMMER STL1200:

  • 1200 W brush motor,
  • 4800 revolutions of the saw wheel per minute,
  • function of adjusting the number of disk hits,
  • weight 12 kg,
  • circle size 210 mm,
  • bore 30 mm,
  • cutting depth 65 mm at an angle of 90 °, width 260 mm,
  • bilateral tilt up to 45 °,
  • work from the mains in 220 V,
  • dust bag,
  • made in China.

Features of the HAMMER STL1200 model:

  • transparent protective cover,
  • laser pointer for cutting line,
  • the presence of a branch pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner,
  • compact dimensions,
  • durable aluminum base,
  • smooth start,
  • maintaining a constant number of revolutions under load.

Miter saw HAMMER STL1200 comes in the following configuration:

  • instructions for work,
  • warranty card,
  • Miter saw,
  • cutting disc,
  • top protective cover,
  • work table extension,
  • frontal stop,
  • a set of keys,
  • motor brushes.

Operating instructions HAMMER STL1200

1. Installing the miter saw:

  • remove the saw from the box by holding it by the base,
  • place the tool on as flat, solid surface as possible and fasten it with bolts,
  • free the mechanism from the packing material,
  • read the instruction manual and check the availability of all components of the product,
  • install the saw angle adjustment screw,
  • connect the dust collector,
  • fix the clamps for the workpieces,
  • attach a surface extension to either side of the turntable,
  • install the protective cover,
  • connect the saw to the mains.

2. Safety measures when working with HAMMER STL1200:

  • unplug the instrument when not in use,
  • use the cable as directed. Do not pull on it when turning off the machine.,
  • keep your workplace tidy,
  • use saw blades recommended by the manufacturer,
  • remove metal elements from the material before starting processing,
  • check that the saw blade does not come into contact with the turntable at an angle of 90 ° and 45 °,
  • always use the protective elements of the device,
  • use personal protective equipment,
  • follow the recommendations for working with the saw.