How to choose a grinder

A grinder or angle grinder is a construction tool that is designed for cutting stone and metals, as well as for cleaning, grinding and roughing a wide variety of surfaces. Despite the fact that the grinder is not a daily tool, it is simply necessary to have it on the farm. In the modern market of construction tools and goods, we are offered a wide variety of types of this tool: both a battery grinder or an electric grinder, both large and small, at a wide variety of prices, as well as with a wide variety of sets of functions … So which one should you turn your attention to? Attention?

Table of contents:

  • Spindle speed
  • Tool power
  • Safety and convenience
  • Manufacturer
  • Price category

4. Conclusion

Purpose of use

Before making a purchase, you must first of all decide on the category, that is, you need to decide for what purpose the tool will be used. In the event that cutting with a grinder will be carried out exclusively in domestic conditions, then a small grinder with low power would be an excellent option. But in this case, it must be remembered that if you compare such a tool with a professional one, then home models will differ in lower performance and a smaller set of functions. Using such a grinder, you need to let it cool down several times an hour with continuous work..

In the event that regular use of the grinder is planned, it is better to opt for a professional tool. Such grinders are capable of working for several hours without interruption. They are made from the strongest and highest quality materials. Professional grinders are considered more reliable, but they have large dimensions, and in the event of a breakdown, the repair of such a tool will cost much more than repairing an unprofessional grinder.

One-handed or two-handed?

Modern cutting grinders are of two types:

The main parameters of the grinder

Spindle speed

Almost all models of grinders, in addition to the cheapest ones, have the ability to independently adjust the number of spindle revolutions. Many builders believe that the ideal option is a grinder with a spindle speed of 80 m / s..

Tool power

In most cases, in the characteristics of this construction tool, the power with the maximum disc diameter is indicated, since the wider the disc is used, the more productivity is required from the grinder. The more powerful the tool, the more durable it is, as a result of which, the service life of the tool will be much higher. But such a grinder will be more expensive and much heavier..

In the event that the purpose of buying a grinder is a short cutting of not too thick structures, as well as grinding surfaces, then it would be most logical to purchase a model of medium power.

Safety and convenience

When working with a grinder, it is imperative to follow the basic safety rules, but the tool itself must also comply with them. When buying a small sander, you also need to take care of the quality and comfort of the handle. An additional advantage is provided by grinders with rubber inserts, as well as special grooves for the fingers. Also, attention should be paid to the safety that various attachments for the grinder guarantee..

In the event that a long-term work with the tool is planned, then it would be desirable to purchase an additional handle, which is made of a special material that absorbs vibration.


Today, there are constant disagreements over which of the manufacturers produce the best tools, and it is almost impossible to sort out this dispute, but one thing is for sure, domestic tools, for example, the company Interskol, whose grinders are produced in Russia, are slightly inferior in quality to such like, for example, the Bosch grinder, the kress grinder, the metabo grinder or the makita grinder, but at the same time, they are superior to many Asian counterparts. Therefore, when buying a grinder, you need to pay attention to already proven and proven companies..

Price category

First of all, you need to remember that it is best not to purchase the cheapest tools. Even if you plan to rarely use the grinder, there is still a high probability of breakage. On the other hand, for ordinary repair robots in everyday life, you should not purchase a professional grinder at an exorbitant price. It is most profitable to opt for a grinder of the middle price category, but from a good manufacturer.


When choosing an angle grinder, it is necessary, first of all, to focus on the nature of the work performed, and also to buy such a tool that will meet all your individual preferences and requirements. Have a good choice!