Gas boiler room in a private house

When choosing a heating system that is based on the use of gas as a heat carrier, most homeowners are thinking about arranging a gas boiler room. Moreover, if the boiler capacity exceeds 30 kW, the installation of a gas boiler in a private house is a mandatory fire safety requirement. We will analyze how to independently equip a boiler room for a gas heating system in this article.

Table of contents:

Gas boiler room device

A special room called a boiler room is used to house the boiler and additional heating equipment. This is a separate room, in some cases, a whole room in which the boiler is located. The total height of the room must be at least 2.5 m.

With the correct arrangement of the boiler room, maximum efficiency and a high level of efficiency are ensured..

There are certain characteristics and safety standards that allow you to equip a boiler room in such a way as to ensure the comfort and safety of people living in a private house..

The principle of operation of a gas boiler room

Gas boiler houses are popular and affordable due to the environmental friendliness of gas fuel and its affordable cost..

The operation of gas installations is carried out due to the combustion of natural, reduced or associated petroleum gas. An automatic gas supply system is used to regulate the constant fuel supply. It will automatically stop working in the event of a gas leak or an accident. The main function of the personnel serving the gas boiler house is to control the sensors and control panels.

Advantages of gas boiler houses:

  • mobility,
  • compactness,
  • ease of arrangement,
  • environmental friendliness,
  • high efficiency,
  • high functionality,
  • autonomy.

Gas boiler room includes the presence of:

  • boiler,
  • gas burner,
  • mains pump,
  • gas main,
  • security systems,
  • Instrumentation – instrumentation systems,
  • automatic control systems.

The main device of this system is a boiler, which is:

  • with a built-in gas burner – it is simple and convenient, air enters the device naturally, without pressure;
  • devices with the presence of a turbo burner, which is located in the outer part of the boiler, in this device, air is forced into the boiler tank, the whole system starts working due to the presence of an air-gas mixture;
  • wall-mounted boilers are particularly compact and easy to place;
  • more convenient in maintenance and easy to install floor standing boilers.

Varieties of gas boiler

In relation to the location of the boiler room, buildings are distinguished:

  • free-standing type, which are equipped in rooms located at a distance from a private house, the connection of the boiler and the heating system occurs through the heating mains, the noise from the operation of the boiler and the smell of evaporated gases does not create discomfort for people living in the house;

  • attached type – premises adjacent directly to the house or outbuilding, such a boiler room is more economical and its construction is much cheaper, in addition, the equipment of technical communications and heating mains is not required, the attached type boiler room makes it possible to build an entrance from the side of the house, and in winter, no need to walk down the street to get to the boiler room;
  • built-in type – in this case, the boiler room is located in a residential building, the advantage is that the heating circuit is much easier to lay.

General requirements for all boiler rooms:

  • it is not allowed to have more than two boilers or other heating devices in the boiler room;
  • it is prohibited to store flammable or flammable materials in the boiler room;
  • the floor should be a concrete base or tile;
  • for walls, you need to use only non-combustible materials such as metal, brick or concrete;
  • the location of the boiler must be central in order to be able to maintain it at any time;
  • the inside of the entrance doors must be sheathed with a non-combustible material, for example, metal.

Built-in gas boiler equipment

In the event that the capacity of the gas boiler is 30 kW or less, the construction of a separate gas boiler house is optional. It is enough to fulfill several requirements to equip a boiler room in the kitchen.

Standards for installing a gas boiler in the kitchen:

  • the area of ​​the room is 15 square meters or more;
  • sufficient glazing of windows;
  • the presence of vents in the windows;
  • ceiling height exceeds 220 cm;
  • the distance between furniture and the passage to the boiler is more than 70 cm;
  • the lower part of the door or the wall in the space above the ceiling has a hole for ventilation;
  • the fire resistance level of walls and furniture exceeds 0.75.

When installing the boiler in a basement or basement, the following requirements must be adhered to:

  • compulsory natural lighting;
  • within 60 minutes, all air in the room should be renewed three times;
  • mandatory access to the street;
  • height from 250 cm.

Calculation of a gas boiler room: the main components of the room

The scheme of a gas boiler room of a private house should include the presence of:

  • a heating boiler, which generates heat and transfers it to a heating fluid that circulates through the system, heats the radiators, and they, in turn, heat the room; the use of a double-circuit heating system also provides hot water heating using a boiler;
  • boiler – it is not present in all heating systems, it appears in the form of a container that heats water for use in everyday life, thanks to the circulation of the hot coolant through the line, hot water is heated;
  • a manifold-distributor, which maintains a certain temperature in the radiators and consists of circulation equipment, combs and water separators;
  • to compensate for the increase in pressure in the heating system, an expansion tank is used, there may be several of them, in the event that the length of the line is quite large, in the absence of expansion tanks, the system may explode;
  • a chimney that discharges combustion products to the street, it increases the efficiency and ensures high productivity in the operation of the heating system;
  • a safety group, which consists of pressure gauges, safety valves, air ducts, this system prevents the occurrence of high pressure;
  • to get rid of the pressure drop in the system, a make-up system is used;
  • to ensure the operation of the boiler in automatic mode, special automation devices are used;
  • shut-off valves and lines that connect the boiler to the radiators, and also ensure the circulation of the coolant.

Requirements for a gas boiler room

1. Use special boilers for installation in a gas boiler room. Installation of homemade equipment is prohibited. Maximum water temperature 115 degrees.

2. Boilers are allowed to be placed in free-standing rooms, in the kitchen or in the basement..

3. The obligatory presence of natural light, ventilation, windows, sufficient area and volume, fire-resistant materials that are used to decorate walls and ceilings.

4. If the boiler room is located in a basement or basement building, a third-degree fire door should be installed in it..

5. Production instructions for a gas boiler room – this is the main document that should be followed when working in a boiler room with gas heating.

6. This document explains the procedure and rules for working with a gas boiler. Instructions for preparing the boiler for firing up, warning of emergencies and a maintenance manual simplify the work with the gas boiler.

Gas boiler plants

A gas boiler plant is a complex of auxiliary boiler equipment, which is located in one room. The main component of these installations is a hot water or steam boiler.

Methods for the location of gas boiler plants:

  • attached,
  • embedded,
  • freestanding.

In relation to environmental parameters, the use of natural gas is the most environmentally friendly type of fuel, since during the use of this fuel a large amount of harmful substances is not formed, and a fairly high level of efficiency is obtained..

Scope of use of gas boiler plants:

  • heating large apartment buildings,
  • heating of offices, industrial buildings.

The cost of a gas boiler house depends on the following factors:

  • number of modules,
  • gas boiler capacity,
  • the presence of off-module components,
  • weight and size of gas boiler room,
  • hot water installation.

Operation of gas boiler houses

Operation of gas-type boiler houses includes a set of measures aimed at preparing for operation and maintenance of boiler equipment and heating system.

Rules for working in gas-type boiler rooms:

1. When entering the room, be sure to turn on the lights.

2. Within 12-15 minutes, you should ventilate the room so that the smell of gas disappears, but even if there is no smell, you should still ventilate the room every time.

3. Operation of a gas-type boiler house includes a number of works, among which are:

  • troubleshooting gas equipment,
  • elimination of gas leaks,
  • kindling and maintenance of the boiler,
  • preparation of equipment for launch.

4. Preventive work includes a number of actions:

  • gas equipment malfunctions,
  • sequence of actuation of devices for automatic regulation of the operation of boiler equipment,
  • boiler overheating,
  • lack of ventilation,
  • checking the performance of sensors that are responsible for automatic protection,
  • heating capacity of equipment.