Floor-standing cast-iron gas boilers Logano Buderus G234 – features, specifications, instructions, reviews

Buderus Logano G234 is a floor-standing gas-fired cast iron boiler. The model is equipped with an atmospheric gas burner that allows premixing of the incoming gas. The boiler power of the specified model is 60 kW.

Table of contents:

Features of the Buderus Logano G234 model

  • Models are equipped with a conversion kit. Its presence makes it possible to switch the boiler to the consumption of another type of gas on its own. For example, from natural to liquefied or to a mixture of propane and butane.
  • It is also possible to combine the boiler with other water heating systems and control units from the manufacturer..
  • The heat exchanger in the boiler is made of cast iron. Thanks to this, its durability will allow it to “outlive” similar models with heat exchangers made of copper and steel..
  • The burner design has no moving parts, which favorably affects its reliability. It is worth noting that Buderus Logano G234 constructively comes with an open combustion chamber. This provides for their location in a separate basement room, since air is taken from the room to maintain the combustion process..
  • Another advantage towards choosing this model will be the low noise level, due to which the boiler is practically inaudible during operation..
  • The modular system of control and connection of other boilers and tanks suggests the possibility of increasing the capacity of the heating system. The potential of a gas boiler already in the basic version is sufficient to provide heating of a room with an area of ​​up to 400 m2.

Buderus Logano G234 Specifications

  • nominal heating capacity for natural gas is 60 kW,
  • thermal power of combustion – 65 kW,
  • temperature of flue gases leaving the chimney – 95 ° С,
  • required draft level for correct boiler operation – 3 Pa,
  • maximum allowable supply line temperature – 115 ° С,
  • permissible operating pressure must not exceed 4 bar,
  • emission of carbon dioxide no more than 5% at the time of maximum load, which makes this boiler model one of the most environmentally friendly and harmless to human health,
  • the weight flow of the outgoing flue gases is 0.05 kg / s.

Buderus Logano G234 boiler installation: step by step instructions

1. The boiler itself is supplied with a set, which has a built-in flow protector, a built-in burner and a regulation device, which is packed separately from the general structure..

2. When installing, it should be borne in mind that when installing the boiler, it is necessary to leave free space from the walls. The distance from the back of the boiler wall to the wall of the room should be at least 50 cm, the same applies to the adjacent wall if it is planned to place the heating boiler closer to the corner.

3. The very surface of the floor must be flat. Even the presence of minor differences in floor level is not allowed. Since the boiler does not emit vibrations during operation, wedges or other gaskets are allowed under problem areas to ensure the stability of the structure.

4. Next, the boiler is connected to the communication systems inside the house. The valves are connected to the safety flow line..

5. The manufacturer also recommends the installation of dirt filters and mechanical filters for fine mechanical cleaning, designed to protect the return line.

6. Installation of an electrical system is much more complicated and includes many stages:

  • first remove the protective cover and the covers of the connection terminals,
  • the pressure regulator is inserted into the grooves,
  • temperature sensor tubes are inserted into the cutout on the front of the casing,
  • further, the adjustment device is slightly displaced into the groove so that the rear elements enter their grooves,
  • the device is screwed to the housing cover,
  • after that, according to the instructions, a step-by-step connection of all elements in the electrical circuit is carried out.

It is important to remember that the installation, connection and functional check of the boiler should only be carried out by a certified specialist representative of the company. Otherwise, warranty agreements will be automatically canceled..

After the boiler has been installed, all elements are checked for proper tightness. When checked, the test pressure on the burner reaches 150 mbar.