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Living room in the English style: features, practical tips

The design of the living room is a very important process, since this room is the business card of the owners, and the general opinion of guests about the whole house depends on its interior. The choice of the English style for the living room shows the sophistication and sophistication of the owners, since this design method equally combines Georgian and Victorian styles. How to decorate a living room in the English style, we will consider further.

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Living room decoration in English houses

The English style assumes calmness and elegance. In order to better understand its features, we propose to consider the main characteristics of the design of living rooms in England.

Every British home is equipped with a living room, but its main purpose is to provide relaxation, not to receive guests. The British propose to communicate in pubs or clubs, they rarely invite friends to visit, so the living room is most often used as a place of relaxation.

In the interior there are chairs on which the backrest is located, which has a special design, it is thanks to it that full protection of the resting person from a draft in the room is ensured.

The presence of textile details, various pillows, heavy curtains, fringes and blankets is explained by the climatic features of the region. Due to the constant English dampness, residents choose these items, which most likely perform not only a decorative function, but are also an excellent practical solution..

Due to the damp island climate, even the living room requires insulation. High walls and ears on armchairs and sofas provide protection from drafts. In addition, having a lot of furniture helps to make the room cozier and warmer. The furniture used is fittings made of high quality wood, which helps to regulate the humidity in the room..

A heap and colorful cotton pillows are used to fill the sofas. In addition, the color of the interior contributes to the retention of heat in the interior. Turquoise walls and gray curtains are clearly not taken from the English style. Colors such as mustard, honey, olive, dark red, cream or beige were used as the main background to combat fog or rain..

Natural wood of dark or reddish color is used for flooring. For wall decoration, wallpaper or panels in combination with fabric are an excellent solution. The ceiling is closed with carved panels. Please note that wooden products are practically not stained. The British assume only natural wood, coated with wax or varnish.

The most favorite of the ornaments are flowers, and small and bright ones. The British love both lush roses and delicate wildflowers. Wallpaper in the form of cells or stripes is quite popular..

Since England was under colonial expansion, this was also reflected in the style of the English interior. In the living room, a popular display of foreign outlandish things and collections of eccentric purposes. At the same time, some Englishmen suggest the use of all these items in the design, which leads to an excessive overload of the interior..

English style interior – living room, general characteristics

The English style of interior design involves the use of antique design elements, while all the lines are clear and symmetrical. The room is distinguished by the restraint of colors that have light shades..

In addition, the style of the British suggests the presence of some bright color accents that make the room elegant. A noble tree in the form of bog oak or walnut is welcome. From wood, panels are used that are installed at the bottom of the wall, cornices or doors and windows are exclusively wooden. In addition, only wood is used to make furniture..

Another feature of the English style is reverence for family traditions, which manifests itself in hanging all kinds of family portraits or collages on the walls. If the walls are painted in a bright color, then the furniture should be extremely neutral and calm..

If you have a large room, it is better to use the option of wall decoration using solid wood panels in a calm color. Moreover, the panels installed on the surface of the entire wall look very beautiful, starting from the ceiling and ending with the floor..

It will not be superfluous to use stucco molding, which will be an excellent frame for a chandelier, switch or socket. In addition to the standard painting of the walls, the option of gluing wallpaper is possible, in the form of a two-ton brocade with a smooth pattern or a gilded surface. Look good in the English design style, wallpaper in a small flower, or in stripes, while one of them should be thin and two thick.

The English style of the living room assumes that the floor is finished with inlaid parquet, on top of which a carpet is laid. When choosing a carpet, you should focus on models with a floral ornament of plum-cream tones. Carpets with dark edging or light colored flowers in the center are welcome..

Ceramic tiles will be a good alternative to parquet, which helps to visually change the space..

Diagonal lines make the room more spacious, and large squares reduce the space.

The most important element of any English-style living room is the fireplace. Its appearance should be exclusively traditional. For the manufacture of the portal, a carved stone or wood of a dark color is used..

Soft tapestry is used for the upholstery of the sofa. It is better to choose furniture that has a rounded shape or the so-called “skirt”.

A bench with bent legs will also not be superfluous, it will play the role of a small table for newspapers or other trifles.

In addition, it is hard to imagine a living room made in the English style without a console table made of precious wood, a huge bookcase, an armchair, floor lamps, sconces and table lamps..

The main components of the living room in the English style

The English living room is, first of all, comfort and warmth, which are given by objects in the form of a fireplace, furniture made of dark wood, paper wallpaper, floral textiles, sofas, high skirting boards, porcelain figurines.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main components of the English style:

1. Sofa "chesterfield" – the main components of this piece of furniture are the presence of a diamond-shaped stitch, armrests that are at the same height with the back, certain legs. In addition, the classic color of this sofa is brown. Although there is also colored upholstery in the production of sofas.

2. Wood – wood products must be present in the English interior without fail. Furniture for the living room should be only wooden: a beautiful sideboard, table, chest of drawers or wardrobe, will fit well into the interior.

3. Fireplace – it is possible to install corner, wall or floor fireplaces. The main condition is the observance of the classical style in their design..

4. Colorful details – decoration, textiles – small flowers should be present on any of these items.

5. Deep bergere armchairs will help make the living room more comfortable. To replace a coffee table, in this case, a large ottoman installed in the central part of the room is suitable..

In addition, the living room looks great, in which the warm and pleasant ivory color prevails..

If you examine any living room made in the English style, then first of all, they are distinguished by their wealth and restraint. The presence of bent legs, traditional classic furniture, parquet, panels on the walls complement the English style.

English style in the living room interior: design features

Before proceeding with the design of the room, which is planned to be used as a living room, first of all, you should carefully consider all the details and create an accurate draft of the living room, made in the English style..

It is necessary to accurately determine the type of decoration of walls, floor, ceiling, quality and appearance of furniture, accessories used to complement the style.

Since the basis of the English style is severity and restraint, it is better to refuse the use of curves or smooth lines, except for a sofa and armchairs.

In the process of choosing a floor covering, it is better to stop at an artificial type of parquet or laminate that has a large pattern or a pattern with imitation of parquet masonry.

When making a choice of material, avoid too bright accents, colors or large catchy ornaments. The main feature of the material is its monotony. If you want to dilute the grayness, you should choose a more catchy finish in the form of striped or floral wallpaper.

The English style presupposes the presence of some pedantry and high demands, especially for the choice of high-quality furniture. The interior, which is decorated in English style, is kind, soft and natural.

The choice of wood for the furniture is of the exceptional best grade. Although, in order to save money, it is possible to arrange the living room from MDF furniture. Even if the material from which the furniture is made differs in properties and characteristics, then the requirements that are imposed on it are the same for both more expensive and cheaper models.

Although the English style also presupposes the presence of strict and straight lines, the legs of sofas, cabinets, tables must be curved. They should be in the form of an inverted comma. This detail makes the interior intelligent and full of charm..

Due attention should be paid to the textured upholstery of furniture, which should have a particular color and texture. Perfectly fits into the interior of the living room, made in the English style, a sofa upholstered in velvet, damask or leather.

If the general style of the living room is softer and more calm, then the furniture will add playfulness and elegance. It is possible to use bright enough colors, which depict catchy drawings.

The most important accent of almost any living room decorated in an English style is the fireplace. He is the center of the entire interior. It is from him that the general picture of the room begins to form. For the manufacture of the frame of the fireplace and the stove itself, any materials suitable for this are used, but the design has certain features.

Marble is perfect for finishing the facade, in addition, it is possible to design a fireplace using woodcarving. Metal parts, a large amount of glass and dark colors are strongly discouraged in the interior..

A very nice addition to the fireplace will be a mirror suspended from above it. It must have a rich gold rim.

To decorate the room itself, you need to purchase expensive carpets, tapestries, paintings with carvings or beautiful frames, gilded chandeliers, floor lamps, etc..

Living room in the English style photo:

The option of using the English style in the design of the living room is relevant, if it has a large area and volume. Namely, this option will allow you to reveal the sophistication, restraint and luxury of the British..

The combination of furniture with decorative elements should show the reliability of the stability of the owners.

English style of decoration in the living room: signs and options

We propose to consider the main components of the English style of interior decoration, which form the overall picture of the living room:

1. The predominance of colors.

Light, but at the same time warm tones are more common. In addition, the use of natural shades in the form of ocher, brown, red, gray, olive, terracotta is popular. Adding gold, yellowness, bronze or cream shade will not be superfluous..

2. Materials for finishing.

It is preferable to choose only expensive materials that form luxury in the interior. Wooden surfaces must be made of oak, walnut, etc..

3. Window decoration.

Large-sized windows with glass arched structures are popular. At the same time, the window sill is small in width and is located quite low in relation to the floor. To decorate it, pillows are used, which also serve as a seat..

4. Choice of curtains and curtains.

These interior elements must be heavy, equipped with lambrequins and draperies. Fringe is used as their decoration..

5. Choice of wallpaper.

You should pay attention to wallpaper that has a stylized texture, curls, stripes or a small ornament of plant origin..

6. Elements of textiles.

These details play a very important role in the design of the living room in the English style. The most common option is to use plaid fabric colors..

7. Fittings.

Furniture should be expensive, soft, comfortable, large and chic. it is preferable to choose fabric or leather upholstery. The option of a slight clutter of the interior is possible.

8. Ceiling.

Most often it is made of wood, and massive beams are used for decoration..