DIY locksmith workbench

For high-quality work, carpenters, joiners and locksmiths are advised to competently organize the workplace, and for this purpose a home-made joiner’s workbench with a special vice and a protective device attached to it is best suited. Workbenches are the backbone of large enterprises, small industrial plants and home workshops. And what this equipment is, and… Continue reading DIY locksmith workbench

DIY edgebander

With the help of edgebanding equipment, the material can be glued to the edges of the workpieces using special glue. Without this unit, no woodworking enterprise will be able to work. Manufacturers from all over the world can offer a different range of these machines. The design of this device is not complicated at all,… Continue reading DIY edgebander

DIY hydraulic jack

Since ancient times, people have been faced with the problems of lifting a large load to a height, for this, many people were usually involved, and bulky structures were erected, which did not always have super strength, and therefore often broke, provoking human casualties. A way out of the situation appeared with the invention of… Continue reading DIY hydraulic jack

DIY belt sander

When carrying out construction and repair work, men often need to process wood, stone or metal. For quality work, it is advisable to purchase a belt sander. But what if the finances do not allow making such a purchase? To do this, it is enough to build a belt sander with your own hands.. Content:… Continue reading DIY belt sander

How to make a profile bender with your own hands

Various bending machines can be used to bend metal profiles, but the profile bending machine is the most convenient among them due to its own advantages. But the expensive roll forming machine is not available to all people. However, you can design it yourself according to your individual needs. Before you get started, you need… Continue reading How to make a profile bender with your own hands

How to make a manual pipe bender with your own hands

When working in a garage or country house, sometimes it is necessary to bend a pair of pipes in a certain circle, or to give a semicircular appearance to even metal strips. Buying a factory-made pipe bender to perform a couple of such operations is too expensive. Therefore, private consumers have a growing need for… Continue reading How to make a manual pipe bender with your own hands

DIY painting and drying chamber

To carry out high-quality painting works, subject to all safety measures, appropriate equipment and aids are required. All equipment, including preparation areas and painting booths, fans and compressors, all tools and grinders, must be selected with the greatest care. As for the painting and drying chambers, they can be made by hand with the strictest… Continue reading DIY painting and drying chamber

DIY metal guillotine

Cutting metal has always required the use of special equipment. In the process of evolution of technological devices, a guillotine machine was created that best copes with these tasks. Having bought a guillotine or assembled such a machine with your own hands, you will be able to equip a real small-scale production and even launch… Continue reading DIY metal guillotine

DIY tire sawmill

Residents of small towns or villages are well aware of the role that any woodworking equipment plays in their life, which, most likely, many had to use in their work. Nowadays, the construction market is replete with a large number of different models of woodworking equipment, and the most popular are sawmills. All sawmills are… Continue reading DIY tire sawmill

DIY band sawmill

Modern builders of country houses and country cottages often use wood as building materials. Wooden buildings are in great demand among consumers to this day. Therefore, all kinds of sawmills have been the most faithful helpers for builders for many years. Recently, it is the band sawmills that have become in demand, as they have… Continue reading DIY band sawmill