How to hinge a door

The installation of the door frame is accompanied by the installation of the door on the hinges. It is quite possible to carry out this process on your own, however, if you become familiar with the technology of its implementation. There are several methods for installing the door on the hinges. We will consider further how to embed the hinges into the door and how to remove the door from the hinges..

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How to hang a door on its hinges: features of the professional method

This method of installing the door on the hinges is easy to carry out. It is most often used by professional workers, due to the speed of work. Therefore, in the process of work, you will need a special tool. First of all, you will need to use a hand-held milling machine to cut the hinges. With its help, it is possible to carry out work on the arrangement of a clean cut. Also, you should prepare a tool with which you can cut the hinges.

This device has the form of a lining, which prevents damage to the door leaf by mechanical damage. In addition, with the help of some professional tools, it is possible to completely set the dimensions of the hole for the hinges on the door leaf. In this case, it is possible to significantly facilitate the process of installing the door on the hinges..

Please note that there is equipment with which it turns out to build a groove both on the surface of the canvas and on the door frame. With its help, the two parts of the door frame are connected together, so the process of aligning the groove joints disappears by itself. It is with the help of this equipment that it is possible to speed up the speed of installing hinges on the door..

If you do not have such tools, you should not give up, since with the help of one milling machine, you can also perform the work of assembling the door on the hinges. This tool, if you have the skills to work with it, allows you to build a groove connection for hinges, both on the door and on the door frame. However, the disadvantage of its use is the low quality of the result obtained and more time to complete the tie-in..

Also, with a careless attitude to the mechanism, there is a risk of scratching the door and damaging the attractiveness of their appearance. Therefore, the heel of the milling machine must be covered with a protective material such as felt..

How to hinge a door in a homemade way

This method is characterized by a lower quality of the result obtained than the previous version. To carry it out, a chisel and a hammer are enough. The popularity of this method is primarily due to the availability of materials for its implementation.

If the door is laminated, the result is that the edges of the hinge groove will be sloppy and aesthetically unattractive. Instructions on how to install the hinges on the door with your own hands are given below:

1. At the beginning of work, markings should be made for installing the groove. To do this, place the canopy on the end of the canvas, circle it with a pencil. Please note that at this stage you should be especially serious, since the hinges should be installed in proportion to the door leaf. Incorrectly installed hinges will not be able to rationally distribute the load and will lead to premature door failure.

2. The following is the process of making the groove edging. For these purposes, a hammer and a chisel are used. The chisel should be installed inside the door leaf by a few millimeters. This edging should be made in relation to the previously made markings.

3. The following is the process of sampling the groove connection itself using a chisel. In this case, the chisel is installed with a slight slope. The groove connection is knocked out with a hammer. At this stage, special care should be taken to avoid damaging the face.

This hinge installation method is suitable for a wooden door, which is subject to further painting. Since after its implementation, sloppy chips and samples are formed. Staining will help to eliminate and improve their appearance..

How to put hinges on a door: features and technology of the process

If you do not have experience in installing doors on hinges, then it is best to use this option. The use of a certain type of awnings allows you not to cut them into special grooves. There are two such ways of doing work:

1. Application of hinges without inserts. To install this kind of hinged mechanisms, you do not need to cut grooves either on the door or on the box. Their design is quite simple and allows them to be mounted directly on the door. After the door is closed, they are installed into each other, since the thickness of one part of the hinge is no more than 0.25 cm, then a technological gap is formed between them. To install this hinge, just screw it on the door and on the door frame. Among the disadvantages of using this method is, first of all, the unaesthetic appearance of the door, after their installation.

2. The use of screw-in loops is also important for beginners. In this case, the grooves on which the usual hinges are attached are replaced with holes. To install such a hinge, you will need two holes in the door frame and one in the door itself. To install the canopy, it is enough to screw it into the previously prepared holes. Please note that the holes must be in the correct order relative to each other. The appearance of such loops is more attractive than that of the previous version..

In addition, another alternative door installation option is the use of pivot hinges. Their insertion is carried out directly in the canvas. However, a certain design of such a loop hides the place from the inset, so the aesthetic side of the issue remains at the proper level..

This loop consists of two plates, the rotation of which is carried out around the axis. Installation of this device is carried out at the bottom and top of the door. In some cases, the top hinge is still visible, but only if the door remains open..

How to weld hinges on a metal door

To carry out these works, electric arc welding is used. At the same time, it is necessary to have skills in working with these tools. Correctly installed and welded hinges on the door will ensure their high-quality and soundless opening..

In addition, in the process of work, you will need to have:

  • steel door hinges;
  • plates;
  • welding;
  • electrodes;
  • locksmith’s hammer;
  • grinders;
  • special clothing, masks and protective gloves.

Most often, the hinges are in the form of a cylinder or differ in the presence of hexagons. The first version of the hinge is simpler and easier to weld to the door. Special platics are used to weld the loops..

All work is carried out outdoors, the surface for laying the door must be strictly horizontal. the scarves should be welded to the hinges using a continuous seam. Otherwise, the quality and reliability of the connection will be impaired..

In addition, the plaque should be selected in relation to the size of the loop. Also, the load from the door, its weight and dimensions should be taken into account. With the help of these elements, it is possible to equip a so-called work site, where welding work will be carried out. In addition, they will serve as a support between the door and the hinge..

Before installing the hinges on the door and before starting welding, the doors are installed in a vertical position. Next, their position is checked in relation to the hinges. After checking and marking the welding points, the welding process on the door frame follows. It is with the help of plates that it is possible to facilitate the welding process, for people who did not have experience in performing these works.

Use a laser level to check the correct installation of the door. It is he who will help determine the installation location of the second of the loops, after welding the first. This is followed by the baiting of the hinge, pressing the door to the canvas and continuing the work. After completing the welding of the loops, the seams are processed using a grinder.

How to hang hinges on a door: features of the choice of hinges

When it becomes necessary to hang hinges on a door, people who have never done this turn to specialists and spend quite a lot of money on this process. However, before attaching the hinges to the door, we recommend that you read the recommendations that will help you complete this process even for beginners..

First of all, the installation of loops begins with their selection. You should also determine the number and direction of the hinges on the door, if they did not go to it in the package. If the door is double-leaf, then its installation will require two hinges for each of the leaves..

There are several options for door hinges:

  • card;
  • mortise;
  • hidden;
  • screw-in hinges.

Each of these hinge options has individual advantages and disadvantages. Card hinges are either removable or non-removable. The second version of the hinges provides two-way door opening. However, if the door needs to be removed, it is best to use the removable hinges..

The mortise version of the hinge is used if the total weight of the door leaf is more than twenty kilograms.

To install hinges on a single-leaf door, you must determine the type of door opening. The number of hinges is determined based on the weight of the door, the material from which it is made and the operational load that is assigned to it. To fix a door consisting of one leaf, two hinges are enough, if it is an entrance one, then it is better to use three hinges.

Tip: When buying loops in a store, ask the seller to open them in front of you. Since quite often there are mechanisms with deformed rods inside.

In addition, make sure that the color of the hinges is in harmony with the overall tone of the door, fittings in the form of handles and a lock. The self-tapping screws must also match the color of the hinges. To carry out work on hanging the door on the hinges, you will need:

  • plumb line;
  • level;
  • drill or screwdriver;
  • chisels;
  • hammer;
  • measuring tape;
  • carpenter’s pencil.

The hinges are installed in relation to the upper and lower parts of the door by 20-30 cm. If there is a third hinge, its installation is carried out directly in the center of the door leaf. If you plan to install four hinges, then the total length of the door should be divided into five parts and the location of the installation of each canopy should be marked.

One part of the hinge is installed on the door leaf, without rods. The second part of the hinge is installed directly on the door frame.

In order to fix the hinge on the canvas, follow the instructions on how to install the hinges on the door:

1. Place the hinge on the surface of the door and trace around it with a pencil.

2.Use a chisel to remove the loop for installing the hinge. The depth of the layer to be removed should be equal to the thickness of the loop itself.

3.Using an electric drill or screwdriver, fix the loop using previously purchased self-tapping screws.

4. When choosing a drill diameter, stop on an element that is half a centimeter smaller than the self-tapping screw itself. Thus, it will be possible to increase the reliability of the fastening.

5. Next is the installation of the door into the box. The door should be slightly opened and the lower part of the second canopy should be installed in the canopy. The place of installation of each of the hinges is indicated on the door frame.

6. In these areas, you should also remove the top layer using a chisel. In these grooves, fix the second part of the canopy. Pay attention to the horizontal arrangement of the rods. Otherwise, it will not be possible to achieve a smooth door opening..

It is possible to change the order of actions. In some cases, the hinges are first fixed on the box, and then on the door..

If, when checking the door for operability, a creak is observed, then use machine oil, technical vaseline or solid oil to lubricate them. If the hinges are too deep, special linings based on rubber or thick cardboard are installed under them.

If there is a problem of too low position of the door leaf, then to raise it, it is necessary to install washers between the canopies. If during the installation of the hinges you have a stuck screw that cannot be pulled out in any way, then use a drill to remove it. The place where the screw was installed should be sealed with a wooden dowel, which was previously soaked in glue.

Installing hinges on the door video: