Do-it-yourself slopes on the door

The slopes on the doors are not only an insulating element for door decoration, but also perform an aesthetic function. The process of installing slopes on the door requires special attention, because there are different methods and technologies for finishing. In the provided article, we will consider issues related to the installation of slopes in various ways..

Table of contents:

Ways to design slopes

There are different options for installing door slopes, which are determined by the type of material, work technology, and the like. When installing with your own hands, it is important to follow the recommendations of specialists and detailed installation instructions. It is important to ensure that the materials used are practical and durable, while they must perform insulating functions, especially when finishing the slopes of the entrance door.

The installation of door slopes must correspond to some tasks, which are to securely fix the fasteners, as well as to perform a decorative function. Determining the variations in the finishing of the slopes, experts highlight the surface cladding with different materials, which are attached to the base with the assistance of mortar and plaster. Some elements can be attached to the frame base using a drill or other devices..

As objects of decoration, you can revet the slopes on doors made of laminate, drywall, plastic or wood panels, MDF and the like. All materials are perfect for finishing, both for interior doors and for entrance doors. In the latter case, it is necessary to provide reliable sound insulation and complete sealing, which foresees a thorough embedding of slopes.

The slopes for the entrance door should not have any voids, which increases the strength and reliability of the cladding. On top of the putty or mortar, you can use different materials for finishing. The main thing is that they are combined with the interior design of an apartment or house. If a huge amount of mortar is needed for finishing, for example, to align corners, then a frame can be installed on the slopes. Its base can be wooden slats or a metal profile on which facing materials are installed..

It is worth noting that finishing the slopes under the frame will create a smoother surface than plastering. Moreover, finishing with wood or plastic panels looks more attractive than painting the surface and so on. Including, through the frame slopes it is much easier to carry out telephone, electrical and other communications.

It is important that the opening in the doors has a maximum service life, is durable and practically does not succumb to mechanical and other damage. To do this, you need to know the rules and technologies for installing slopes on the door yourself. No less attention is paid to the choice of facing material, which are distinguished:

1. Finishing with drywall. Such material will hide all the unevenness of the slopes. Using this option, you will get rid of unnecessary waste for the purchase of putty and other solutions designed to level a certain area. In this case, it will no longer be possible to install a frame base..

2. Plastering of the slopes on the door. This method is considered the most economical and practical, while all the work can be done independently. For this, it is important to cover the work surface with plaster, after which you can start finishing.

3. Plastic panels. They are very often used for finishing window openings. They are rarely used in door openings, because plastic materials will stand out against the background of a wooden product. Moreover, this option is not reliable and durable..

4. Wooden slopes. This finish is the most popular. Wood is a durable and reliable material that will last a long time. This finish will suit different room interiors..

Plasterboard door slopes

Drywall is not used for decoration, but is the basis for the slopes. This option is used to save money on the purchase of different mixtures for leveling the walls. Installation work should begin with preliminary surface preparation, which includes cleaning the walls, as well as priming:

1. After the surface has dried, it is necessary to make all measurements and prepare materials for finishing the slopes on the front door with your own hands. When trimming material, make sure that some parts are cut at an angle. This is necessary for attaching parts to a deflected surface..

2. After cutting the sheets, check if all the elements fit under the doorway.

3. Next, you should wait for the complete drying of the primer layer, after which you can install the panels. Special glue or dowels can be used as fasteners. It is recommended to apply the first option, which will allow you to fasten the drywall sheets more evenly..

4. The installation process should begin with the installation of the side parts of the opening, and in the end, the upper area lends itself to finishing.

5. The adhesive can be applied in a continuous strip or in separate dots, for example, every 15 centimeters.

6. After the drywall sheets are securely fixed, it is necessary to finish the surface by attaching the perforated corners by applying a putty.

Plastering door slopes

This type of work does not present certain difficulties and requires minimal costs. The process of finishing with plaster of slopes has the following sequence:

1. First, the working surface must be cleaned and primed.

2. After the primer layer has dried, it is advised to start applying the solution to the surface of the slopes. It is recommended to use a spatula for work..

3. For the corners of the opening to be even, it is important to use perforated metal corners. They are attached to the surface using a plaster layer and carefully coated.

4. After the plaster has dried, the surface of the slopes should be cleaned with sandpaper..

5. The last stage is the treatment of the walls with the use of paints and varnishes that will give aesthetics.

Decorating slopes with plastic panels

Do-it-yourself slopes on the door can be made from plastic panels. The execution of work has the following sequence:

1. First, it is necessary to make measurements of door slopes and cut plastic panels that would correspond to these parameters..

2. In work, use an electric jigsaw, not a regular knife. This is necessary so that all parts in the cut points are even..

3. After trimming, all panels must be checked against the doorway.

4. First, install the slopes on the sides. For this, a special profile is fixed to the opening with the assistance of self-tapping screws..

5. From the edge of the wall, you need to attach wooden slats. It is important to check the evenness of the installation elements with the assistance of the building level. Plastic panels will be attached to such slats using brackets..

6. In the lower area, a plug is installed on the plastic panels, and the trim item is inserted into the slopes on the sides and into the initial profile. The same procedure is for finishing the slopes above the doors..

7. The last step is the treatment and sealing of the joints using silicone. For the installation of plastic slopes, it is recommended to choose PVC sheets, as well as special sandwich panels..

Decorating slopes with wood

Wood trim is perfect for both metal door slopes and wooden ones. Of course, in the work you can use materials made of natural wood, or use laminated or MDF panels. If you want to prefer a material that would have excellent insulating properties, then it is recommended to use MDV boards. If their parameters do not fit the dimensions of the slopes, then a laminate can be an excellent alternative..

Initially, the installation work begins with the careful sealing of the joints between the door frame and the wall surface. After that, the remaining foam must be removed, cleaned and carefully primed. Slopes can be made at right angles or with a slight slope. After determining the shape of the slopes, it is necessary to fix all the panels. In work, it is necessary to carefully monitor the correct selection of wooden planks. It is important that they have the same thickness and dimensions on both sides..

The slats or frame must be attached to the wall with the assistance of dowels, which refers to fixing all parts. Slopes can be attached using glue or self-tapping screws. All gaps must be sealed with silicone sealant. Slopes made of wooden panels look very aesthetically pleasing in any room interior.

Detailed instructions for installing slopes for entrance doors

Finishing work must be carried out taking into account the dimensions of the doorway and the materials used. If, when installing slopes in interior openings, there is no need to make insulation, then for entrance doors such a procedure is an important element. To the question: how to make slopes on the front door, it is necessary to pay special attention to sealing openings from drafts and sounds that come from the staircase.

Slopes must be strong and reliable. In this case, experts suggest doing plastering or using different combinations. For example, you can plaster the walls on top of which MDF panels are attached. Each one uses items for decoration from his own preferences. To carry out the work, it is necessary to prepare such materials and devices:

  • polyurethane foam;
  • lime, cement;
  • putty, primer;
  • sand;
  • glue, dowels, if necessary, “liquid nails”;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • building level;
  • brushes, spatula;
  • perforated corners.

To reveal the question: how to make the slopes on the doors even? – we recommend that you study the detailed instructions for performing work.

1. First of all, it is important to seal all the cracks. After installing the door, it is important to carefully fill all the gaps between the frame and the wall with polyurethane foam. Next, you need to wait until the foam hardens. All residues must be cut off with an ordinary knife and carefully smooth out the cracks.

2. Surface preparation is important for further plastering of the wall. All work takes a long time, so it is recommended to process the surface in several layers. First, a layer of primer is applied to the wall, which will better strengthen the plaster mortar. To achieve a perfectly flat surface, it is necessary to use a beacon profile, which is fixed with dowels.

3. Next, we carry out the plastering of the slopes. For the manufacture of mortar, it is necessary to use cement, sand, lime mortar. The technology for applying the mixture to the surface should be started from the upper area of ​​the slopes. First, the putty is applied in a thick layer, after which the excess amount is removed by leveling the wall. To keep the slope angles even, it is recommended to use a perforated profile. They are fixed on the surface with the applied plaster mixture. Next, a fine layer of plaster is applied, which should be thin. This process will remove all irregularities and roughness..

4. The final stage is fixing the MDF panels. The base for such panels must be made of lime-cement mortar. After it dries, a layer of primer is applied to the surface. The panels must be divided into three parts, each of which must correspond to the door slopes. A layer of glue must be applied to the surface of the wall, after which the panels are applied to the wall. Such work must be done with all the details..

To understand the scheme of work, we recommend watching the video about finishing the slopes for doors, presented at the end of the article. When finishing, due attention must be paid to the cutting of the slab. For this, all angles are carefully measured, and it is important to cut the panels at a certain angle. After trimming the plastic or wood panel, all parts need to be connected to check if they match the door slopes. The ideal combination of finishing slopes will be the use of wooden panels and doors made of such material..