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Rustic kitchen: photo ideas, design features

Interior designers often turn to ethnic roots, as country music, country-style kitchens and the design of the dining area under the Russian tower are becoming more and more fashionable. A rustic-style kitchen-living room is always a warm, homely atmosphere and special coziness, so this trend will never go out of fashion. Although in a city apartment it is difficult to completely recreate the atmosphere of an old hut with a Russian stove, with a competent approach, a good imitation is quite real.

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What is the secret of the attractiveness of the rustic style

The rustic interior always evokes pleasant nostalgic memories, awakens joyful feelings. Deliberate negligence and ostentatious simplicity is not just a special design find, it is an attempt to return to their national origins. This kitchen design is especially relevant for those who are tired of the rhythm of the metropolis, or whose childhood was spent in a village hut. It seems that it still smells like froth from grandmother’s raspberry jam, bouquets of pharmacy chamomile and a bundle of garlic. For example, as in the design of a modern kitchen in a rustic style – photo.

The way of life of any nation is most vividly reflected in the arrangement of the kitchen. The Russian hut, for example, has long been one of the main attributes of the self-identification of our people. Archaeologists believe that the prototype of the hut appeared before our era, and the wooden frame was improved for many centuries. In the same way, the internal interior was changing little by little, although the general architecture of the hut has changed little, but it has been well transformed into modernity. Only now they stopped heating in black, and the Russian stove with tiles became the queen of the upper room..

Rural life and the arrangement of the Russian tower were sung by poets and writers, and the way of life and the general arrangement was immortalized by artists. Many attributes from ancient use are reflected in fairy tales and films, but a real charcoal samovar or a small tub with a faucet for mead can be seen only in the museum. The modern design of the kitchen in a rustic style has become a little different – most of the old items have been replaced by household appliances and electrical appliances, but the overall flavor remains the same.

In Russia, the wretched peasant hut was eventually successfully transformed into a luxurious chopped tower, in which wealthy families of merchants and boyars willingly settled. Nearby, auxiliary buildings were erected, orchards and berry front gardens were planted, an inner courtyard and a lush facade of a Russian estate were arranged. Today, cottages are being built in the Russian style with an emphasis on environmental friendliness, although plastic and nitro enamels have become firmly established in everyday life. However, a modern rustic kitchen design involves an abundance of natural wood, ceramics and other natural materials..

However, it is not at all necessary for the rustic interior of a modern kitchen to be decorated in antique style, but a slight touch of “retro” is still assumed. In many countries, this style is collectively called country, although it has a slightly different look. You can’t confuse the interior of a cowboy kitchen on an American ranch with a cozy chalet in the Swiss Alps. French Provence also differs from the Russian tower, but something in common is caught in them. Compare: country style kitchen – photo examples.

What used to be of interest only to historians, ethnographers or avid collectors, today has become an indispensable addition to the interior of a rustic kitchen. Indeed, it is difficult to resist the temptation to fill the dining area with things with a clear touch of rustic retro:

  • an icon under an embroidered towel in the corner;
  • crocheted starched tablecloth;
  • samovar on the table (even electric);
  • hand-painted ceramic dishes;
  • linen napkins with hemstitch;
  • tile-style tiles;
  • large ficus on a wooden tripod;
  • homespun rugs under your feet;
  • panel made of “wild stone” in the form of a Russian stove with a built-in electric fireplace, instead of burning logs, etc..

It will be interesting to design a rustic kitchen with your own hands, especially in an inherited house, where numerous relatives come in summer on weekends. In such an environment, there is a place for an old sideboard with cheap prints, handmade stools and a wooden bench instead of a sofa, shelves under the ceiling. In addition to furniture, a teapot with Gzhel cups, a vase with lurid roses, old aluminum mugs keeping the secrets of family history, and other family heirlooms will create a special flavor..

Today, rustic design is most appropriate in a spacious country house, but even in a small apartment you can express a gravitation towards your national traditions. This explains the growing popularity of the unpretentious, but so close to the heart of the interior. In this style there is an opportunity to find application for eco-materials, hand-made things and retro gizmos. Country style kitchen is deliberate simplicity and naturalness, an unusually cozy atmosphere and old paraphernalia.

The main features of a country house and modern options in interior design

1. For many peoples, since ancient times, an upper room has been practiced in spacious houses, that is, a place for a meal and a meeting of guests. She served as a living room, dining room and guest bedroom. In the upper room there were icons on the shrine and an icon lamp under embroidered towels in the red corner. Nearby there was a large dining table with chairs, stools, or long benches, depending on one’s wealth. At the head of the table was always a large chair with a high back for the owner of the house..

The modern version of the room is a studio apartment, large loft apartments without partitions and a house without walls with various zoning options. Most often, designers offer a modern rustic kitchen design, which in many ways resembles a well-kept room. The main difference between a modern interior:

  • pronounced zoning, including modern elements (bar, podium);
  • island or ordinary gas stove with a hood;
  • a fireplace instead of a Russian stove (another imitation of a hearth);
  • the absence of heavy stationary furniture, which was replaced by light samples of modern country-style upholstered furniture;
  • a set of comfortable light chairs with soft seats is displayed next to the dining table.

2. A special role in the village hut included a stove, it was often called “the queen of the house”, which occupied a solid part of the space. Often it contained pillars that rested against the beams near the ceiling. Part of the stove was occupied by a warm lounger, covered for sleeping for children and the elderly. In the stove corner there were numerous kitchen utensils on shelves and hooks. This place was strictly ordered – nothing non-functional. The utensils were decorated with wood carvings or drawings on the handles and back of the dishes and all kinds of cooking utensils. Celebratory dishes were placed on a shelf above the window..

The modern version of the cooking hearth is a gas stove with a mosaic backsplash or ceramic tiles in a country-style color scheme. Like the old version of the furnishings, this area is decorated with sieves, ladles, ladles, scoops for frying, etc., which are hung out by size. Bright potholders – knitted or sewn with applique – have become a typical modern decoration of country kitchens. Instead of shelves above the window, today they often make long stands near the ceiling, which can accommodate a whole collection of hand-painted ceramic dishes. The gas stove itself, in order to better comply with the old canons, is closed with wooden doors, which in color and decor coincide with other cabinet furniture for the kitchen. Preference is given to natural veneer, wood or its imitation.

3. Regarding other kitchen furniture, I would like to note that there were not many of them, but they were solid, strong and durable. Many centuries ago there was no cabinet furniture in the usual sense; it was replaced by chests, which were also used for additional seating. Sideboards or display cabinets are descendants of old sideboards, they kept the main stock of dishes and spices. The benches with backs were decorated with wood carvings, and often they were attached directly to the wall. The wooden sofa looked more like a bench, but this was the main place where guests slept. They were covered with bright patchwork quilts, pillows were equipped with bright satin stitch or cross stitch embroidery.

The modern version is a country-style sofa covered with a patchwork quilt in a patchwork style, and colored pillows are no longer laid out in a pyramid, but the same embroidery technique is often used. Chests, shelves and a sideboard have been replaced by cabinet furniture, which is also selected in country style – with wooden carved doors or their imitation. The abundance of glass doors and shelves has become part of our everyday life today, but they do not correspond to the rustic style..

What finishing materials are suitable for a rustic kitchen

When choosing ideas for decorating a kitchen in the style of “Russian country”, it is important to consider that there are several directions:

  • village hut;
  • Russian tower;
  • foreign “a la rus” (in the representation of foreigners).

The first option assumes a simpler home environment, natural materials and a minimum of decoration. And the stylization under the Russian tower is a special ruble chic, the decorations of foreign restaurants “a la russ” are also popular. Elegant stylization for Russian country will fit well into the overall design of a house or apartment, especially if you set a goal. But at the same time, exact match in decoration is important..

Russian chic borrowed some features from other styles:

  • classic;
  • baroque;
  • Russian modern.

The emphasis on rustic country is a simple form of furniture, “chintz” colors in textiles and natural discreet tones in decor.

1. The walls should receive such a finish that is widespread in the outback everywhere, but in different regions it was natural wood or whitewash with a lime-chalk mixture on top of a clay base. An acceptable substitute for whitewashing is water-based paint, which is washable, but looks like traditional chalk. The old stoves of more prosperous Russians in the old days were decorated with tiled tiles, so modern white tiles with a country-style pattern are quite acceptable.

2. Floors – only natural wood or waterproof matt laminate with wood decor. It is better if it is an imitation of a wide board, for example, oak with an aged effect.

3. Ceilings can be plain white or beamed ceilings, it is important to consider the type of lighting.

4. White PVC windows with double-glazed windows are inappropriate in a rustic kitchen, only wooden frames or laminated wood-like plastic. A good option is to add carved platbands to the windows, and shutters are appropriate only in a private house..

5. Doors should also have a natural wood look, it is possible with massive forged handles or a semi-antique bolt. Platbands, slopes and console can also be supplemented with wood carvings and other handmade ornaments.

When choosing a color, you should give preference to warm colors or delicate pastel tones. White, delicate cream, brown, all shades of wood, beige and gray are appropriate. The main bright accents are natural greens, red, yellow or blue.

Basic additions to a rustic kitchen

Supplementing with well-chosen textiles will add a rustic flavor to the design of the kitchen. Instead of interior doors, colored chintz curtains were often hung; today, it is also possible to supplement the kitchen interior with a similar attribute. Window curtains can be a worthy addition to country style:

  • crocheted in sirloin technique;
  • sewn from plain white fabric with original embroidery, hemstitching or openwork patterns embossed with a needle.

There is never too much textiles when it comes to country-style kitchens:

  • beloved by many generations of knitted and embroidered napkins;
  • openwork white tablecloths on a festive table under a samovar on a painted tray;
  • embroidered towels and towels;
  • bright applications on potholders in the form of a mitten;
  • cloth panels on shelves with a lace border (border), on which beautiful dishes are placed;
  • curtains along the upper shelves on the wings, where you can hide rarely used kitchen “props” away from prying eyes;
  • embroidered canvas bags for storing medicinal herbs, seeds and spices hanging from beams near the ceiling.

Tip: Any decor has a measure – give preference to knitted additions or embroidery, they should not be combined. Stitch and cross stitch embroidery is also better not to mix. A special chic – Vologda lace in the decor of the kitchen (the style of the Russian tower).

The samovar has always had a special role, although today its electric analogue is now given a place of honor in the kitchen. Tea drinking with pancakes and jam using a bright service and a samovar is a tradition that came into the everyday life of a modern person precisely from the Russian village lifestyle.

Lamps can imitate icon lamps or candles, but you should give preference to forging – bronze, silver, copper. In the center, you can hang a semblance of a lampshade assembled from wooden lintels or woven from a vine in the form of a basket.

In rural areas, kitchens have always been decorated with bundles of onions and garlic, medicinal and fragrant herbs. An excellent decoration will be colorful dishes, especially those painted in traditional folk technique:

  • gzhel;
  • palekh;
  • Dymkovo toy, etc..

All kinds of ceramic figurines in the form of animals, birds and fish, wicker baskets, birch bark boxes – all of them will be a worthy addition to the interior of a rustic kitchen.