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How to whiten logs with your own hands

Long-term use of wood most often ends with the appearance of blue on it. Especially if the tree is not periodically covered with special protective compounds. In this case, in order to avoid decay of the tree, it is urgent to take measures to whiten it. We will consider further how to whiten a wooden blockhouse on our own..

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How to whiten a bathhouse: features and recommendations

The presence of fungi or algae on the surface of the tree leads to the fact that it becomes covered with a grayish bloom. These microorganisms develop very quickly, especially inside the bath, since it is there that conditions suitable for their reproduction are located: high humidity and high temperature. Therefore, in the presence of the slightest stains of blue on the wooden frame in the bathhouse, it is necessary to take care of bleaching..

After installing the log house, first of all, you should take care of preventive measures aimed at preventing the formation of mold on the surface of the tree. The main condition for its development is high humidity. Therefore, before installation, the tree is treated with special protective compounds that prevent moisture from entering it. In addition, a high-quality ventilation system should be established in the room, which allows you to get rid of excessive humidity, at a time when the bath is not used for its intended purpose..

The outer part of the wood, which is outside, is also covered with special compounds, which must be periodically renewed. After all, it is affected by precipitation, sudden changes in temperature, moisture, wind, solar radiation.

Most often, the reason for the appearance of mold on wooden surfaces is the fact that after the first coating with protective compounds, they are removed over time, and the subsequent coating is not performed. In this case, mold appears on the surface of the tree, without removing it, the wood rots very quickly and becomes unusable..

Another condition for the development of fungus inside the house is the presence of sunlight. If in the future the walls of the bath will be sheathed with panels or clapboard, then internal bleaching is not necessary. When covering wood with clear varnish, it is imperative to bleach it..

We propose to consider the option of whitening a bath using a product called BIOSCHIT. With its help, it is possible to get rid of wood-staining fungi, various mold, gray wood. After applying the composition, the wood acquires its original shade, without destroying its structure. With the help of this composition, whitening of almost any wood species is carried out..

The duration of the drug is about ten years. The composition provides protection against the appearance of rot, fungus, insects, algae. After applying the drug to the surface of the tree, its structure remains unchanged, while the vapor permeability also remains at the same level..

There are preparations intended for interior and exterior decoration of a building. Most often, the composition has a concentrated form that can be changed, in relation to the degree of damage to the tree..

Use a roller to apply the antiseptic to the surface. Pigment paint, a few hours after applying the composition, begins to fade. After the surface dries, salt may precipitate in crystalline form; use plain water to remove it..

If the work is carried out indoors, then make sure that it is well ventilated. The temperature for applying the composition outside should be from 0 to 20 degrees. One square meter consumes from one hundred to two hundred grams of material. If the fungus has infected the tree by more than three millimeters, then it is recommended to cover it in several layers..

A newer and stronger version of BioShield is a compound called BioShield2. With its help, it is possible to bleach almost any wood of the most advanced form of lesion..

When applying the bleach to the surface, use a stiff brush or roller, use some force to apply the compound to the surface, rub it well. Thus, it will be possible to significantly increase the efficiency of removing the fungus..

Prevention of appearance on wood: bleaching of logs

In order for the log house to serve you as long as possible, you must adhere to certain recommendations not only for its operation, but also for the transportation of logs. Before transporting the logs to the construction site, it is necessary to cover them with protective compounds of weak action, such protection will be enough for them for a little more than a week.

To prevent or slow down the development of fungus on logs, care should be taken to properly store the lumber. Incorrectly stacked logs are a great place for fungus to grow. Therefore, at the place of installation of the log house, there must be stacks for ventilation. They must be installed on dry ground, in the shady part of the site. In addition, the presence of a special shed should protect the tree from moisture. At the same time, the presence of additional ventilation between the logs is required..

Since the main sources of the development of fungus and mold are light and moisture. By avoiding these two sources, it will be possible to preserve the timber in maximum integrity and safety..

How to whiten a log house inside: means for bleaching a log house

Almost all wood bleaches are based on the use of bleach or hydrogen peroxide. The use of this or that composition should be justified by the nature of the damage to the wood. The opinion that chlorine is a more dangerous substance for human health than hydrogen peroxide is erroneous. Both the one and the other composition is quite toxic. Therefore, the choice of wood preservative should be made solely on the basis of the effectiveness of the application..

These substances are oxidizing agents with high efficiency and are able to penetrate deep into the wood. With the help of these substances, it is possible to get rid of not only the fungus, but also of its spores. However, it is not always possible to remove all fungal spores, therefore, the conditions for their development should also be prevented, after processing the tree..

Among the main compositions used to bleach a log in a wooden frame, we highlight:

  • bleach NeoMid – has a fairly effective whitening effect, has received the widest distribution and popularity due to the good quality of whitening;
  • SENEZH bleach, neo – has a gentle effect on wood, effective – deeply whitens the surface of the wood;
  • FROST – also has several formulations that provide both deep and gentle whitening.

The use of one or another composition can be both successful and not very good. Therefore, before choosing a means for bleaching wood, you should take into account all the individual characteristics of the wood for work. Before processing, the tree should not be covered with a film-forming compound, since in this case, the penetration of the composition into the wood will be difficult.

In addition, work efficiency also determines the climate and timing of the work. The effect of bleaching at low temperature and high humidity is lower than under optimal conditions at 18 degrees Celsius and 60% humidity.

It is preferable to sand the wood before applying the compound. In this case, it will be possible to get rid of 10-20% of the blue. Before starting treatment, determine the condition of the logs, if there are deep lesions on a wet log, it is necessary to increase the concentration of the composition without adding a lot of water to it.

If the wood for processing is dry, and the lesions are not deep and local, then observe the clear proportions indicated by the manufacturer. Using a higher concentrate will destroy the structure of the tree..

Do not pay attention to the low cost of the composition, buy protective equipment from trusted sellers who have certificates that confirm the quality of the product. Pay attention to the date of manufacture of the composition, the highest performance is in the compositions, from the date of manufacture of which more than one, two months have passed.

Therefore, when answering the question of how to whiten the blue of a log house, be guided primarily by the individual characteristics of the wood, the degree of its damage, humidity, etc..

How to whiten a log house at home: the order of work

After transporting the logs to the site, they are treated with protective compounds, before being laid in the frame. In the presence of small localized lesions, it is sufficient to treat only these areas. After applying bleach, the surface of the logs is treated with an antiseptic compound, do not forget to treat the ends and bowls.

Please note that the antiseptic should be of high quality and preferably deep penetration. Application of a film-forming composition after the bleach will lead to damage to the wood after a year of its operation. If the log has not been bleached before, then antiseptic coating is not necessary.

Further, the log house is installed under the canopy until it dries completely. After the logs are dry, you should inspect them for blueness. Incorrect storage of logs or too much rainfall can be the reasons for the formation of fungus. Use bleach to treat dark spots as well. Next, the log is polished, with the help of which it is possible to get rid of mechanical damage to the wood..

After the first sanding, if there are dark spots on the surface of the wood, they are whitened. After the bleach is dry, final sanding of the wood with a fine abrasive should be done. Next, you should immediately cover the wood with an antiseptic composition, fire protection and finishing impregnation.

Answering the question of how to whiten a log house outside, first of all, unequivocally, it is necessary to choose products from one manufacturer. Only in this case, it will be possible to achieve the highest whitening efficiency. In addition, before using the composition, carefully study the instructions for its use, the optimal conditions for applying the solution and strictly adhere to these recommendations.

How to bleach a log house – recommendations

Some sauna owners do not want to use protective compounds for wood due to their non-environmental friendliness. However, most chlorine-containing compounds evaporate rather quickly, and the harm from fungus for untreated wood is much higher than for treated wood..

When performing internal whitening of a log house, take care of the presence of drafts that will help get rid of the harmful components of the formulations. Perform work using a respirator. Since chlorine can burn the respiratory tract.

Before using the bath for its intended purpose, it is recommended to heat the stove several times with no load, for a more thorough cleaning of the wood from chlorine vapors.

In order to avoid the appearance of fungus on wooden surfaces, follow these recommendations:

  • provide good waterproofing of the wooden surface, especially in areas of contact with the foundation and roof;
  • equipping the roof, construct long overhangs that will provide reliable protection of the upper crowns from moisture;
  • in rooms with high humidity, a ventilation system must be organized, as well as means for removing moisture.

How to whiten a log house at home

Previously, when there were no special compositions for bleaching wood, improvised home remedies were used to perform this process. The first is salt. With the help of salt, it was possible to slightly prevent the development of fungus on the surface of the tree. However, it was not possible to bleach wood using this method..

The second composition for bleaching wood is whiteness. With this detergent, it was possible to make an excellent bleach for wood. It is effective if the tree is damaged from the outside. In order to whiten the inside of the tree, you need to loosen it a little, and then cover it abundantly with whiteness, rubbing it well into the inside of the tree..

It is more effective to use special concentrated bleaches. In this case, you will be able to save time and get a high-quality result. In addition, modern formulations are able not only to whiten wood, but also to preserve its natural structure and color..

Another quite effective way of wood bleaching is its polishing. By carrying out this process, it is possible to get rid of a large amount of blue located outside the tree. After sanding, if there are dark spots, they are covered with a clarifier.

In the process of using factory formulations, take care of your safety. Use a respirator and goggles to avoid chemical burns. Hide these compounds from children and pets. Also, use gloves while applying the composition. The main rule of quality whitening is the right concentrate for the job. Dilute the composition solely according to the instructions. Excessive concentration of bleach will lead to the death of the tree and the loss of its aesthetic characteristics..

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