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How to decorate walls with clinker tiles with your own hands

Clinker tiles are ideal for wall decoration. This is primarily due to its durability, attractive appearance and good performance characteristics. The process of finishing walls with clinker tiles is technologically simple, however, in order to perform it efficiently, certain rules and subtleties must be observed. We will talk about how to lay clinker tiles on the wall further..


Wall cladding with clinker tiles: features and advantages of the material

Clinker tiles are widely used as a material for wall decoration both indoors and outdoors. This is due to its such advantages:

  • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • moisture resistance;
  • environmental safety;
  • resistance to fading and ultraviolet radiation;
  • resistance to fire and flame spread;
  • ease of care;
  • long service life.

Clinker tiles have a universal application, they are used to decorate the fireplace in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, etc. It is suitable for any microclimatic and climatic conditions, without losing its attractiveness in appearance and strength. This material fits on any base, with the exception of drywall.

The advantages of the material are provided by the technology of its manufacture. Clinker tiles are made from high temperature fired clay. There are two types of tiles in relation to the technological process of its manufacture..

The first option involves drying the previously prepared material and then firing it. According to the second method, the tile, after forming it from raw materials, immediately lends itself to firing. Firing tiles lasts up to 48 hours, while the temperature in the furnace exceeds 1100 degrees. Clinker tile production technology provides the material with high strength.

How to choose and buy clinker wall tiles

There are many options for clinker tiles that differ in appearance and performance. In relation to the latter indicator, clinker tiles are divided into:

  • technical – with its help I equip roads and sidewalks, the tile has excellent strength and has a long service life;
  • moisture resistant – used for finishing the bathroom, kitchen, pool;
  • standard – recommended for use for finishing walls of various purposes;
  • tiles of various shapes to create complex architectural solutions.

Clinker tiles differ in color, shape and texture. There are a large number of its options, suitable for one or another version of the interior. In most cases, natural dyes are used to create the color of the tiles, so the tiles are environmentally friendly. Most often, the tiles are available in red-brown or white-gray colors..

Distinguish between tiles with a smooth and rough surface. The first option resembles a noble brick, and the second one resembles natural stone. With the help of this material, not only wall decoration is carried out, but also floors, stairs, individual sections of the room.

When choosing clinker tiles for a room, it is necessary to determine in advance the area of ​​finishing and, depending on this indicator, calculate the amount of material for work. The resulting value is increased by about ten percent to compensate for waste and rejects.

In the process of choosing a tile, inspect the packaging by color; there should be no cardinal differences between them. When buying tiles, immediately get glue. Most often, the manufacturer makes a list of the glue that is optimal for installing tiles..

Clinker tiles for interior wall decoration: use in the interior

Clinker tiles are an excellent imitation of indoor bricks. In order not to build brickwork inside the room, it is enough to decorate the walls in it with clinker tiles. Thus, firstly, it is possible to save space in the room, on the other hand, the load on the walls is reduced..

There are certain style predispositions according to which clinker tiles are used in the interior. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with them:

If the interior of the room is made in a classic style, then here tiles are most often used for finishing columns, massive structures. Wall decoration with tiles gives them charm, antiquity and nobility.

Clinker tile finishing photo:

There are several ways to use clinker tiles in the interior:

  • accentuation of attention on a specific wall – for example, finishing the wall next to the bed with clinker tiles, or finishing the wall with brick tiles in the living room, on this wall you can hang paintings or a series of portraits;
  • the creation of a brick apron for the kitchen surface, the tile is easy to clean and does not lend itself to fungus and mold;
  • if you decide to install an electric fireplace in the room, then an excellent option for finishing it is to use clinker tiles;
  • with the help of clinker tiles, it is possible to perfectly zone the space, dividing it into several functional parts.

How to lay clinker tiles on the wall with your own hands

Clinker tiles are laid on a base made of concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, metal, wood. Plasterboard walls are not the best base for installing tiles. Since the base must withstand certain loads from the material, which drywall cannot do.

Before you start laying clinker tiles, you need to take care of leveling the surface, cleaning it from dirt, old finishing materials, paint. If the base is distinguished by the presence of dust, then I treat it with a primer before starting work. In addition, this reduces the level of moisture absorption of the base and improves its connection with the glue solution on which the tiles are fixed.Before starting laying, follow the markings according to which the whole tile will be in the center, and the cut on the sides in a symmetrical position. For finishing the corner sections, special corner tiles are used. If partial wall decoration is being performed, then work should be started from the corner sections..

If during the purchase of the tiles you purchased the material in different packages, then remove the tiles from there and mix together. This will reduce the risk of sharp contrast or color drop during installation..

The tiles are laid on the wall from bottom to top. At the same time, the glue solution is prepared in small portions, since the average time of its use is no more than half an hour. Time to change the position of the tile on the wall – 15 minutes, no more.

To align the rows of clinker tiles with each other, use a string. It is necessary to close the seams after the glue has completely dried, after two days have passed since the installation of the finishing material. For these purposes, we recommend using special grouts, which are installed inside the seam with a rubber spatula..

Clinker tile laying technology on the wall

During the installation of clinker tiles, you will need:

  • clinker tiles, the amount of which is ten percent more than required;
  • special glue recommended by the tile manufacturer;
  • two spatulas: smooth and serrated;
  • glass cutter, tile cutter or grinder – with their help, tiles are cut;
  • crosses to keep the same spacing between tiles.

Before starting work indoors, it is necessary to prepare the walls for tiling. The base for clinker tiles should be flat, durable, and there should be no traces of old finishes on it. Use a building level to check the wall for evenness..

Please note that if there is loose plaster on the walls, it must be removed before installation. In this case, plastering is performed again. Before starting work, the walls are also coated with a deep penetration primer. This composition will not only protect the surface from the appearance of mold and mildew, but also improve its adhesion to the tiles..

Create a project according to which the tiles will be located on the wall. Place the trimmed sections near the ceiling..

The next stage of work on finishing the walls with clinker tiles involves the manufacture of an adhesive solution. As a glue, an adhesive composition is most often used, which is mixed with water in a certain consistency. Before diluting the glue, read the instructions carefully and add water according to it. In order for the composition to acquire a uniform consistency, use a mixing nozzle.

The resulting mixture is infused for at least 25 minutes, until all components are completely dissolved. The adhesive composition is applied to an area of ​​no more than one square meter. Since its adhesive properties are maintained for half an hour. If wall decoration is performed outside the room, then it is recommended to use a strong fixing compound to fix the tiles. An elastic adhesive with a moisture-resistant medium hold characteristics suitable for interior wall clinker.

Wall clinker tiles are fixed to the wall with glue. To apply the adhesive to the base, use a special spatula with teeth. The tile is pressed firmly against the wall, use a rubber mallet for additional pressure. Observe small gaps between adjacent tiles, in the future they will be sealed with grout. Use plastic crosses to maintain the same gap..

Please note that if you did not have time to put the tiles on the previously applied glue and it is already dry, you must remove it from the base and put a new portion of the adhesive. After two days from the moment the walls were finished, the joints between the tiles are grilled. If grout accidentally gets on the tiles, use a sponge to remove it..

Since clinker tiles are imitation bricks, there are several ways to install them. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with them:

Clinker tiles are the ideal solution for wall decoration. This material is not afraid of moisture, temperature drops, and has a long service life. The main rule for obtaining a high-quality result of laying tiles is adherence to the technology of its installation and the correct choice of glue for work..

Laying clinker tiles on the wall video: