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How to decorate a living room

An apartment, decorated correctly and with taste, will always delight the eye, both for owners and guests. And the overall impression of your home primarily depends on the living room..

The living room is the “heart” of any home and has a double function: here all family members can relax, communicate with each other, just watch TV, listen to your favorite music artist, and at the same time this room serves to receive guests. Accordingly, the living room should be as comfortable, lighted, welcoming and warm as possible. So how to decorate a living room in order to harmoniously combine all these functions in one area? In this article we will try to figure it out..

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Basic principles when creating a living room interior

Basically, the living room is a single space that connects all the other rooms of the house. An entrance hall connects her with the outside world, a corridor with a sleeping area, and a kitchen with a utility area..

The main task when decorating a living room is to find a certain center around which the entire interior of the room will be designed. This center can serve as a fireplace or TV..

When decorating, it is very important to choose the right floor covering, basic shades, lighting and curtains, because they will set the main style of the room design..

The living room should be absolutely comfortable for everyone, both children and the elderly..

Living room style

So how do you decorate your living room interior? This primarily depends on the chosen style – whether it be classic, exclusive retro or modern.

Classic style of the living room

Classic style is both comfort and luxury, which testifies to the refined taste and status of the owners..

For a room in this style, colors and regular geometric shapes are very important attributes. The living room is distinguished by calm shades in the interior, soft, pastel colors such as light blue, cream, light green, brown and others are inherent in it. Modern classic style welcomes the presence of antique paintings, a large chandelier in the center, mirrors in massive frames, spectacular candlesticks and wall sconces.

How to decorate a living room in a classic style – photos of illustrative examples are presented below.

Retro style in the living room

Retro style allows you to combine the most unpredictable shades: orange with red, green with yellow, pink with black and much more. It all depends on the fantasy. These colors can be used in decoration, accessories and upholstery..

This style is characterized by enhanced lighting, which is carried out with the help of floor lamps, chandeliers with laces and lamps with a lampshade or fringe..

To further emphasize the retro style, it will be enough to add elements of antiquity to the overall design of the room, for example, photographs from the past, a gramophone, a rocking chair or an old-fashioned typewriter.

Living room in modern style

“How to decorate a living room in the Art Nouveau style?” – you ask. Yes, very simple!

The main goal of the designer when decorating a living room in this style is to create the maximum amount of free space and abandon strict straight lines..

The main shades are light in combination with browns, goldens, reds and yellows. In such a living room, wood and glass must be present, and the window is decorated with a lambrequin and tie-backs for curtains. Naturalness, simplicity and comfort are the main features of the modern living room.

Modern living room style

This style, which is characterized by the slogan “nothing more”, is the most widespread in the modern world. It combines functionality, unusual shapes, pastel, bright colors and the use of new, modern materials at the same time. Modern style is a mixed style that embodies a bit of modernity, minimalism and hi-tech. This style is suitable for any living room, both small and large, providing a huge amount of room for imagination..

The color scheme of the living room

First, you should think about the colors of the living room. There are no special requirements here, the main thing is that all the colors used are fully combined with the overall design of the room..

If you want to create maximum comfort in the room, then it is best to use warm colors, for example, orange, yellow, cream or red. If the room is primarily intended for relaxation, then experts advise using cold shades – green, blue or light blue.

It is better not to decorate the ceiling in dark colors, this will reduce the space and create pressure on those present in the room..

When choosing a color, it is worth remembering that each shade can visually affect the space of the room. For example, walls of dark shades and a light ceiling will help to increase the height of the room. Overly monotonous finishes should be broken up with bright colors to create a positive atmosphere..

Living room furniture and accessories

It is important that the living room is not cluttered with furniture. The main subject of the living room is, of course, the sofa. Its design can be very diverse – with or without armrests, with fabric or leather, with padding from synthetic or natural materials. If the space of the room allows, then it is best to place it somewhere in the center of the room, and not near the wall on the side. The main thing is to observe the general design of the room. A warm carpet should be laid near the sofa..

A coffee table is usually placed near the sofa, which, as a rule, is no higher than 60 centimeters. Tables with irregularly shaped countertops and bending legs will look very good..

A set of furniture consisting of a sofa and two armchairs can be placed in front of the fireplace. If you have enough space, experiment with the placement of furniture and remember: furniture near the wall line is a completely outdated solution..

An aquarium can become a bright, unusual and stylish part of the living room, with which you will get a lot of positive emotions while watching life behind glass. Any interior image can be complemented with a bright accent in the form of fresh flowers..

Lighting plays an important role in the interior of the living room. A large, beautiful chandelier on the ceiling will create notes of a holiday, and small lamps in certain parts of the living room will create comfort and coziness..

How to decorate the entrance to the living room

As mentioned earlier, the living room is the main room in the house, therefore, the front entrance should be, if possible, not narrow, but rather free – in the form of an arch or beautiful double doors. It is important to correctly arrange the entrance to the living room – so that it not only fits in, but also harmoniously emphasizes the entire style of the apartment.

In the images below, you can see visual examples of the design of the entrance to the living room, which will help you design the living room of your dreams..

Ideas for the original design of the walls of the living room

Very often, to create a charming, unique interior in the living room, the owners or the designer experiment with the finishing material and the way the walls are decorated. Instead of ordinary wallpaper, they use the brightest design solutions. For example, they produce murals, drywall constructions or old newspapers are used instead of wallpaper. A very good idea for wall decoration is brickwork, with which you can create an unusual accent in the interior or separate small sections of the wall, for example, a fireplace. You can also beautifully decorate the walls with the help of decorative shelves, on which photos, figurines or flowers will be comfortably located.

In this small assembly of photos of interiors with unusual wall designs, you can clearly see how you can decorate the walls in the living room.

How to decorate a window in the living room

To decorate the windows of a bright living room in a classic style, curtains of green, blue, gold and other bright shades are used, since it is these colors that are a symbol of luxury and wealth. For decoration, cords, tassels and fringes are used. Labriquin with bandeau is suitable for both classic and modern styles. It allows you to arrange the window so as not to block the direct rays of the sun entering the room. At the expense of the color scheme of curtains for a modern style, black, white or bright colors are suitable. Light transparent tulle will add lightness and emphasize the overall style of the room. When choosing curtains, you should always remember about the visual influence of the ornament, for example, vertical stripes can make a room taller, and horizontal stripes – wider..

How to decorate the ceiling in the living room

The ceiling in the living room should be fully compatible with the entire interior of the room, both with furniture and other accessories..

Of course, the ceiling can be decorated in a standard way – it is white color and a large chandelier in the middle, but more and more often the owners give preference to small light sources scattered around the perimeter. This can divide the room into separate zones and add some romance..

Also, very often, modern ceilings are decorated in several levels, which are painted in different colors. And each level on the ceiling can be accompanied by a variety of lighting effects..

How to decorate a kitchen living room

Very often, in small apartments, a living room and a kitchen are combined, and when combining them, you should take care of competent zoning. If the area of ​​the room is large enough, then there should be no problems with dividing it into zones, but in a small living room it will be a little more difficult.

With the help of color, you can make the zoning of the living room-kitchen – decorate the dining area in bright colors, and the space around the fireplace or TV in calm light colors that set you up for relaxation.

Very often, the kitchen is separated from the living room by a special bar or podium..

You can also use different flooring for zoning. For example, tiles are most often laid in the kitchen, and laminate or carpet in the living room of the apartment, and the boundaries of the floor can be not only in a straight line, but also along a curved line. This method can also be combined with different wall and ceiling finishes..

In the photo below you can see how to decorate the living room beautifully and tastefully.

How to decorate a living room with a fireplace

The fireplace is able to transform the living room beyond recognition, while living fire brings it closer to nature, emphasizes the special warmth and comfort, charges everyone around with positive energy.

Unfortunately, not all owners have the opportunity to install a real fireplace. However, there is a way out – you can equip the living room with an electric fireplace, which looks no less aesthetically pleasing. It is best to put a coffee table and upholstered furniture in front of the family hearth symbol. Family photos, candles, figurines or clocks are ideal for decorating a fireplace..

For those who are constantly thinking about how to decorate a living room with a fireplace, we offer a small selection of photos of the interior of such a room..

Tips for decorating a small living room

Many people think about how to decorate a small living room, while creating the most comfortable and cozy interior. To do this, small design tricks will come to the rescue..

To expand the space of a small living room, light shades are used in decoration, furniture and curtain design, as well as mirror and glass surfaces. So that light tones do not get bored after some time, they need to be used together with bright strokes. For example, sofa pillows, rugs, vases and other accessories in green, coral, orange, brown and red shades will look very good on a light background..

In a small living room, you should not put various screens and partitions; the room should be zoned exclusively visually. Using the color scheme, you can ideally divide the room into zones, for example, using different shades of wallpaper, a multi-level ceiling or the texture of the flooring.

In a small room, it is better to abandon bulky walls, as a last resort, they can be decorated with mirrors, which will make the living room larger.