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How to build an elite mansion

In light of the poor environmental situation in big cities and the growing prosperity of our citizens, part of the population is moving out of town. After all, your own house in any country is considered a sign of prosperity and respectability. Naturally? there are some disadvantages in living outside the metropolis, for example, transport inaccessibility, neighbors from different social classes and the lack of a well-developed infrastructure. That is why it became necessary to build exactly elite cottages..


Characteristics of an elite cottage

Over the past ten years, the word “elite” has firmly entered our life. This definition did not pass by the side of the real estate environment. Not so long ago, people tried to move from villages and villages to a city, noisy and large, with its mass of prospects and opportunities in the future. But people did not want to give up staying closer to the earth – they are engaged in gardening, have suburban areas and houses, and from time to time they relax in nature..

Cities over time filled up, the population grew, agglomerates were overgrown with the power of the industrial industry, and therefore the ecology deteriorated. The population of the stone jungle has become the maximum for the summer period. But each person, depending on his needs and income, provides himself in different ways to stay in nature: some are content with a wooden house, while someone needs an elite cottage, which is equipped with the latest technology..

A cottage is classified as an elite property if certain criteria are inherent in it. Let’s take a look at the main ones:

Each component is in itself obligatory, but not sufficient to classify a cottage as an elite building. And only the combination of all these criteria allows us to consider the house elite. Based on the above, it follows that there are no two identical cottage options on the elite housing market..

Elite cottage project development

So, the implementation of the idea of ​​an elite country house begins with the choice and purchase of a land plot. A country mansion of an elite type is a part of an architectural complex called a “cottage town”. Only in this case, the property will be devoid of the disadvantages that are inherent in ordinary suburban buildings. This town is inhabited by people of the same social stratum, so each resident feels comfortable.

The area of ​​the land plot plays an important role. Optimal for a detached cottage is 25-30 acres of land, for a house in a cottage village – 12-15 acres. The site should have a well-defined landscape – the presence of trees, shrubs and open green spaces. The mansion should be surrounded by spruce, pine or other trees. Preference is also given to ecologically clean areas with convenient access roads on the banks of the river or in the vicinity of a reservoir and green area.

At this stage, it is strongly recommended to use the services of an architect, because the term “elite” does not imply any kind of savings! During the design process, the contour of the mansion, the area of ​​the premises, the external appearance and the facades are born. The project of an elite cottage includes floor plans, sections, a plan of the roof, facades and foundations, as well as an explanatory note.

Also at this stage, the project of an elite cottage is linked to the site. You need to determine where the facade of the house will face, where you want to make a passage to the front door or drive-in. It is important to consider the location of the future mansion to the cardinal points. If you don’t think it over, then it may turn out that the bedroom is located on the sunny side, and there is absolutely no sun in the living room. The binding is also needed to determine in advance where the well, gas pipeline, septic tank will be located. Many owners, who acted rashly, felt this discomfort on themselves!

In the process of designing a cottage design, 3D visualization of the facades is performed, so you can see how your future house will look, agree on the ratio of individual parts and the overall design of the mansion. If necessary, solutions are selected for decorative cladding of the foundation, materials and color of wall decoration, window sizes, roofing and architectural decor.

If you wish, you can develop a landscape design for the site adjacent to the cottage. Well, where without it on the territory of your possessions! An elite cottage is not just a comfortable country house, but a harmonious fusion with the surrounding landscape. Therefore, special attention is paid to the natural environment..

In the course of such work, you have to find out whether drainage is necessary, whether topographic survey, soil sampling, delivery or removal of land, etc. is required. Remember that any site is unique and in each case there may be several solutions to the same problem, when only specialists are able to help..

But at the same time, remember that if the plot of land is forest, it is better to try and not cut down many trees for a house that does not fit in the free area. It is best to slightly change the shape of the cottage, which can even give individuality to both your house and the plot, as in the photo of elite cottages in catalogs.

As a result, you will receive a plan of manor buildings, automobile and walking paths, decorative streams, reservoirs, fountains and bridges, alpine slides, flower alleys, gazebos and sports grounds, as well as a lighting scheme for the territory. And this is still an incomplete list of the elements of your land plot! And it will be all decorated in a natural French or strict English style – a matter of taste of the homeowner. Having approved such project documentation, you can safely proceed to the stage of planning the internal space..

Mansion interior planning

An elite cottage should have a significant area – preferably from 250 square meters. However, this rule does not always apply. For example, if a cottage is designed for one or two people, then its square may be 150 square meters. All the necessary premises are located under one roof. This also applies to the bath, and the pool, and the garage, and the gazebo, although this is not a prerequisite and buildings, but it is so established.

An elite mansion should have a huge living room with a fireplace, a kitchen that is at least 25 square meters in size, a separate room for each family member, guest rooms, an office with a library, a billiard room, a sauna with a plunge pool, a winter garden, a gym, an attached or underground garage and auxiliary utility rooms. But in any case, standard drawings of elite cottages are never used..

In an elite building, services and technical premises should be isolated from the living area. This fully applies to the garage, since the smell of gasoline coming from the basement garage is not eliminated in the summer even by the most efficient ventilation system. Service staff moves along bypass galleries and corridors.

Additional comfort for those living in elite housing will be provided by a spacious covered balcony or patio. This will allow you to be outdoors in any weather. Emphasize the elite of the mansion and large windows. In some buildings, the owners equip sliding glass doors from floor to ceiling or huge panoramic windows, which best emphasizes the closeness of nature. They also provide for the rational placement of bathrooms so that the plumbing who comes to fix the malfunction does not have to go into the bathrooms.

According to many architects, elitism in architecture has nothing to do with architectural styles, although many would disagree. In the modern design of elite cottages, certain stylistic trends can be traced very clearly. In most cases, classicism is used: elegance and severity of architectural solutions, symmetry in everything, graceful columns.

There are many supporters among wealthy people of Art Nouveau, which is represented by the American-Canadian version, the demand for country and chalets is increasing. The presence of metal on the facade is another trend in modern housing construction. The creation of decorative lighting of the facade can also add additional attractiveness to the cottage. In any case, when choosing an architectural solution, the impeccable taste of the owners should become the fundamental indicator. The main thing is to be able to avoid an unjustified shift in architectural trends and styles..

Laying the foundation of the cottage

So we have come close to another important point in the construction of an elite house – laying the foundation. If the foundation is made with violations, then be 99% sure that it will burst. You don’t need cracks on the front of your house, do you? We will not consider today what foundations are. It is better to highlight how to make a foundation so that it will last at least 100 years. It does not matter what kind of soil is on your site: loam, clay, black soil, sand, rocky soil, it is recommended to make the foundation pile-grillage.

Remember that the number of piles should be the same as your cottage needs in terms of load. The distance between the piles should be at least 90 centimeters. A pile diameter of 150-200 millimeters will be sufficient. The most important thing is that the depth should reach at least 2 meters, in other words – below the freezing depth. High quality concrete is used.

Further, when building an elite cottage with your own hands, a formwork for a grillage is installed on top of the piles. In no case should you go 5-10 centimeters deep into the ground. The grillage should, as it were, be slightly suspended from the ground by 2-3 centimeters. The entire load falls on the piles, and the grillage acts as a connecting element for them. It is also required to distribute the load of the house and transfer part of it to yourself..

Plus, a reinforced monolithic slab is poured onto the grillage, which finally binds the entire foundation and takes over all the remaining load from the cottage. The foundation, which is made using this technology, is very strong and not subject to any ground movements. And the load per square meter reaches 780 kilograms.

Building the walls of the mansion

A lot is now being written about the usefulness of buildings made of natural wood. Therefore, it is worth considering the most significant factors that affect the choice of wood as a material for the construction of an elite cottage..

Pine and spruce are traditionally considered the best wood in the world as a material for the walls of the house, which allows you to build an elite cottage for centuries. Houses are built from other materials much less often. And that’s why:

  • Spruce and pine are warm in winter. The main factor in choosing conifers is their excellent thermal insulation properties due to the low density of wood. The thickness of the walls made of solid pine or spruce should be 180-200 millimeters.
  • Conifers do not heat up in the heat. Due to the unique structure of spruce or pine, elite houses made of such material have the ability to “breathe” – in other words, to pass air in both directions through the structure of their fibers, which acts as a natural ventilation system of the building, but also excludes the heating of the walls, as is done in brick and stone houses in the hot season.
  • The texture of the wood is very attractive. Unlike other types of wood, the color and texture of pine and spruce stand out for their beauty. And besides, I would also like to remind you of the durability and reliability of this material: remember, because the oldest houses in the world that have survived to this day are wooden.

Roof of an elite cottage

The construction of the roof is an important stage in the construction of an elite cottage, as it sets the architectural appearance of the building. Based on the wishes of the owners, as well as the use of the attic space, roofs can take on a wide variety of shapes with a variety of load-bearing structures. They are flat, shed, hipped, mansard, hip and others..

After the elite cottage has been built and all the floors have been arranged, you can safely proceed to roofing work. You should not save on these works, because the roof is a complex structure consisting of many components that provide ventilation and protection of the building from condensation, moisture and heat loss.

In case of a poor-quality roof device, it may be necessary to repair not only the roof itself, but also the underlying floors – the ceiling, walls, floor. Therefore, expensive interior decoration and furniture can also suffer. The roof device needs to be thought out even at the design stage of an elite cottage. In it, you specify in advance the type, shape of the roof and the materials for use..

It is imperative to determine whether the roof will be used or will be unexploited, that is, whether you need attic spaces or not. The roof structure will depend on this..

The roof, like the facades of the building, serves as a certain decoration of the building. To make your elite cottage different from others in originality and appearance, it is worth choosing a roof shape that matches the overall appearance of the house.

Thus, when building an elite cottage, you cannot save on anything! It is necessary to thoroughly and seriously approach the choice of the site and carefully develop the project of the mansion and its interior decoration to the smallest details. This is the only way you can make your dream come true.!