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Gates for summer cottages: selection and installation

Installing a gate in the country allows you to provide reliable protection of the main building from the penetration of unauthorized persons. In addition, the gates fulfill an aesthetic function, they decorate the site. We will talk further about the types and features of installing gates for summer cottages..

Table of contents:

Gates for summer cottages – functional features and installation advantages

The presence of a gate in the country is distinguished by a large number of advantages, among which, first of all, it should be highlighted:

  • ensuring the safety of the summer cottage, both in the absence and during the presence of the owners on it;
  • creating an impression of the dacha itself;
  • improving the presentability of the appearance;
  • getting the opportunity to drive into the yard by car.

There are several types of gates for summer cottages, which differ both in material of execution and in design characteristics. In relation to these factors, the cost of the gate is also determined. In addition, it is much cheaper to build a gate yourself than to buy finished products. However, this option is relevant only if the person has experience in this matter. Otherwise, the result is not always satisfactory..

Varieties of gates and a fence for a summer residence, their characteristics

In relation to the material from which the gates are constructed in the country, they are:

  • steel;
  • wooden;
  • metal-profile;
  • forged;
  • profiled;
  • plastic, etc..

The use of steel gates allows you to ensure maximum safety of the suburban area. However, such gates are rather heavy and inconvenient for installation. In addition, they are susceptible to moisture and are prone to corrosion, therefore they need additional processing with special compounds..

Wooden gates are very rarely used as protective structures for summer cottages. They are most suitable if the building itself is also made of wood. Wooden gates have a short service life. They are quite susceptible to ultraviolet radiation, moisture and temperature changes, therefore, under their influence, they tend to dry out and crack..

The presence of forging ennobles the appearance of the doors, making them more aesthetically attractive and graceful. However, to make such gates with your own hands, you will need special experience with special equipment..

Decking is used for the construction of gates and fences quite often. This is primarily due to the low cost and ease of installation of this type of gate. The design is lightweight, various options and color solutions of finished products are possible, in addition, the corrugated board perfectly resists external environmental factors.

Plastic doors also differ in a variety of shapes and colors, they tolerate moisture and a sharp change in temperature quite well. However, such gates are quite lightweight, unstable against the wind and subject to mechanical stress..

Depending on the size of the country gates, they differ in relation to the type of vehicle that will be located on the site. In order for a passenger car to freely enter the courtyard, a gate with a width of up to 270 cm is sufficient.For a truck, this value increases to 360 cm.The height of the gate is determined individually and depends on the preferences of the owners of the cottage.

In relation to the appearance of the gate, they are completely closed or have certain areas through which the territory of the courtyard is visible.

Depending on the way the gate is opened, they are:

  • swing;
  • retractable;
  • sliding;
  • lifting.

The process of choosing one or another option depends on the owners’ own preferences and on their financial well-being. The most optimal and affordable option is swing gates. However, they, in turn, are quite inconvenient to use in winter, as they need additional cleaning of the snow before opening. In order to open the sliding or retractable option – you do not need to clean the snow.

Swing gates for summer cottages are distinguished by the absence of complex mechanisms of work, therefore, they have the most affordable cost. Because of this, this gate option is the most common. For their self-production, a minimum of time and effort is required. It is possible to equip this type of gate with a special mechanism that ensures their automatic opening.

To install such gates, a large amount of free space in the yard is required, since they have a rather high opening radius. Thus, with a limited amount of space in the courtyard, this gate option is inappropriate..

The main parts of swing gates are the supports on which they are installed, awnings and the mechanism of locking connections. Since the main load from the web rests on the supporting mechanisms, during installation, they must be well fixed in the ground. For this, a trench with a depth of more than 100 cm is dug, which is then concreted. Previously, a waterproofing material is installed inside the holes..

Sliding gates to the cottage do not need additional space inside the courtyard of the summer cottage. Since special mechanisms slide these gates along the fence. At the same time, there are two versions of these doors:

  • with automatic opening;
  • with manual opening.

The first option involves controlling the gate operation using a remote control. This method is quite convenient and does not require a person to get out of the car. Automatic systems are characterized by a long service life and the ability to withstand both low and high temperatures. In the process of installing the gate, they need a special cable connection to regulate their operation. If there is snow, it is not necessary to remove it to open the gate. The sash is held by roller mechanisms, both from above and below.

For the manufacture of these gates, various kinds of materials are used, but corrugated board remains the most popular, since it has a certain strength and lightness. Forged or wooden gates need additional reinforcement, as their weight is quite high. In order to build such a gate yourself, it is enough to make two canvases, but the mechanisms for adjusting their work are bought separately.

A cheaper option is to install sliding gates with a manual opening method. This method is less comfortable, but does not require a special expensive mechanism to open the gate..

Installation of overhead gates is relevant primarily in garages. Their principle of action is based on sliding, but not to the sides, as in the case of recoil, but to the top..

In order for not only cars, but also people to get to the summer cottage, a wicket is installed in addition to the gate. For its manufacture, most often the same materials are used as during the construction of the gate. Metal gates with a wicket for summer cottages are easy to use and are widespread in many summer cottages. Basic requirements for a wicket:

  • free and comfortable opening;
  • the presence of a special lock, ensuring its closure during the absence of the owners at the dacha.

The standard width of wickets is about 90-100 cm. The height is determined by the height of the gate, since the wicket is on the same level with them. For additional comfort of guests who come to visit in rainy weather, a small canopy is being installed at the gate..

Do-it-yourself gate to the country house: manufacturing technology

For self-manufacture of swing gates, a minimum of effort and time is required, compared to other types of gates for summer cottages. In the process of work, the wizard has the opportunity to adjust and independently determine the appearance of the product.

In order to make a gate with a wicket for a summer residence, you will need:

  • grinders for working with metal surfaces;
  • trowel, shovels;
  • welding machine;
  • equipment with which pits will be equipped for poles;
  • concrete solution;
  • steel corners;
  • door trim material.

These elements are basic, in the course of work, you will need to supplement them. Work should begin with drawing up a drawing of the future gate. This process is carried out independently or ready-made drawings of the gate are selected. In addition, you will need to determine the material for the manufacture of the gate, their size, configuration.

Gates for giving a photo:

In order to sheathe the finished metal frame, you will need profile sheets, which, on the one hand, are quite lightweight, and on the other hand, makes the gate more attractive than ordinary steel sheets..

There are many options for this material, which differ in color, shape of the embossed surface. It is possible to replace the profile sheets with polycarbonate. Doors made of this material are also highly attractive. Please note that whatever the material for the door trim, they must have a sail, that is, it is easy to open and close.

There is a possibility of equipping this gate with an automatic system. In this case, it is necessary to take into account, first of all, their size and degree of windage. The degree of load on the surface depends on the size of the gate on the site..

Linear drive designs are more affordable than lever-action systems. In addition, the power of linear systems is also higher, so we recommend giving preference to them..

In the process of opening the gate to the inside of the courtyard, linear systems have stops that control this process. Installation of a linear actuator is only possible if the distance between the mounting location of the fasteners and the central hinge is up to six centimeters. Otherwise, installation of lever systems will be required..

The main stage in installing the gate in the country is the arrangement of the pillars that are able to hold the canvases. To do this, you will need to dig a hole about 1 m deep. Thus, the supports will reliably hold the canvases. After the installation of the pillars, they are concreted. Please note that this should be done only after checking the structure for evenness..

To properly prepare the structure, you will need a profile pipe, the minimum size of which is 10×10 cm.In addition, it is possible to use beams made of wood or concrete pillars.

In order to make concreting of the pillar, the presence of river sand, cement and gravel is required. Please note that after work, you should wait at least a week before the concrete has set and dries. Only after the expiration of this time, the work continues. Otherwise, not hardened concrete will collapse, the pillars will lose their evenness and the gate will be deformed..

Possible option of facing pillars with bricks. It is relevant if the house or fence is also made of this material. To carry out the work, additional surface reinforcement should be carried out. In order for the brick to adhere well to the surface, you will need to install steel corners.

Profile pipes need additional preparation before use. First of all, if there is rust, you should get rid of it by stripping. For these purposes, you will need a grinder on which a steel brush is installed. Next, the surface is degreased with a solvent or gasoline and covered with a primer. Such actions will help prevent the rapid destruction of metal by moisture and improve the adhesion of the paint to the surface..

The next stage is painting the steel pillar, while the color of the paint is chosen based on the color of the gate or structures close to them. Please note that the paint must be designed for use on metal surfaces. After the support pillars are installed, the process of welding the main frame begins. The gate leaves of the required size are formed from the pipes. Please note that you need to take care of the quality of the joints and prevent water from entering the pipes. After the outer frame is made, it is additionally strengthened. For this, additional pipes are welded along the entire frame with an interval of 25-30 cm, ensuring the rigidity of the structure..

Further actions are related to the frame cladding with previously selected material. For these purposes, use rivets or self-tapping screws. During the installation of swing gates, it will also be necessary to weld special hinges, with the help of which they are fastened to the surface of the pillars. The presence of bearings will ensure the smooth operation of the mechanism over a long period of time. Automatic gates to the country house are equipped by installing a special drive, after the completion of the main installation work.