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Do-it-yourself water supply in the country

The lack of running water at the dacha causes many problems associated with the inability to take a shower, wash dishes or water the garden. Therefore, the water supply system must be in the suburban area. Self-installation of a water supply system will save money on calling a specialist and will serve as experience for further work in this industry. How to make a water supply in the country, we will consider further.

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Water supply scheme in the country: features of the work

The plumbing system is most often installed during the construction of the building. However, if the house has already been built, and there is no running water in it, then it is necessary to draw up a project for the location of all pipes supplying the dwelling with water..

At the design stage, calculations are also made on the amount of materials required for the arrangement of a water supply system, and a water metering and boiler unit is being equipped. For him, you need a room of a small area up to three square meters. After the installation of technical devices and the unit that introduces water into the dwelling, the level of convenience and control in the operation of the water supply system increases.

The local plumbing system includes the following equipment:

  • pipes (steel, plastic, metal-plastic, polypropylene) fittings and taps should also be selected for them;
  • water lifting mechanisms – submersible pumps or special stations;
  • equipment with which the pressure in the water supply system is regulated, as well as expansion tanks;
  • electrical equipment for control of water supply and protective elements for it;
  • filtration devices that purify water before supplying it to the house;
  • storage boiler supplying the building with hot water.

Most often, the water supply system is set up in the country according to the principle of a winter water supply system. This method of installation of pipes implies their additional insulation, in order to avoid water freezing in winter..

When laying a plastic water supply system in the country, you should initially find a source of water from which the entire system will function. Most often, a well or a well acts as such a source; it is also possible to conduct a water supply from a capturing spring chamber.

Each of these sources has certain advantages and disadvantages. Drilling a well requires huge material investments, but the water from it comes cleaner than from the well. At the same time, equipping the well, you will have to invest much less, however, the water quality will be lower.

Pumping equipment is used to supply water to the house. Among its main options, we note:

1. Submersible pumps – characterized by quiet operation, pumping water well at depth. These pumps have a check valve and a hydraulic accumulator. When choosing this equipment, pay special attention to the materials from which the impellers are constructed. If the level of contamination of the water is high enough, then use a stainless steel wheel..

2. If the level at which the water is below eight meters, then it is sufficient to install a surface pump. It is located indoors and from there pumps water, connecting to the well with a pipe..

3. Automated pumping stations – have a hydraulic part and an electric motor. In order to pump water in the system, generators that run on diesel or gasoline fuel are used. The pumped storage tank also serves as a reservoir in which water accumulates. The cost of pumping stations is quite high compared to conventional pumps, in addition, some of the models are quite noisy. Their installation in a small summer cottage is irrelevant..

When equipping the water supply system in the country, pay special attention to the pipes. Reliable and durable materials will make the operation of the plumbing system problem-free. The water supply system in the country from polypropylene pipes is distinguished by a high level of reliability, resistance to temperature drops, is easy to install and has excellent performance characteristics..

To connect the pipes together, you will need a soldering iron. Some of the pipes are pre-assembled and then installed in their intended place. Please note that a margin of approximately 80 mm must be left to weld the pipes. Some pipes are held in place with special holders.

A previously prepared water supply system project will help determine the installation location of the pipes. Pipes should not interfere with moving around the rooms, it is better if they are hidden on a suspended ceiling or plasterboard wall.

In order to adjust the pressure in the system, you will need to install an expansion tank. For a standard country house on one floor, a capacity of 70 liters of water is sufficient. Next, you should pay attention to the boiler unit. In this place, the boiler itself and the expansion tank are installed. Please note that expansion tanks are colored red, and water pipes are blue.

Further work on the water supply in the country is associated with the installation of a filtration system. In order not only to purify, but also to protect the water, it is recommended to install special filters when water leaves a well or well. The type and model of filters in most cases are determined individually and depend on the composition and degree of water pollution in a particular area..

For example, if the water contains a large amount of iron, then it is enough to install two filters to ensure its purification. The first is an ion-exchange type filter – it allows you to get rid of dissolved iron, and the second is a carbon filter that provides mechanical water purification.

To determine the composition of the water and its suitability for home use, you should take it to a laboratory for certain analyzes. If the results are unsatisfactory, you should add certain filters.

Features of the construction of a summer water supply system in the country

If the dacha is a resting place for its owners only in the summer season, then it is enough to carry out a summer water supply system, with the help of which it is possible to provide the site with water during the warm season. With the help of this system, you can not only water the beds and vegetable garden, but also bathe in a summer shower and wash dishes..

To equip a summer water supply system in the country, you will need a flexible hose and adapters. Hose connectors must be made of steel or plastic, as they lend themselves to the high pressure from the system. Galvanized steel adapter options are preferred.

Pipes are laid in the country in two ways:

  • the location of the water supply system directly on the ground – in this case, it is easily mounted and dismantled, however, it is under constant influence of mechanical factors and solar radiation;
  • installation of pipes inside the ground by a few centimeters, while the taps are outside, such a system is more convenient and does not interfere with walking.

Before the beginning of winter, the water from the pipes is completely drained, in order to avoid damage to the pipes in severe frosts. Among the advantages of a water supply system located in the ground, we note:

  • convenient arrangement of pipes;
  • carrying out work on laying pipes only once;
  • hiding pipes from thieves;
  • in order to completely drain the water from the system, just open the tap.

A permanent summer water supply has the following disadvantages:

  • an increase in material and physical costs, compared with an open water supply system;
  • the need to comply with the slope, otherwise, it will not be possible to remove water from the pipes;
  • in this case, it is difficult to carry out repairs.

Pipes in the open version of the pipeline are above the ground or lie on it. Among the advantages of this method of arranging the water supply system, we note:

  • quick installation and dismantling;
  • ease of repair, since all pipes are amenable to visual inspection;
  • reducing the cost of digging trenches and installing pipes on a slope.

At the same time, this water supply system has the following disadvantages:

  • pipes make it difficult to move freely around the site;
  • the need for constant dismantling and installation.

Initially, it should be determined with the type of water supply system that will be settled in the country. Next, you should create a water supply project in the country with your own hands from pipes. Please note that when laying pipes, a slope must be observed in relation to the main water supply point.

In places for water outlet to the outside, pipes laid in the ground go out. The lowest point of such a water supply system is equipped with a valve that provides water drainage, if necessary..

It is better to choose pipes for water supply in the country from plastic or polypropylene. They are easily connected to each other with flexible hoses. Also, it is possible to connect pipes using fittings or special soldering equipment. In addition, you will need tees, taps and carbon elements..

The depth of the base for laying pipes is from 25 to 40 cm to prevent mechanical damage. The layout of the water supply system must be fixed in the project so that, if necessary, for repairs, it is easy to remove the pipes.

If the system is collapsible, then it is enough to use the simplest rubber hoses. To connect them together, special jumpers or clips are used..

To provide a garden with summer watering, you will need:

  • polyethylene pipes;
  • compression couplings;
  • ball valve;
  • tee and corners;
  • fumniti.

One day is enough to assemble such a water supply system; the use of fittings significantly speeds up this process..

If water is supplied to the site from a steel pipe, then a special tee will be required to connect a conventional hose to it. It is installed on the pipe and tightened with a bolt. Next, install a ball valve, with the help of which the process of controlling the switching on and off of water will be carried out.

If you plan to install a hidden water supply, then it is necessary to dig trenches up to 20 cm deep on the lawn and 50 cm in the beds. Next, you should lay the pipes, connecting them with each other using fittings. Do not forget about observing the slope of the pipe installation. In relation to the beds, the places of their watering are determined. The optimal number of pipeline leads is from 5 to 10 pieces. An automatic water spray system is installed at the hose outlet.

Water supply in the country from a well: installation technology

If there is a well in the country, then it can be an excellent source for water supply. Among the advantages of building a well in the country, we note:

  • independence from electricity and other environmental factors, constant water supply;
  • water from a well has a lower iron content than running water, however, in any case, it is recommended to purify water using special filters;
  • in the process of using the well, it is recommended to equip it with a submersible pump, which ensures the delivery of water directly to the house;
  • the process of installing a water supply system from a well is much easier and cheaper than from a well.

Initially, a water supply scheme from a well is being constructed. It clearly indicates the location of each pipe and pumping system, the number of filters and water consumption points. You should also determine in advance the installation location of the boiler and expansion tank. Correct drafting of a water supply project will help you quickly calculate and purchase the materials necessary for work.

Since submersible pumps are distinguished by their silent operation, they are used for water supply in the country. The pump is installed in a well at a distance of 80 cm from its bottom. In order to ensure that all water from the system is drained into the well, it must be laid at a slope towards it.

In order to lay pipes, initially equip the trenches. Their depth depends on the climatic conditions of the region in which the work is carried out. If the water supply will be used in winter, then the minimum value of the trench depth will be 200 cm.

Installing a relay will ensure the required level of pressure that is present in the plumbing system. If there is no water in the well, then a relay that is responsible for dry running comes into action. Next, a hydraulic accumulator and tees are installed, which divide the water into drinking and technical. Another of the tees separates the water into cold and hot.

It is very difficult to build a water supply system from a well on your own. The arrangement of the well itself and the equipment that supplies water from it is distinguished by special material costs. Therefore, it is better to entrust this process to specialists..