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Do-it-yourself sewer cleaning in a private house. Instructions, review of tools and video instructions

Sewerage clogging occurs even with the most careful use. This is a big nuisance to cope with which sometimes is not very easy. Sewer system – a pipeline that runs from the taps and toilet bowl to the drain pit. There are many ways to prevent blockages, but it’s best to try to avoid such situations. Let’s look at what causes of blockage in pipes can be, how to clean pipes, what are the most effective ways.

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Causes of blockage in pipes

The cause of any blockage is the accumulation of foreign substances in a specific place. They block the passage of water. The most common sources of such cases are:

  • paper – toilet paper does not very often cause a blockage, it is quite soft and dissolves in water, we are talking about newsprint, it collects in a lump in places where pipes turn or before the toilet is released;
  • rags – these objects end up in the sewer system when emptying buckets or cans after cleaning the room or when directly draining the machine into the toilet – compressed fibers can tightly clog the drain;
  • wool and hair are a common cause of clogged pipes under showers and bathtubs;
  • sand and earth particles – they end up in the system after washing shoes or paws of animals, these substances are collected in a siphon;
  • fat – not only after washing the dishes, the fat ends up in the pipes, clogging the sewer, I mean the soap containing some amount of fat, fat deposits are most often formed in the knees, in these places the drained water costs some time and the fat is deposited on the walls of the sewer pipes.

There are many more reasons for clogging the sewer system, but this is when we talk about multi-apartment high-rises, whose residents often dispose of food waste, cat litter and similar things into the sewer. In private houses, the attitude towards plums is more reverent. Therefore, these reasons are the most common in a private house..

How to clear a blockage in pipes at home, the necessary tools and devices

It is not difficult to find out the cause of the blockage, especially if it occurred against the background of the relatively stable operation of the sewage system. It is enough to find out from each family member whether any actions have been taken in relation to the toilet? Is there a lot of toilet paper, or a sponge, or any other object in it. As a rule, the answer will clarify everything..

If the water passes with effort for a long time, for a long time, and the rest of the plumbing fixtures are working properly, then the blockage has occurred specifically at the place of the siphon, knees or release of this plumbing item. Gradually settling substances, grease, food residues after washing dishes, slowly but steadily deteriorate the quality of water waste, clogging the drain.

If the blockage happened unexpectedly without objective reasons, you can find out the location of localization by plumbing fixtures. See which item reduced the quality of the bandwidth and look for the reason in this place.

Ways to eliminate blockages

At the moment, there are many effective and efficient ways to remove the blockage. From old-fashioned methods with the use of soda, to the use of the latest innovations in household chemicals for cleaning pipes.

Even though the sewer system will be equipped with special filters, it is not always possible to avoid clogging. Perhaps, at least once in his life, but everyone faced a similar problem. Don’t despair. There are three main ways to eliminate blockage and knowledge of theory will help to apply the methods in practice, remove blockage even before serious compaction of substances in the pipe.

These are the options:

  • chemical method using special household chemicals;
  • mechanical method using fixtures and tools;
  • hydrodynamic method using high water pressure.

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular options.

Chemical methods of clearing the blockage

The use of modern chemicals allows you to quickly and efficiently deal with a large number of blockages. In stores, you can see a huge assortment of goods, such that you can not understand without outside help. The funds are sold in various forms:

  • liquid;
  • gelatinous;
  • granular;
  • powdery.

The similarity between all these forms is in the main component – caustic soda is the basis of each agent. Thanks to the substance, you can easily dissolve grease, adhesion of small debris, organic deposits.

This method of clearing the blockage is considered to be very fast. Chemical ingredients spreading through the sewer system envelop the inner surface of the pipes and break down organic deposits. So when trying to clear a blockage in pipes, you should give preference to liquid products. Solid and powdery act on deposits or blockages in fragments and only partially remove accumulations. Chasing a brand when buying such a product is pointless, caustic soda equally effectively fights clogging in a product from any manufacturer.

When buying a product, pay attention not to the price, but to the consistency.

But it should be understood that not all pipes can withstand the aggressive effects of chemicals. Depending on the material from which the pipes are made, you should also buy a product. Caustic soda should be used wisely so as not to harm the integrity of the pipes and human health..

There are strict rules when using household chemicals:

  • to avoid a serious chemical burn, you can only work with drugs with gloves;
  • it is highly advisable to use a respirator to protect the respiratory system from toxic fumes.

Chemicals can be used to remove blockages and prevent their occurrence. For example, using drugs every ten days, you can completely protect the sewer system from blockages. Fats simply will not be able to keep up with being deposited and accumulating, retaining other garbage and piling up..

Mechanical ways to remove blockage

Mechanical clogging methods are carried out with the help of some devices or objects. Let’s consider the most popular options:

  • if you know exactly what caused the “sharp” blockage, you can reach the object with your hands, protecting them with rubber gloves, if there are no gloves, wear plastic bags;
  • in case of failure to get the object with your hands, you can use a rigid wire with a bent end in the form of a hook;
  • with the help of a plunger, water hammer can push the blockage out of the narrowest area;
  • a plastic bottle can replace the plunger if not available.

If the mechanical methods were not effective, the chemical method is used..

How to effectively deal with blockage in pipes in the bathroom at home

Lots of hair, soap residue, dirt, pet hair and similar items can cause a blockage in the bathroom. In this case, clogging occurs gradually: at first, the water leaves more slowly, then it is bad, and as a result it may not pass at all. This can get you into big trouble. But before calling a specialist, you should try to remove the blockage in the pipes yourself..

As a rule, at home, a plunger is an effective remedy for removing a clogged fragment of the system. This device is effective only when cleaning the bath. The algorithm for resolving the problem is as follows:

  • so that during the operation of the plunger the water pressure does not decrease, the overflow hole is plugged and water is collected;
  • it is necessary to position the plunger over the drain hole and press rhythmically to create high pressure, the plunger is removed abruptly, this makes the stray lump – the cause of the blockage – move from its place and cease to be a monolithic mass;
  • if there are no changes, it is recommended to pour boiling water into the drain pipe and after a short time repeat the actions with the plunger again.

As a rule, such manipulations will help to influence the blockage and eliminate it without contacting a plumber. Using boiling water ensures that the blockage is broken through.

There are other options for removing blockages in the bathroom. You need to know them in order to timely and effectively influence an unpleasant situation..

The use of a plumbing cable is no less effective: it is a thick, rigid wire with a spiral. The tool is applied as follows:

  • a bucket or any other reservoir should be placed directly under the siphon;
  • carefully dismantle the siphon and inspect it, if it is clogged with debris, clean if necessary;
  • install the siphon in place;
  • if nothing has changed, and the water also leaves slowly or does not pass at all, then the pipes need to be cleaned;
  • the siphon is removed again and the plumbing cable is immersed in the pipe;
  • as soon as the cable rests against something that has resisted, turn the tool to the right and jerk, pull out the device and clean the debris from the end of the cable;
  • no need to act with force, otherwise the device may break in the system or spoil the integrity of the pipes.

Plastic pipes should be cleaned very carefully, as there is a threat of damage..

How to clear a blockage in pipes in the kitchen at home

You can clean the clogged pipe in the kitchen in any of the following ways. And you can use folk methods that give an effect. Here is some of them:

  • Using soda and vinegar is a simple, economical and effective option: take soda and vinegar in equal amounts, pour soda into the drain hole, pour vinegar on top, close the hole for a couple of hours, after this time, hot water must be poured into the drain hole. This is an inexpensive way to clear the blockage and not damage the pipe structure. This method can also be used to prevent blockages in the future..
  • Heat baking soda in a dry frying pan for about twenty minutes, cool and dissolve in water, pour into a pipe. In terms of effectiveness, this method is comparable to a chemical agent for cleaning pipes, but having the same effect, it is gentle..
  • Using lemon is a safe and reliable way to remove blockages. It is necessary to squeeze the juice of one lemon or pour a bag of lemon juice into the drain hole.
  • The concentrated saline solution also helps to remove foreign matter from the pipes, in this method it is preferable to use a plunger..

How to clear a blockage in pipes at home and not spoil them

When trying to remove a blockage, remember that inappropriate use of chemicals can cause damage to plumbing equipment. The use of funds without taking into account the characteristics of pipes, their material, can damage the structures. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a household chemical substance to eliminate the blockage, taking into account the material from which the system is made and the type of blockage. Metal or cast iron pipes are more likely to clog, corrode and easily accumulate deposits on the walls. Plastic pipes tend to clog less often and are easier to remove. A plunger or chemicals effectively clean these pipes. Mechanical or chemical methods are more suitable for metal pipes.

Cleaning of plastic pipes

Due to its smooth inner surface, plastic pipes are less likely to clog than cast iron pipes. But if a blockage occurs, then most likely it is either a bend or a turn in the system. You can clean these types of pipes using chemicals designed for plastic. In general, pipe cleaners have already been listed, summing up, we can say that the blockage is eliminated like this:

  • special chemicals, often with a poor result of one, use another remedy, and it gives a result;
  • folk ways;
  • plunger;
  • mechanical means – extremely neat.

Blockage prevention

To avoid blockages, prevention should be systematically carried out. A set of preventive actions will allow you to avoid troubles associated with clogged pipes and elimination of the defect. It is recommended to install special catchers – filters and fine mesh. All turns, elbows and joints should be equipped with inspection hatches and holes to monitor the condition of the pipes.

For prophylaxis, the system is periodically washed with boiling water, soda and vinegar solutions. Care should be taken to prevent large particles of debris from entering the sewage system with water. The implementation of such simple measures will allow you to keep the sewer system in order..

If you still have questions on how to eliminate the blockage yourself, watch the video on how to clean the sewer at home and feel free to start troubleshooting. It is quite affordable to do this work with your own hands..