Construction of houses

Do-it-yourself courtyard of a private house

Owning an estate requires much more effort from the owners than an apartment in the city. And a large part of this trouble is directed at surrounding the house. Despite the fact that dacha preferences are already beginning to be forgotten, when the main territory around the residential building was allocated for planting edible plants – a garden and a vegetable garden, and the owners also do not really want to turn a country house into a village courtyard with beds and sheds for breeding domestic animals , you can’t leave the yard empty anyway. Right now, a solid mansion (or at least a cute mansion) surrounded by a picturesque area is in vogue, where it is so pleasant to relax. And watching the well-groomed suburban areas on movie screens or pages of magazines, many owners wonder whether it is possible to equip the courtyard of a private house with their own hands.

The yard of a private house in general

Each of us has our own tastes and preferences. And they are most often expressed not by loud statements, but by the environment. And every little thing that really pleases our hearts definitely gives an idea of ​​us. Therefore, before you undertake the improvement of the courtyard of a private house, try to see in your mind’s eye the general picture of the planned events and think about whether it will coincide with your personal idea of ​​convenience and beauty. After all, you yourself understand – if in a year some creative ideas, so enthusiastically perceived today, will make you curse the presence of a backyard, then instead of rest you will get an exclusively headache. By the way, often such ideas for improving the courtyard of a private house are photographed and posted on the Internet, and, seeing such beauty, it is difficult to resist the temptation to try it on your site.

However, let’s get down to more specific things. So what exactly do we want to have in the yard of our house? There are a lot of options, but some values ​​are almost always present. These details include:

  • terrace or patio
  • garage, by the way, nearby you can make a parking for guests
  • bathhouse – it is better to build it separately from a residential building
  • outdoor shower (although it is more in a rustic style, but if properly decorated, it can even decorate a modern villa)
  • summer kitchen, which recently more and more looks like a barbecue and is a platform with a hearth or barbecue
  • household buildings, in a simple way – sheds, for storing various implements that have no place in the house
  • dog enclosure
  • playground
  • a web of paths connecting all buildings into a single ensemble
  • various green spaces: trees, shrubs, flower beds, lawn and other floristic thickets
  • decorative elements: garden sculptures, lanterns, alpine slides, rock gardens and other decorations of the area

It seems that the list is small, but if you start to implement it, and even with your own additions such as gazebos, fountains, ponds or other landscape design tricks, then there may not be enough space for everything. Therefore, first you should play with the plan of the courtyard of a private house, try to arrange everything on paper (remembering the ravines, of course). And only after your project of the courtyard of a private house becomes the most optimal, you can start marking the courtyard itself and building your chosen homestead structures. And greening will have to be dealt with in the last turn, when all objects are in their places with communications installed..

Here’s how you can equip the courtyard of a private house – photo selection:

Layout of the courtyard of a private house – some little things

It would seem that everything has already been said about the layout – to imagine, draw on the plan and do it. But this is just a sketch. In the same way, one can say about the birth of a child – to conceive, bear and give birth, nothing complicated … And yet even an unborn baby requires vigilant care and constant trouble, and after all, we do not have to independently develop a project for a new person, such responsibilities are taken on yourself mother nature. And with the improvement of your own yard, you will have to work a little as a demiurge – in a separate suburban economy.

Of course, the best will be the general planning of the entire complex, from the apartment building to the thickets behind the fence. But even if the mansion itself is already proudly flaunting facade decoration, all is not lost. Considering that in the end we want to get something whole, then the entire interior of the courtyard of a private house should be designed in the same style, this applies to both buildings and decorative elements.

First of all, let’s evaluate our personal plot – its size and landscape. If the territory is not too large, do not overload it with a large number of outbuildings. Choose only the essentials or just combine several elements with each other. A covered parking can easily replace a full-fledged garage, combining a patio with a small barbecue will also save space, and it is recommended to attach an additional room to the bathhouse where household supplies and firewood will be stored. For a vast courtyard, there are no restrictions, except for aesthetic.

And now a little about the arrangement of the courtyard of a private house – a photo of various options:

Registration of the courtyard of a private house – building codes

However, in any case, it is necessary to comply with construction standards, for example, the distance from buildings to the road and other outbuildings. Residential buildings are being built at least 3 meters from normal roads and 6 meters from the motorway. We hope that your suburban area is located in a fairly remote place, because the proximity of highways negatively affects the ability to enjoy clean air and sounds of nature. Housing and outbuildings (sheds and a garage) should be at least 7 meters apart from each other, remove your dog’s enclosure from the house at least 4 meters, but wells, separate toilets and compost pits (what if you still decide build them) must be built no closer than 15 meters from the house. The fence should be a meter and a half away from any buildings, or even more, so that it is possible to carry out various types of repair work as needed, and sufficiently tall plants (bushes and trees) – depending on their height – at a distance of from a meter to three.

Having fully planned the arrangement of the courtyard of a private house with all ancillary buildings, we proceed to marking the paths. They should not be narrower than 75 cm – this is again a requirement of building codes. If the size of the area allows, make a circular path along the entire area – you will get a great cycle track for your children. In general, it is better to make these sidewalks with smooth rounded bends and turns, because such a design of the courtyard of a private house will visually increase the area and even smooth out sharp corners in family life. Although in different styles and paths-paths differ in their appearance and material, but more on that later..

Here’s a look at what the interior of the courtyard of a private house looks like – the photo wonderfully demonstrates all the details:

Landscaping of the courtyard of a private house

We have coped with the dirtiest and most financially intensive stage – the construction has been completed, all the buildings we need for a comfortable life are already in their places, to which paths have been laid. Now is the time to start tidying up the territory itself, that is, to become a landscape designer.

It is most convenient, of course, to work with a flat surface – here the flight of imagination is simply unstoppable, because you can depict anything on a blank sheet. If you want, plant a park, make flower beds, sow lawns with a lawn, install fountains or gazebos overgrown with loach – for every taste and color. But if the terrain resembles Russian roads, where a ravine is on a gully and seven bends a mile away, then you still need to be able to turn all the shortcomings into an individual and original face of your territory. But – you can discard any doubts – no one can repeat such a design.

But in any case, decorating the courtyard with the help of landscape design requires special knowledge. And they consist not only in the ability to beautifully use all the features of the site. Much more often, botanical knowledge is needed – which plants are best planted in your area. To please the eye and not require much care (you hardly want to hire a gardener or constantly care for green spaces yourself), and feel great in your climatic conditions.

So, to start working on a landscape independently, it is necessary to clearly define all the environmental factors affecting plants:

  • the amount of light that your green pets receive (this is both general data on the approximate insolation of a given area, and the specific data of your site – some flowers are planted under trees, in the shade, on the north side, and some need almost constantly illuminated by the sun clearing)
  • ambient temperature (here you need data on the average temperature of the summer and winter periods)
  • humidity – both of the earth and of the air (that is, not only the average amount of precipitation, but also the proximity of groundwater)
  • relief of the territory
  • chemical composition of soil (chernozem, loam, etc.), water (acidity or alkalinity) and air

Knowing all the conditions, you can already easily find those plant species that will grow normally on your site without much additional investment. And from the complete list, you can select those that you like or fit into the overall design of the courtyard of a private house. Photos of plants in encyclopedias or just on the Internet will help you make the right choice, but you still need to take into account that in such cases, the pictures show not only the most successful specimens, but also professional photographers try to choose the most favorable angle. So you will get an idea, but you shouldn’t count on the same ideal result in your own backyard..

How to decorate the courtyard of a private house – different styles

You have already decided on all the little things, but something in the depths of your soul gnaws at uncertainty – whether everything was done correctly. Sometimes it happens. Some people are only satisfied with the ideal, which asks for on the pages of the magazine about the life of successful people. Well, the ideal is what each of us should strive for. Therefore, now we will slightly analyze the already recognized styles of decorating the courtyard of a private house, in the photo of which many look.

So, the main division of styles goes to classic (regular) or landscape (natural). Moreover, the regular style implies strict lines and clear geometric shapes of both paths and landings. It is believed that this style softens the storm of feelings among the townspeople who have returned to nature because of the more familiar outlines for the city. But I warn you right away that a regular style requires constant and tireless work to maintain shape, otherwise in a year or two only horns and legs will remain from your classic style – everything will overgrow at random. In the natural style, everything is much simpler. Here it is not necessary so much to rest against the fact that "drive" plants in a frame. On the contrary, the result of all efforts should be the visible naturalness of the landscape..

However, as you yourself understand, everyone has their own concept of naturalness. Someone thinks that in a suburban area there should be garden trees, someone likes more park crops, and someone prefers flower beds and shrubs. Therefore, the landscape style is divided into several (or even many) different categories, mainly differing according to the peoples from which these styles came. If you go over the information about the styles of decorating the courtyard of a private house, you will see mainly the following names:

  • French style (one of the varieties of the regular)
  • English (or landscape) style, austere but natural
  • Slavic style – slightly disorderly, but nothing better has been invented to surround a wooden house
  • Japanese style (elegance and the ability to relax even on a tiny patch of stone garden)
  • style of European country – somewhere echoes with Slavic, but more orderly
  • Art Nouveau style – the last word in landscape design and modern architecture, allows you to combine the interior space of the house with the surrounding nature at the level of sensations

Of course, this is not a complete list – there are many peoples and styles too. You can add Chinese, Mediterranean, and Alpine, but let’s not scatter. Why would a person living far from the sea need a Mediterranean style? Therefore, only those styles were listed that may be useful in our conditions. The choice is yours.

And I want to warn you right away – decide for yourself in advance, please, whether you want to live in peace in your private estate and enjoy the delights of the surrounding landscape or you need to become the envy of your neighbors. Because in the latter case, a quiet rest does not threaten you in any way – after all, you will need to constantly return to your yard that very ideal view, which should overshadow everything around. But even in this case, you will be quite able to do everything yourself. Good luck!