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DIY wooden porch

The porch is an integral part of any private house, summer house or cottage. Making a porch made of wood has a lot of advantages, among which are the availability of materials and ease of installation. We will talk about how to make a wooden porch and its varieties further.

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Wooden porch: features and types

Arriving at the house, the first thing guests pay attention to is the design of the porch, so special attention should be paid to the arrangement of this element. The porch near the wooden house is especially beautiful and spectacular. It is not only characterized by practicality, but also emphasizes the environmental friendliness of the materials from which the whole house is built..

An external extension is called a wooden porch, which is located near the building, most often at the front door. The lack of a front porch gives the house an unfinished appearance. Therefore, if the porch was not planned to be erected during the construction of the building, many people think about arranging it many years after the construction of the house..

The porch is not only an aesthetic component of the structure, but also performs practical functions, namely, it prevents snow from getting to the door in winter, is an additional heat insulator.

In relation to the design features, the following types of porch are distinguished:

  • simple – they look like an open area, on which there are a small number of steps, while any enclosing structures on such a porch are absent;
  • partially closed areas – structures that have a small side fence, its main function is to decorate and protect the main building;
  • attached – a porch, which is located near the building and in appearance resembles a small extension;
  • built-in – a variant of the porch equipment, which involves its arrangement in one of the premises of the building, for example, in a veranda, such a porch reliably protects the house from all kinds of sounds and at the same time acts as a heat insulator.

Closed or built-in porch options suggest their use as winter gardens, a place for receiving guests or a place for leisure activities.

In addition, they distinguish such a type of porch as a patio. This design has an increased area and allows parties to be held in it. The patio is an intermediate porch / terrace combination. The main advantages of such a porch are simplicity and versatility..

DIY options for building a wooden porch

It is the porch that allows you to take care of the design of the front of the building. With the help of a properly selected design of the porch of the house, there is an opportunity to emphasize the integrity, architectural style and attractiveness of the building..

A wooden porch will be a great addition to a house made of rounded logs, glued beams, carriages, etc. A house made by the method of hand-cutting has not only a spectacular appearance, but also has a special energy. The use of solid logs is highly durable and durable.

If the building is made of timber, then a semi-open type porch made of logs will be an ideal option for a porch. Making it requires special skill and creativity. For the construction of such a porch, you should hire experienced professionals who have the skills of knitting logs..

If it is planned to build a porch for a small country house, then it is preferable to choose an option with a simplified design. This will require roughly finished wood..

Frame houses involve the simultaneous construction of a house with a porch. In this version, it has the form of an extension or a veranda. First, the frame is mounted, and then it is sheathed..

Wooden porch photo:

Features of designing a wooden porch

There are a large number of options for ready-made wooden porch projects. In addition, it is possible to order an individual development of this element by design specialists. If the financial situation does not allow this, then you should do the design yourself.

The structural features of the structure are influenced by the architectural design of the house, the height of its foundation, landscape features and general design. The porch is equipped in the form of one or two platforms, open, semi-open or closed types.

The main component of the porch is an open horizontal area, the entrance to which is provided by inclined flights in the form of a staircase from a small number of steps.

The most convenient width of the march is the size from 1.2 to 1.5 m. Its main components are bowstrings – bars set at an angle, as well as steps and railings. There is a direct proportional relationship between the step width, which is 0.6 m and the bowstring width..

The main component of each step is a tread – a horizontal board, ranging in size from 27 to 33 cm, and a riser – a vertical board, the height of which ranges from 15-18 cm. The most optimal staircase width is a value of one and a half entrance doors. Convenient handrail height – 90 cm.

Stairs with a wide tread and low risers are distinguished by the convenience and comfort of climbing. To connect all parts of a wooden staircase, screws, nails and staples are used, and for additional fixation of the handrails, glue with a moisture-resistant base is used.

The staircase installed on the porch must have two supports: internal and external. The use of a wooden console will provide internal support for the staircase, it is fixed to the crown of the frame. In order to install external supports, the foundation of the structure expands, a monolith is poured or pillars made of wood are driven in.

In the process of constructing a horizontal platform, it is required to ensure its slight slope towards the street, so that water can flow down it without hindrance. In the process of forming the flooring on the site, try to leave small joints between the boards, which will help the water flow during rains..

In the presence of a small staircase leading to the porch (less than two steps), the construction of the fence is optional and is performed exclusively as a decorative element. The steps as a whole should be in harmony with the structure of the house and with the porch..

To protect the porch from the weather, it is recommended to equip a canopy over it. It is recommended to use the same materials for its decoration as the roof of the entire building.

The site can be part of the house, be installed on one of its sides, or have a built-in form.

In order to avoid inconvenience in the process of opening the front door, the minimum size of the porch area is 1.2 by 1.8 m.

In the process of making the porch of a wooden house with your own hands, an important factor is its shape. In this matter, there are no restrictions, the option of arranging a porch, of any shape, is possible. The main thing is that it is in perfect harmony with the overall building and copes with its functions..

In relation to the shape of the porch, the following variations are distinguished:

  • corner;
  • semicircular;
  • parallel;
  • rectangular;
  • oval;
  • trapezoidal;
  • straight;
  • lateral.

Do-it-yourself wooden porch: arrangement technology

The procedure for constructing a porch consists of the following stages:

  • calculations and planning;
  • design and purchase of materials;
  • frame construction;
  • arrangement of the site.

The first stage of work involves the design of the porch. Before erecting it, you should accurately determine the size of its main part in order to equip the foundation for it.

In addition, you should calculate the size of the ladder and all its components..

In order to make the porch of a wooden house with your own hands, you should purchase materials in the form:

  • beams, beams and rafters measuring 10×20 cm;
  • boards, for flooring on the site, for arranging a canopy, steps and railings – 5x15x20 cm;
  • cement and sand;
  • tools in the form of a saw, hammer, nails, wood screws, building level, shovel, mortar tank.

The best options for wood that are used in the process of building a veranda are spruce or larch. They are distinguished by high moisture resistance and resistance to external irritants..

The initial stage of construction is the arrangement of the foundation, which is the basis of any structure..

For the construction of a site made of wood, it is enough to build a foundation from piles. Its cost is much lower than that of the tape, and the design is quite reliable and practical. In addition, it does not take much time and effort to arrange such a foundation..

Please note that the duration of the operation of a wooden porch directly depends on the correct processing of the wood used in the process of its construction. The main requirements for the material are:

  • the correctness of its drying;
  • pretreatment with antiseptics;
  • treatment with moisture-repellent solutions;
  • insect protection.

To build a foundation, you will need to equip pits for piles around the entire perimeter of the structure. Their minimum depth is 0.8 m.Further, piles are installed, which are covered with earth and compacted.

To improve the strength of the base, it is recommended to fill it with concrete. After the concrete has set, proceed with the subsequent work.

Please note that a prerequisite for arranging the foundation on piles is its waterproofing, since neglecting this process will lead to the accumulation of moisture in the tree and to its destruction.

Next, the supports are aligned in relation to their height and the cuts are prepared. In the logs, you should gouge the nests that will help fix the foundation strapping.

To increase the strength of the structure, it is attached to the base of the wall. Then the bowstring begins to form. There are several varieties of it:

  • bowstring with carved ledges;
  • the presence of inserted degrees;
  • with embedded steps.

To form identical and symmetrical grooves, it is necessary to make a mold. On the one hand, it corresponds to the size of the treads, and on the other, to the risers. Next, the marking is carried out on the boards..

To increase the reliability of the structure, you need to take care of connecting the bowstrings with the lags. For this, it is necessary to provide a tenon and groove connection..

For the manufacture of this structure, it is preferable to choose metal, and for strengthening – use metal staples.

The easiest way to mount the site is to mount the boards on a pre-built base from the logs. Risers and steps are fixed to the surface using self-tapping screws or tongue-and-groove connection.

How to make a wooden porch: design options

In the process of decorating the porch, you should use materials of only natural origin, such as stone, wood. The most common style for a porch is the use of country or rustic style. The exterior of such a porch contains a combination of different species, textures and shades of wood..

In order to set off the naturalness of wood, it is recommended to use natural stone in the design of the porch..

In order to dilute the boring atmosphere, use bright textural elements in the form of chairs, armchairs, pillows to decorate the porch.

In addition, the presence of flowers in pots or in tubs allows you to make the atmosphere festive and welcoming for meeting guests..

Lamps in the form of lanterns or candles will be an excellent addition to the porch in the form of a terrace. In addition, on such a site, it would be appropriate to install a barbecue, with the help of which you can please guests with delicious dishes cooked on a fire..

The main principle of decorating a wooden porch is to observe its asymmetry. If a lamp hangs on one side of the front door, then you need to install the same lamp on the other side, thus improving the visual perception of the porch.

Installing wicker furniture on the porch will make the atmosphere more homely and comfortable for relaxation. In addition, such furniture is quite resistant to moisture and temperature changes, if there is a special protective layer on it..

If desired, sculptures made of stone and wood will be appropriate on the porch. And the installation of forged lanterns will complement the style of country style. Try to adhere to smooth lines in the design of the wooden porch, since it is with the help that you will be able to bring the exterior as close as possible to the naturalistic style of decoration.

Wooden porch photo:

The classic design of a wooden porch involves the use of a gable canopy, wooden railings and a small entrance area. Small flowerpots with flowers are installed at the entrance, and the general style is not overloaded with details.

Making a carved porch is a difficult option that requires a lot of effort to build it. Such a porch is massive and has a large area. Only wood is used for its decoration, which is decorated with carvings in the form of drawings and patterns. Such a porch can be given a special sophistication with the help of fresh flowers and carved railings..