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DIY fence made of corrugated board

The first task that arises from the owner after purchasing a plot for construction is the construction of a reliable fence. Today, the fence is not only a simple attribute of the site, which should protect from prying eyes, but also be aesthetic and harmoniously emphasize the landscape of the territory. In the construction of a fence, you can use a large number of different materials, but in this article, we will pay attention to a fence made of corrugated board. This material has gained very high popularity, as it has a huge number of positive qualities and characteristics. To build a fence made of corrugated board with your own hands, you just need to follow some rules and have the necessary material for installation.

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Metal fence made of corrugated board

The most common and affordable way of fencing the territory is a metal fence made of corrugated board. This type of fence will become a reliable fortress of any site and will be in harmony with any design due to a wide range of colors, various shapes and sizes. Installation of a fence made of corrugated board using metal pillars is the simplest and most reliable, capable of meeting all customer requirements.

Advantages of corrugated fences:

  • ease of installation;
  • strength;
  • reliable degree of protection;
  • durability;
  • It does not require special care;
  • high level of noise insulation;
  • modern, stylish look;
  • relatively inexpensive cost.

Fence materials from corrugated board

In order to build a high-quality fence made of corrugated board, you will need some building materials, without which it is impossible to create a fence on your own. You need the following:

Do-it-yourself construction of a fence made of corrugated board

Territory perimeter marking

Before starting construction work, it is required to measure the entire territory and obtain the necessary data around the perimeter of the site. Then you should calculate how many posts you need for the future fence. Only after that the territory is marked. The most convenient way to mark the site where the fence from corrugated board will be installed is to drive a peg in place of the corners of the fence. Then you need to pull the thread between them and take measurements using a construction tape. Only after this is a draft of the future fence made of corrugated board.

Installation of support pillars

Round or square metal posts can be used as supports. Their height depends on the height of the fence itself. The supports should be placed strictly in a straight line, and the distance between them, in general, should be about 2-3 meters.

To install pipes, you will need to dig holes 1-1.5 m deep, and the higher the fence is supposed to be, the deeper you need to dig the foundation holes.

Then you can proceed to the installation of support pipes. They must be mounted strictly vertically, with the following pouring of concrete solution. In order to check if the pipe is installed correctly, you can use the level. If the supports are installed evenly, then concreting should be started.

To prepare a strong, reliable solution, you need to use:

  • three buckets of rubble;
  • two buckets of sand;
  • one bucket of cement.

Pipes, lowered into one and a half meter holes, are filled with concrete per meter, and the remaining 0.5 meters must be tightly wrapped with roofing material and covered with sand. In this state, the foundation should stand for 3 days..

Mount lag

After installing the support pillars, you can proceed with the installation of the lag. They can be located parallel to each other, and their number depends on the height of the fence.

Then you can start installing the log, For example, if the fence is about 1.8 m high, then the use of 2 metal logs will be quite enough. It is best to use welding to attach the lags to metal posts, as this is much more durable and reliable. If the builder does not have the necessary skills to work with a welding machine, then it is better to find a specialist. The durability and reliability of the fence largely depends on the quality of the welding of the frame.

Fastening sheets of corrugated board

The final stages in the construction of the fence is the installation of corrugated board.

Sheets are attached to the rails using self-tapping screws for metal and a screwdriver, as well as rivets or galvanized bolts painted in the color of the coating.

Docking of corrugated sheets is carried out with an overlap of 1 wave. During installation, do not forget about safety precautions, since the edges of the material are very sharp and it is easy to cut them.

Metal elements of the fence must be primed and painted with two layers of enamel to protect against corrosion.

The cost of a fence made of corrugated board is very diverse. It depends first of all on the material used, the height of the fence, the type of concreting and the metal frame.

At this stage, the construction of a fence made of corrugated board with your own hands is completed..

Caring for a fence made of corrugated board

In order to care for a fence made of corrugated board, you do not need to make a lot of effort – you only need to periodically clean it from pollution. Any soap solution can be used for cleaning. The main thing is that the cleaning agent does not contain solvents, as they can damage the coating of the profiled sheet..

A corrugated fence is an ideal option for country houses or summer cottages. It will protect the site from noise, dust, wind and protect it from prying eyes. Due to the fact that the corrugated board has the property of color fastness, the fence will not lose its brightness during the entire long service life. Considering all these, as well as all the properties listed above, it can be argued that today you cannot find a better fence for a summer cottage..