DIY balcony repair

A cozy and inviting balcony is a great addition to any home; in small apartments, it often serves as another small room. If you do not want to turn it into a workshop or warehouse, but plan to give the appearance of the room a certain gloss, turning it into a winter garden or a place to relax, you should pay special attention to repairing the balcony with your own hands. The balcony is an outdoor area, so carry out high-quality and thorough finishing and insulation.

Table of contents:

The concept of a balcony and a loggia

People often confuse the concepts of “loggia” and “balcony”, therefore, before carrying out repair work, it is worth determining what these structures are. A balcony is called a protruding platform of small size, which is attached using special beams that protrude from the wall.

The loggia is a built-in structure that has a large area and side walls. In addition, if your plans are to obtain additional space in the apartment, then for this purpose it is worth using a loggia rather than a balcony..

Balcony functions in the apartment

For residents of large cities in our time, the balcony plays an important role. It allows you to increase the usable area of ​​a city apartment. Long gone are the days when on the loggia only unnecessary things were stored and clothes were dried. In our modern time, this small room can be decorated in such a way that, in terms of its style solution, it will not yield to rooms in housing..

A loggia is especially valuable for ordinary people living in small apartments, and they usually set a goal for themselves – to glaze the room, repair the balcony with their own hands in the apartment and make good thermal insulation. Depending on which room the loggia is located near, the additional space can be used in different ways..

When a bedroom serves as a neighbor of the balcony, then after combining the owners get a wonderful boudoir or a cozy place to spend time with their soulmate. You can arrange an alcove for a sleeping place on the former loggia, if you add the space with comfortable shelves for small things and personal items.

And if you take a little space from the adjacent room, you can arrange a dressing room next to the bedroom, dividing the two rooms with sliding doors. Look at the photo of the balcony renovation and arrange an office on the new territory, fencing off curtains or sliding panels from the main room. If you wish, you can equip a dressing room.

If the balcony is located next to the kitchen, then it is advisable to create a kind of relaxation area or dining group with a bar, where you will admire the sunsets and relax with friends by the beautifully tidy window.

A music room or winter garden is just the beginning of a list of things you can recreate in the small space that is freed up. Such connections have no drawbacks, except that there are some inconveniences – this mainly concerns the difference in floor level to the portal. But all this can be skillfully played with if you have imagination..

Preparing for repair

Before making repairs on the balcony, you should get rid of fragile partitions and old coatings. During work, check the cement surfaces for coiled elements and voids and clean them. If necessary, additionally scald the loggia around the perimeter, reinforcing it with a frame made of a channel or metal corners.

Often, the owners change the external panels that perform a purely decorative function. You can build a brick parapet. It must be remembered that the design of the loggia is not intended to support a large weight. If you need to build a main wall, in this case it is worth using light and durable materials at the same time, for example, foam blocks.

You can watch a video about repairing a balcony and choose a ready-made solution – to glaze the loggia with full glazing or install sandwich panels instead of a parapet. But if for some reason such a solution is not suitable, maybe it is expensive, or the design does not provide for ceiling mounts for blinds, curtains and clothes drying, or a blank wall is needed for hinged floors – you can carry out high-quality repair work on the balcony yourself, glazing exclusively open part.

If you plan to sheathe the loggia with MDF or clapboard, you should first seal all the cracks. Blow out the holes located inside with polyurethane foam, and be sure to additionally insulate the outer slots. After drying, cut off excess foam and cover the sections with cement mortar, because the foam begins to deteriorate and rot under the influence of temperature and moisture. Small cracks can be repaired with silicone sealant. Brick large holes.

Material selection

The building materials market nowadays offers a fairly wide range of various finishing materials that can be used for various options for repairing a balcony: decorative panels, ceramic tiles, plastic panels, decorative plaster, lining, paint and wallpaper. The choice is really large, so it is difficult to make it at times..

There is one factor to be taken into account that influences the choice of material. The balcony is the outside of the house, which is almost unprotected from wind and precipitation. Therefore, it is important to create comfortable conditions inside the balcony during the repair work, thermal insulation should be done..

There are a large number of heaters, but it is for the insulation and repair of the balcony that mineral wool is most often used, which is distinguished by excellent performance characteristics and excellent physical and technical characteristics. In addition, mineral wool is one of the most inexpensive thermal insulation materials..

For laying mineral wool, you need a certain space, which you can create only with the help of a finishing material installed on the frame. This means that plastic panels, lining, MDF panels will become the materials that are best suited for the interior decoration of the loggia..

Balcony glazing

First of all, remember that it is imperative to do glazing, because otherwise there can be no question of any effectiveness of insulation, and as a result, the price of repairing the balcony will not be justified. In this way, the balcony turns into a loggia. Alternatively, you can consider high-quality glazing of balconies using new technology.

It is usually customary to install metal-plastic structures, although more and more people recently prefer wooden window frames, which are no worse than PVC products.

But at this stage, the first “pitfall” awaits the owner. Developers want to finish the insulation of the structure as soon as possible and switch with a clear conscience to other tasks. As a result, after a quick installation, they hastily fill up the cracks, put a heating radiator or install a “warm floor” system and think that you can relax.

However, such negligent builders in the winter are waiting for an unpleasant discovery – like the balcony is insulated, but it is impossible to maintain the optimal temperature on it. The problem is that improperly performed insulation does not significantly reduce heat loss. Remember that loggias cannot be heated with central heating, because building codes prohibit this..

Cold glazing

Such glazing is an aluminum frame with single panes inserted into it. This glazing is called cold because it does not give any practical effect in terms of insulation and therefore on a loggia in winter the temperature does not exceed the street temperature by more than 5-8 degrees Celsius.

Frameless glazing

Frameless glazing is a type of cold glazing. The main external difference lies in the absence of vertical partitions and frames. The result is an impression of lightness and spaciousness, although in fact the structure is a very solid structure. In this design, the glass is tempered, it is installed on rollers in an aluminum profile that moves along the top and bottom..

Outside, between the profile and the glass, rubber seals are laid to protect the room from moisture. The loggia with frameless glazing opens in several ways: the glass moves to the side, folding in the form of a book, or turns to the wall. Thanks to this type of construction, it will be possible to glaze a balcony of any configuration. Excessive openness is compensated by tinted windows.

Warm glazing

Glazed balconies most often have just this kind of glazing. For this purpose, it is customary to use sealed double-glazed windows, profiles with thermal inserts and air chambers. In addition to improved thermal insulation, the design affects noise insulation in the most positive way – if you live near a market, a train station, a busy highway or in the city center, then give preference to this type of glazing.

The design of such glazing is not more complicated than that of the cold look – an aluminum or plastic frame is attached to the parapet with massive bolts with a large number of attachment points. The doors of the structure can be ordered from suppliers as hinged, pivoting or swinging, it all depends on your preference..

Floor insulation

During the overhaul of the balcony, first insulate the floor. This can be done using extruded polystyrene foam. Such slabs are light and dense, by the way, they are even used for road surfaces. The material is able to withstand loads well, it does not transmit heat.

Lay the polystyrene foam boards on a flat surface and glue it with a special adhesive, securing it with plastic dowels. Fix the mounting mesh on top of the glue and fill the floor with a special self-leveling mixture after drying. If the depth of the floor allows, it can be insulated with expanded clay, filled with cement mortar. A similar floor on the balcony can be tiled with floor coverings, for example, ceramic tiles..

Alternatively, the owners of a city apartment can make a wooden lattice, filling the voids using an insulating material – foam or fiberglass. Top it is necessary to fill ten-millimeter plywood. It is appropriate to lay linoleum or waterproof laminate on this wooden floor.

Wall insulation

Most often, developers choose clapboard for finishing the balcony, because this material has good characteristics and performance. Lining is a natural material, practical, economical, environmentally friendly and durable. In addition, wood has a unique natural beauty..

For the manufacture of lining, different types of wood are used: coniferous and deciduous species. The most popular type is pine lining. According to the profile and type, the lining is divided into euro lining and ordinary lining, which are made from high-quality raw materials using the latest modern technologies..

It is customary to install the lining on a frame made of a metal profile or wooden slats. It is usually customary to choose the latter option. As with any wall cladding, you need to properly approach the work. It is important to expose the frame on all planes so that the material looks as a whole, without organizing drops and distortions.

If you decide to use lining for finishing the entire loggia, then start work from the ceiling. After making the frame, it is necessary to carry out work related to the installation of insulation and waterproofing material. You have already decided on the insulation, but the waterproofing should be carried out with roofing material. This material has been known to developers for a long time, it is easy to install. In addition, the cost of repairing a balcony using this material will delight you! Attaches the above materials directly to the frame.

After that, you can start laying the lining. There is nothing complicated in this process, the most important thing when working is accuracy. Fastening is carried out using special clamps or nails into the edge of the lining. The most difficult stage is finishing the corners. But don’t be discouraged if the angle comes out unsightly. It can be closed with a corner plinth, and this will solve the problem..

Ceiling insulation

The ceiling of the loggia is the underside of a reinforced concrete slab that forms the floor of the balcony located on the upper floor. If your neighbors have insulated the floor from above, then you do not have to do the insulation of the ceiling. But it’s better to do your part of the work and insulate the ceiling from your side.

In the photo of repairing the balcony with your own hands, you can see that the easiest way is to place the boards on the ceiling with the edge down. The width of the boards should be 100 millimeters. It is recommended to use mineral wool as insulation. Plates of mineral wool are placed in the gaps between the stuffed boards, then they are sheathed with a waterproofing film and fixed with slats that are stuffed across the boards. Such slats are able to withstand waterproofing and thermal insulation, as well as provide space ventilation. As a cladding, you can take a lining board or plastic.

External finishing

As an architectural element of the building, the balcony should have a wonderful appearance, especially for loggias that are glazed and attached to the total area of ​​the city apartment as a room. Therefore, outdoor decoration should be carried out in accordance with certain requirements and norms. Today, for cladding outside the loggia, profiled and corrugated metal sheets, siding, reinforced plastic panels or lining are used..

Most often, developers choose siding because it is known for its unsurpassed characteristics: it is reliable and durable, does not corrode, since it is based on polyvinyl chloride, mold, painful microorganisms and fungi never develop under the siding.

Siding, which was installed once, does not require special attention to itself: it does not need to be updated, cleaned and painted. Under the influence of various changes in humidity and temperature, as well as under the influence of the rays of the sun, siding does not change its properties. A loggia trimmed with siding will always look presentable.

But it is quite difficult to do the external decoration of the loggia with your own hands using siding. In this case, it is worth watching a video about repairing a balcony with your own hands. You also need knowledge, skills and experience, and you will need special tools and equipment..

And finally. You should not carry out external work on your own if your apartment is not located on the second or not on the first floor. It is better to entrust the external facing of the balcony to professionals. Remember that it is customary to glaze the loggia only after making its external cladding..

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