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DIY aluminum balcony installation: detailed instructions for self-installation

Recently, the balcony increasingly looks like one additional rest room. People place chairs and small tables there for outdoor coffee. Make it more comfortable and functional. Less and less often, the balcony began to resemble a pantry or a room for storing unnecessary things. To make the beauty not only internal, but also external, people began to resort to aluminum glazing. Indeed, in addition to the modern appearance, this design has a large number of other advantages..

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Installation of an aluminum balcony

In most cases, a balcony is a room that is not heated additionally. Installing additional battery sections there is difficult, costly and impractical. We used to be accustomed to seeing with a wooden bottom or slate. The frames were also usually made of wood, and the sashes opened inward. But such a design, although it was inexpensive, had its drawbacks. Especially in winter, constant drafts appeared due to cracks in the tree, snow fell on the ledges located between the upper and lower parts. When it melted, the water could get inside the room, and if frost hits, it will also spoil the material from which the structure is made. Therefore, people increasingly began to resort to more modern materials that are not subject to such drawbacks as, for example, wood. Most people leave the bottom of the structure opaque, and the top is glazed with aluminum or PVC. Sometimes fully glazed balconies can be seen. For these types, exclusively aluminum frames are used. Modern window sashes can be both sliding and outward opening. Both the first and the other option significantly save indoor space. Mounting a balcony made of aluminum, as well as from other material, has its advantages and disadvantages.



The most important advantage is its cost. It is an order of magnitude lower than when using, for example, plastic. Even with a small amount of money, you can transform your balcony. Poor thermal insulation properties. For regions with harsh winters, this option will not work. But on the other hand, there is a technology of “warm aluminum”, which does not have such problems..
A light weight. The structure is light enough that it can be easily installed in houses where it is forbidden to heavily weight the balcony. It will not be possible to use other materials to decorate the room. If you neglect this, then an irreversible chemical reaction will appear. The metal will begin to correct.
Fire safety. Aluminum will not be able to ignite when hit by, for example, a cigarette butt from above.

Choosing such a design, you can significantly save on the interior space of the room. And the sliding window system will allow you to wash them with convenience and comfort.

If you want to isolate yourself from the outside world, noisy streets and enjoy the warmth and comfort of home, then this is what you need. After all, the construction of aluminum allows you to improve sound insulation. In addition, the material is resistant to weather conditions and temperature differences..

DIY aluminum balcony installation

Of course, it is much easier to call a team of professionals who can quickly install an aluminum balcony. After all, they already have their own scheme of work, technologies and certain skills. But with a certain skill, there will be no problems with self-installation. To do this, you first need to carry out some preparatory procedures. After all, it is on them that the outcome of all work will depend:

  • First of all, the old frames are removed. When dismantling, force must be directed parallel to the frame and not perpendicular. Otherwise, there is a possibility of disrupting the construction of the parapet..
  • After that, you need to get rid of the fastener parts and the remains of concrete that did not leave with the old frame and remained on the parapet.
  • If the parapet is not level enough, then it can be additionally leveled with mortar in order to subsequently fix the aluminum structure on it. If this stage is present, then it is better to postpone the installation of the balcony until the concrete mixture is completely dry. Usually one day is enough.
  • In order for the window frame to be fixed more reliably, it is necessary to install a timber bar with a cross section of at least 50 millimeters. This will also create better thermal insulation between the concrete structure itself and the aluminum profile..

To make the installation process easier and more convenient, you need to take several preparatory steps:

  • All moving parts that are on the aluminum structure are removed. This action will facilitate further installation work..
  • Double-glazed windows are removed from the “blind” areas of the frame. Thanks to this, they will not be damaged during installation work..
  • Using self-tapping screws for metal, special plates are attached along the window frame. Their step is necessarily at least 700 millimeters..
  • The assembled structure is placed on the balcony railing.
  • You need to take a level for construction in order to align the frame in a horizontal position. From the bottom, the frame is fixed with self-tapping screws.
  • The vertical frames are mounted using wooden wedges. After that, holes are drilled both in the walls and in the upper ceiling using a perforator. It is better to use anchors for fasteners. Before attaching the structure to the upper part, a visor made of thin metal is screwed to it – galvanized or ferrous metal with a protective coating.
  • Next, you need to design an ebb at the bottom of the frame. Fixation to the aluminum profile is carried out using self-tapping screws for metal.
  • Using polyurethane foam, all slots and holes are blown out.
  • After that comes the turn of installing double-glazed windows in the “blind” zones.
  • The latter is the return to the previous position of the moving parts of the fastener.

Such simple procedures will help to qualitatively install an aluminum profile balcony and significantly save the budget on calling specialists.

DIY aluminum frames for the balcony

Aluminum frames last longer than wood or other materials. This is due to the fact that this metal does not corrode. The service life of the aluminum window frame can reach fifty years. The metal does not require any additional maintenance at all. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and is considered an ideal option, since it is not fire hazardous. Frames from it are durable, reliable and flexible, so you can install windows of any size and appearance. But good thermal conductivity is considered the main disadvantage of using aluminum for the window frame. But this shortcoming was quickly eliminated by design engineers..

There are currently two types of aluminum profiles on the market: cold and warm. The first is much cheaper than the second, and if we take into account its other distinctive features, then this is an excellent option for a window frame, if the balcony will not act as another living room all year round. Cold profile frames are thin enough, so it is easy to make sliding sashes from them, which will save the balcony area. The warm profile includes an additional heat-insulating polyamide insert structure. It is located in the center between the inner and outer half of the profile. In this case, the double-glazed frame becomes significantly thicker. Only one thing can scare a person off – the high cost. But when the balcony will be used as a living space in winter, then frames from a warm profile are ideal. In addition, fashionable aluminum insulating glass units can be constructed in a modern and varied design, and open in different ways..

How to install aluminum frames on the balcony yourself

After the frames with the corresponding measurements have been purchased, the most important point remains – installation. Self-installation significantly saves money, and thanks to detailed instructions, it will not be difficult. The first step is to acquire gadgets that will be useful for further work:

  • a hacksaw for metal;
  • braid;
  • drill;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • brush seal;
  • weatherproof silicone sealant;
  • polyurethane foam;
  • hex wrench.

For high-quality glazing, it is necessary to carry out actions in the following order:

With the help of such an instruction, mounting the window frame will not cause difficulties..

How to install an aluminum loggia

It is better to use cold glazing for the loggia in the case when the balcony does not turn into a separate room. Aluminum frames look decent thanks to the modern powder painting method. They are much stronger and lighter than plastic ones, which makes the installation process more convenient. In addition, a lot of light enters the room, since they practically do not darken the space. These designs do not require periodic intervention by professionals to carry out preventive maintenance. Modern designs make it possible to create a six-leaf window, each leaf of which can be opened separately. The pressure on the bearings by the flaps is minimal. This extends the service life. Due to the low weight of the frames, any loggia can easily withstand them.

The aluminum doors slide and slide silently and smoothly. For tight closure, the frame is fixed with a special blocker, which is invisible from the outside. The strength of the thin frame is able to hold the glazing of the loggia up to two meters in height. Aluminum loggias are installed only when you need to maximally protect yourself from wind or other adverse weather conditions. If desired, sliding and fixed sashes can be combined. There are usually two or three guides on an aluminum profile. Each video moves in its own way. If desired, a mosquito net is installed on the loggia. A separate guide is provided for it..

For cold windows, single-chamber double-glazed windows are usually installed. In warm windows there is a thermal insert or thermal bridge. But it is located in the middle of the profile, the thickness of which is not less than 12 centimeters. If desired, the aluminum structure can be combined with wood. Then the strength of the metal and the “breathing” properties of wood will help resist strong condensation. In addition, the tree has excellent thermal insulation characteristics and is environmentally friendly. To mount the aluminum structure on the loggia, first remove all movable opening elements for the convenience of working from the frame. In order not to spoil the glazing, it must be removed from blind areas. Further, the mounting plates are fixed to the frame using self-tapping screws. After that, the assembled structure is installed in the opening of the loggia. Then the frame is aligned with wedges on all planes. Mounting plates are attached to the walls and top. Then it is checked how smoothly the frame is installed, and the sashes return to their previous position. After this, the sealing process takes place..

Do-it-yourself glazing of a balcony with an aluminum profile

As mentioned earlier, there is nothing complicated in the process of glazing a balcony with an aluminum profile. Even if there are no relevant skills, then thanks to the detailed instructions, glazing will not be difficult. But sometimes a person wants to admire the views from the window without any restrictions. For these purposes, you can use the frameless glazing method. It is no less durable and reliable than with a frame. The main load-bearing element of the structure in this embodiment is considered to be an aluminum profile, which is attached to the top plate.

The guide rail, also known as the lower profile, is fixed to the parapet post. Tempered glass are considered to be the enclosing parts of the structure; their thickness should be 6-8 millimeters. The canvases move thanks to a special sliding mechanism, which is located at the top of the profile. If there are uneven or rounded areas on the balcony, then a roll is made there. The joints of the panels are closed with tape, which allows light to pass through easily. The doors open one after the other in turn. When choosing this type of glazing, special attention is paid to indicators such as reliability, durability and stability..

DIY aluminum balcony installation video

Do not forget that when installing an aluminum balcony on your own, you need to leave gaps for the foam, two or three centimeters under the windowsill. All manipulations should be carried out with the presence of a plumb line and a level. The video shows a good example of how to properly mount an aluminum balcony with your own hands: