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Shower for summer cottages with heating: step by step instructions

Not every summer cottage has a shower, although it is practically impossible to do without it. After working in the garden or around the house, everyone will want to freshen up. And this is where an economical and easy-to-construct heated outdoor shower comes to the rescue. The main advantage of this type of shower is that it is used both in cold and warm seasons, unlike an ordinary summer shower. We will consider further recommendations for building a heated shower with your own hands..

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Features of the manufacture of a combined garden shower with heating

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the recommendations that will help you build a combined heated shower at your summer cottage. The main advantage of this shower is that on warm days it is used as an outdoor shower and does not turn on heating, while saving energy, and when it is cold outside, the water in the shower is heated with a heating element.

Making a shower with your own hands is not a difficult process if you carefully understand everything. The main advantages of such showers are the availability of their arrangement, due to the minimum number of components, and if the shower is decorated correctly, it will become a real highlight of the suburban area.

The process of bathing in the shower after hard work has a positive effect on human health, relieves fatigue, relieves stress and relaxes. It is possible to buy a ready-made shower, but making it yourself will cost several times cheaper.

When choosing a place where a shower will be located, one should proceed from the fact that in summer the water should warm up well, therefore it is not recommended to place the shower stall in the shade, since the water tank must be constantly exposed to direct sunlight.

The best option for a shower is an open area of ​​the garden. But, it should be borne in mind that electricity must be supplied to the shower, which will provide heating of the water using a heating element. The garden shower includes:

  • heated tank;
  • tap;
  • watering can;
  • racks;
  • moisture resistant material;
  • rug.

For the construction of a shower of this type, choosing a place, you should install racks, and make sure that the structure is strong and stable. A dark colored tub is installed in the upper part of the shower. Since it is he who will attract heat at a time when the water is heated from the sun. A hose, a tap and a watering can are installed at the bottom of the tank. Installing a rubber mat on the floor will make bathing more comfortable, and the racks are covered with moisture-resistant material, such as film or shower curtains. This shower is perfect for swimming in the summer or spring..

Another way to locate the shower is to add it to one of the walls of the dacha. You should carefully consider the choice of the wall to which it will adjoin, since the sun’s rays should hit the tank in a straight line.

In this case, the tank is connected to the wall and clings to it, a frame, hoses, a watering can and a tap are installed, and electricity is supplied. To protect the wall from moisture, it must be made moisture resistant. To do this, cover it with tiles or fix the film. But, keep in mind that the water will not warm up well in such a shower, so you will often need to use heating, since the shade from the house does not provide good access to the sun.

Country shower with heating: instructions for making

We propose to consider the option of constructing a polycarbonate heated summer shower. Before proceeding to the study of the instructions for its manufacture, let us familiarize ourselves with the main advantages of the equipment of such a shower:

  • when using such a shower as a summer shower, polycarbonate heats up very well, so in summer the heating elements are practically not used;
  • the booth retains heat for a long time;
  • polycarbonate is resistant to mold, so this surface is more antiseptic;
  • the material is durable and has a long service life;
  • ease of installation and dismantling;
  • a variety of colors, allows you to choose polycarbonate in accordance with the wishes of the buyer.

When constructing a summer heated shower, it is necessary to plan in advance its location and make a project.

The place where the shower will be installed must first be leveled. The water must drain down a slope, so this aspect also requires organization. The drain surface must be lined with a waterproof material such as concrete, roofing felt or waterproofing foil. To prevent unpleasant odors and ensure ventilation, a special mesh should be laid over the drain. If the shower will be used by more than three people, it is recommended to build a drain hole into which the water will drain. The recommended depth of the pit is from two to three meters, and the distance from the pit to the shower is at least three meters. Sand or crushed stone is laid at the bottom of the pit. Use old car tires or a plastic sewer barrel for walls. The drain pit must be closed, for example, with wooden planks, for the safety of animals or small children..

When the preliminary work is completed, proceed with the construction of the structure frame. For this, it is recommended to use an aluminum profile, which will help to give the soul the desired shape. Use polycarbonate sheets that are eight to sixteen millimeters thick. A water tank is placed on the roof, and to ensure the shower operation in the cold season, you need to install a heated tank or an autonomous water heater.

Heated summer shower tanks are different. In relation to the form, they are divided into:

  • oval;
  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • flat.

Depending on the material from which the tank is made, they are:

  • steel;
  • plastic.

Among the steel water tanks are:

  • stainless steel tanks;
  • made of galvanized steel;
  • common metal.

When choosing the volume of the tank, one should be guided by how many people will bathe in the shower. The average recommended volume for a family of four is 100 liters. It is better to choose tanks of a dark color, as they have higher thermal insulation properties. Heated tanks are equipped with special taps and heating elements that are connected to electricity. Therefore, they do not require preparation, after purchase they are boldly installed on the roof of the shower..

To make the heating even more efficient, a polycarbonate roof must be installed on top of the tank, which will create a greenhouse effect and retain the warmth of the water..

Another mandatory component of each tank is a device that indicates the amount of water in the tank. Since the heating elements are very sensitive to an anhydrous environment, and burn out with a lack of water, this parameter must be constantly adjusted..

To equip the floor in such a shower, you should install a drain pipe and make a small threshold separating the shower part from the changing room, in which things, towels and soap products will be stored. A pallet is installed on the floor, and then a rubber mat.

The door must be made polycarbonate; for this, its frame is preliminarily constructed, to which the hinges are attached. After installing the polycarbonate, a handle is attached to it. Separate the washing and changing area with a waterproof bath curtain.

To make the shower more beautiful and attractive, it is recommended to decorate the area located nearby with beautiful flowers, decorative figures or mosaics..

Heated shower: additional recommendations

1. When choosing a place to install a shower, make sure that there are no strong drafts that will lead to the possibility of getting sick, the person using the shower.

2. The volume of the drain pit should be two and a half times larger than the water tank.

3. Do not place drainage and septic materials directly under the shower stall, they should be installed near it. This procedure will reduce the risk of unpleasant odors..

4. It is recommended to use as cover for drainage:

  • waterproofing roll materials;
  • roofing material;
  • gutter reinforced with a metal mesh;
  • hydrostekliosol.

5. Do not use clay in the construction of a waterproof layer, as due to its erosion, it will clog the drainage system..

6. To improve the efficiency of water drainage, install the shower stall in an elevated area, if available..

7. The recommended shower height is between two and a half to three meters. This design will provide comfort and free space while swimming..

8. The minimum size of the booth is one square meter, but additional space for the changing room is required..

9. Practically, the most convenient size of a heated summer shower is a stall 190 cm long and 160 cm wide.

10. Pay attention to the strength of the base of the shower stall frame, since a tank filled with water is installed on top. It must be strong and withstand heavy loads..

11. To make the outside upholstery of the shower room, you will need one of the materials:

  • Fiberboard;
  • polycarbonate;
  • slate sheets;
  • films;
  • lining;
  • moisture resistant plywood.

12. It is desirable that the cladding material blends harmoniously with the exterior of the entire site. It is possible to paint it or apply decorative drawings, which will make the shower not only a place for bathing, but also a decorative element of the summer cottage..

13. Watch the tightness of the door closing, because drafts are not allowed in the shower..

14. Since the shower door is constantly exposed to moisture, it is recommended to install special sealing mechanisms on it to save heat inside the room..

15. To use the shower in winter, it is required to resort to its insulation. For this, any insulation in the form of mineral wool, foam or expanded polystyrene is suitable. To fix the insulation, a film is used, laid on top of it and fixed with a stapler.

Features of the construction of a heating system, floor and installation of a water tank

The location of the water tank is the support pillars that are located above the shower stall. In order to save money, it is possible to purchase an ordinary barrel for one hundred or two hundred liters, and arrange it independently for the soul. Before installing the tank, you should make a thread outlet in it, into which a ball valve with a watering can will be installed.

There are three ways to fill in water:

  • manual – involves pouring water with buckets;
  • pumping – connection to a circulation pump;
  • plumbing – connection to the water supply system, if any.

For the construction of the water supply, use metal-plastic pipes. Water flow regulation is carried out using a tap or water pressure. Better to worry about installing a plumbing valve that will regulate the amount of water in the tank..

To install the floor in a heated outdoor shower, it is recommended to make a concrete screed. Next, a wooden pallet is installed on which it is convenient to stand with bare feet. It is possible to install a wooden floor without a cement screed, but in this case, a small draft will appear, causing discomfort when swimming in winter.

Another way to equip a shower is to install a purchased plumbing tray, which has a siphon drain hose. In this case, the arrangement of a waterproof layer in the lower part of the shower is not required..

A popular mistake when arranging a heated summer shower is the installation of a leaky door and thick walls that do not allow air to pass through. Poor ventilation contributes to the spread of mold and mildew, due to the fact that the walls practically do not dry out.

In the summer, when the water is heated by the sun’s rays, there are no problems with bathing. But, at the dacha, sometimes you have to come in autumn, spring and even winter. In this case, it will be very cold to bathe in a summer shower. For these purposes, it is recommended to equip a heating system that will provide the shower with hot water..

Consider the option of constructing heating with a blowtorch:

1. Use only pipes made of metal. The pipe that delivers water to the reservoir on the roof of the shower is diverted from the stall by a few meters. Outside the room, a shelf with a heat exchanger and a water heater is installed. In the absence of a shelf, the option of using the table is possible.

2. For the manufacture of a heat exchanger, a coil should be made from a thin pipe, previously twisted with a spiral. If warm water is required, then three layers of pipe winding are enough, if hot water is needed, about eight windings will be required.

3. Insert the shroud into the pre-fabricated coil. A large saucepan or bottomless bucket is fine for making it. Fix the coil in the casing by welding.

4. The ends of the coil are connected to a metal pipe that brings water to the shower. It is better to make a coupling mount, which can be easily removed in winter..

Another important aspect in the construction of a heated summer shower is its aesthetics and attractive appearance. In addition, correctly selected finishing materials play an important role. Indoors, it is recommended to use materials of a moisture-resistant nature that will not deteriorate over time. To improve soil drainage, it is recommended to plant moisture-resistant plants next to the shower, thus avoiding waterlogging of the soil.

Heated shower recommendations

Before you buy a heated shower, you should study the requirements that apply to it:

  • profitability – affordable cost that justifies its quality;
  • environmental friendliness – a heated shower must be made of materials that are harmless to human health;
  • fire safety is another requirement, since a heated shower is connected to electricity, all contacts and connections must be made efficiently and in accordance with fire regulations;
  • comfort – being in the shower should be pleasant, and the size should be comfortable for bathing;
  • modernity is a requirement for the design of a purchased item, it must be harmoniously combined with the overall exterior.

When choosing a model for a purchased shower, you should be guided by the volume, shape of the tank, which are chosen based on individual preferences. There are models with or without booths. Installation of additional options is possible, such as automatic heating and drainage of water, additional nozzles and hygiene devices.

There are pedal options or showers with separate changing rooms, they differ in cost, the latest models are more expensive, but much more convenient to use..

Another requirement for a heated shower is the convenience of its installation, since the shower is purchased, a maximum of three hours is allotted for the time of its connection or installation.

The shower cabin must have a window or mesh elements through which light and air will flow, killing fungus and mold.

Additional functions of the purchased summer shower with heating are:

  • an indicator that is responsible for the level of filling the tank with water;
  • heating devices or off timers;
  • devices for draining or filling water;
  • thermostats.

The location of the heating element is lower, middle and center..