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DIY shower enclosure

Installation of a shower enclosure is relevant for small apartments. With the help of this element, it is possible to organize a place for swimming while preserving the usable area. We will consider how to make a shower corner further..

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How to install a shower enclosure: features and technology

To organize the correct drainage of water and prevent splashing on the rest of the walls of the room, use a pallet and a special curtain with a moisture-repellent coating.

The factory models of the shower enclosure have a pallet made of plastic, metal or even stone. However, the first option has a tendency to yellowness and breakage, the second is susceptible to corrosion, and the stone pallet is very expensive..

Therefore, the best option would be to make your own shower enclosure, taking into account all your individual characteristics and preferences. The first and most important stage is the installation of the drain. There are several options for the outlet of the sewer. The pipe is installed both in the wall and in the floor. In addition, the size of the nozzle is selected in relation to the interval between the bathtub and the riser of the sewer system. You should also take into account the fact that the slope height should be from two to four millimeters..

With a low height to hide the pipe, you should take care of raising the floor level in the room. Otherwise, the sewer wiring is mounted in the wall and closed with a special box. Next, you will need to lengthen the sewer pipe to the middle of the pallet. Also, you will need to provide proper waterproofing, install a ladder and adjust the location of the pipe..

For the correct installation of the shower enclosure with your own hands, it is recommended first of all to perform a screed. For this, it will be necessary to carry out work on the installation of the formwork. The finishing screed must be flush with the ladder. If it is necessary to finish the floor with tiles or other materials, their thickness is also taken into account..

The formwork is filled with concrete mortar, Please note that the presence of a slight slope from the beginning of the corner to the ladder is mandatory. For this, at the beginning, a certain part of the solution is smoothed out along the extreme section, gradually moving towards the ladder. The slope of the surface should be one and a half percent.

After the screed has dried, the pallet rim is most often installed, which protects it from excess water flowing onto the floor. There are two options for its manufacture:

  • monolithic base;
  • brick side.

In the manufacture of a brick side, the brick is installed, its further plastering and finishing of the entire corner. Further, a series of works on the construction of a shower stall follows.For these purposes, a frame is used for the installation of curtains or glass doors, at least 0.6 cm thick.

To complete the assembly of the shower enclosure, you will need:

  • electric drills with a set of drills;
  • screwdrivers;
  • building level;
  • dowels and nuts;
  • silicone sealant.

When deciding to replace the bathtub with a shower enclosure, a number of fundamental redevelopment works are required. To do this, we recommend creating a sketch, which will clearly define the location of each element in the room..

First, the width, height and length of the room are measured, they are indicated in the project. Next, the place for installing the corner is determined, its dimensions, you should also determine where the washing machine, dryer and other items will be located.

In addition, one should not forget about the pipes, their location should also be indicated here. To decorate the floor and walls of the bathroom, use tiles, in this case, a tiled wall will act as the back wall of the shower stall.

Installing a shower enclosure with a tray

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the instructions that will allow you to quickly and easily assemble a shower enclosure:

1. The first stage is dismantling the old plumbing fixture. Aligning walls and corners using steel corners. Laying and curing tiles.

2. Next, the sewerage and water pipes are laid, which lead to the shower enclosure..

3. When choosing a tray for the corner, we recommend choosing acrylic, the surface of which is corrugated. This material has advantages such as strength, safety and resistance to temperature drop..

4. To install the shower enclosure, you will need to fix it in a certain position. In order to avoid bending of the structure, it is installed on special legs that come with the complete set. The pallet should be very tightly connected to the corner section of the wall, to prevent water infiltration.

5. Therefore, first, the tile is finished with grout, and then with silicone sealant, which improves the resistance of the joints to moisture and the formation of fungus with mold on them..

6. In the process of installing panels for the manufacture of walls and frames, you need to ensure that there is no gap between the pallet and the surface of the shower enclosure. Therefore, care should be taken to fit the panel tightly to the shower enclosure..

7. The following is the process of installing the frame and fixing the doors. With the help of special fasteners that are mounted on the door, the aesthetic appearance of the room is improved.

8. Fixing the frame to the ceiling and floor is carried out using dowels. On the support pipes, the horizontal sections are fixed, fixing in the wall.

9. Depending on individual preferences, you should choose a place to install the door. It can be lateral or central.

10. When buying a door, we recommend choosing plastic, acrylic or glass. The most durable and durable is the last option..

11. Installation of doors should be done with extreme caution, as there is a risk of damage. To begin with, the doors are inspected for the presence of places for fastening the rollers, the rollers are fixed on the rollers previously intended for them.

12. The following is the process of adjusting the door, which must move smoothly in both directions. Also, inspect the top and bottom for gaps..

13. The process of arranging a shower enclosure with your own hands does not end there. Further steps are aimed at installing a mixer, curtains and shelves. In addition, a complete sealing of all seams is carried out using silicone sealant. Please note that before applying silicone, the surface is pre-dried and dust-free.

14. After the silicone has dried, the system is checked for performance, water is supplied. To check the quality of sealing, direct a stream of water to the joint surface, when moisture seeps through it, we recommend re-sealing with a sealant.

Angled shower enclosure

The arrangement of a sloped floor in the shower enclosure will ensure an uninterrupted flow of water into the sewage system..

To make such a floor yourself, follow these steps:

1. To begin with, a ladder is arranged in the floor, with the help of which the installation of the drainage system of the sewage system will be carried out.

2. Before starting the laying of facing materials, it is necessary to seal all floors. With its help, the floor will be protected from leaks..

3. The structure of the floor in the shower enclosure may be as follows:

  • insulation;
  • waterproofing;
  • concrete screed;
  • finishing coating;
  • at the same time, the installation of a sewer outlet and a siphon is mandatory.

4. The tiles are laid with the same slope as the screed was made..

5. This design will prevent the accumulation of water in the shower stall.

In addition, the sloped floor has the following advantages:

  • ease of cleaning in the bathroom;
  • the use of special tiles as a coating on the surface of the pallet avoids a sudden fall as a result of sliding on the floor;
  • the size of the shower enclosure is selected strictly individually and does not depend on the size of the pallet.

Shower enclosure with a tray: installation features

If you plan to install a shower enclosure that has no steps, then a flat tray option is used, which has low sides. To install it, a number of preparatory work should be carried out for the installation of the site, which is equipped in advance. Each pallet has legs that allow you to adjust its height.

Immediately determine the location of the drain hole. It is regulated by the pallet itself. Installing the pallet is a fairly straightforward process. It is enough to install the legs on it and adjust them in relation to the height.

When installing the pallet, you should also take into account the thickness of the floor itself in the room. At the end of the installation work, the joint with the pallet is edged with a special border.

Shower corner photo:

In order for the water to drain smoothly into the sewer system, it is recommended to install a pallet with a slight slope. Among the advantages of this type of installation, we note, first of all, the ease and simplicity of assembly of the structure. Please note that to improve the attractiveness of the joint between the wall and the pallet, the border should be bought in advance, at the stage of purchasing the pallet itself.

A high-quality installation of the shower enclosure should be completed by checking the evenness of the docking of the shower enclosure to the wall. The edges of the pallet should be flush with the wall. The socket of the pipes must completely match the hole at the pallet.

Features of mounting a shower enclosure

The option of self-arrangement of the shower enclosure is possible. For these purposes, you will need a minimum of tools and skills to work with them. For self-installation of a shower enclosure in the bathroom, follow these steps:

1. On the bottom of the pallet, install its legs, in relation to the previously selected height. In addition, we recommend placing cardboard under the legs, which prevents the structure from sliding on the floor surface..

2. Prepare the site using a hammer and chisel to remove any sharp areas on the floor surface..

3. Ceramic tiles will allow you to check the floor for evenness and lack of distortion.

4. Please note that each process is carried out quite carefully to avoid damage to the pallet itself..

There are several options for arranging shower cabins. The cab design can be combined or one-piece. Installation work is carried out upon completion of the installation of the pallet itself. Please note that a shower cubicle is an optional element of a shower enclosure, with limited financial resources, you can get by with an ordinary bathroom curtain, which is installed along the perimeter of the corner..

However, having decided to buy a shower stall, you should choose it in accordance with the parameters of the corner itself, and even easier – first purchase a shower stall, and then mount a corner under it.

There are many options for shower cabins, which are made of various materials and differ from each other in the way of opening, installation features, and appearance. The most popular materials for shower enclosures are glass or fiberglass. Depending on the material of manufacture of the cabin, its manufacturer, shape and size, its cost is calculated.

In addition, the option of self-manufacturing of the shower stall is possible. By installing it in the corner of the room, it will be possible to save on materials for the manufacture of side walls. We recommend making a cabin that consists of two or three sections that move when opened. Thus, it will be possible to significantly save space in the room..

When choosing a shower cabin, focus on the style parameters of the room. In addition, important factors are the individual preferences of the owners and their material capabilities..

If you plan to build a shower cabin with your own hands, then you should first of all make doors for it. Further actions are as follows:

  • installation of a wall profile, its alignment in a vertical position;
  • on the tile with a marker or pencil, it is necessary to mark the points according to which drilling is carried out;
  • try to drill with extreme care to avoid damage or splitting of the tile;
  • the depth of the hole must correspond to the length of the dowels with which the profile will be fixed;
  • the following is the process of installing the shower enclosure door, please note that in order to avoid mechanical damage to glass or other material, it is recommended that these works be performed by two or three people;
  • canvases should be fixed on a previously installed profile;
  • Finally, check the system for performance.

Note that screw connections should not be overtightened to avoid cracking the glass..

Before fixing the walls of the shower enclosure, the door is set and adjusted, please note that there should be no gaps between the door seal and the pallet. Otherwise, mold and mildew will constantly form in the bathroom..

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