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Schools in Brazil

The Ministry of Education of Brazil and Federal Government are the institutions responsible of regulation of the education system, but the Local Governments are responsible of assigning and using the funding provided. Local governments also establish the education programs for all public schools. The private schools are handled differently.

The Brazilian educational system is divided in two levels: the first is called Basic level and it is mandatory, the other level is known as Superior. The basic level takes 11 years, from 6 to 17 years; in this stage the students must develop the skills to continue a higher education and in that way, find an employment.

To study a career at a public university, the aspirants must pass an entrance exam; the number of candidates and the vacancies available depend on the kind of career. The college education is divided into undergraduate school and graduate school, and most universities promote research and extracurricular activities.

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Military schools  

Military schools in Brazil

Some parents think that the actual schools systems are not equipped to handle troubled teenagers; therefore, they decide to send them to military schools because they will enforce a stronger discipline in a safe environment with professional instructors. If the students are interested in a military life, they can continue with a military career.

Law schools  

Law schools in Brazil

Lawyers can work in different settings. Some lawyers are self employed while others work in law firms, in the department of justice or for the government. It usually takes three or four years to become a lawyer. The education in Brazilian law schools usually combines theory with the development of values as responsibility, ethics and moral.

Flight schools  

Flight schools in Brazil

Some people want a Flight school for learn how to fly as a hobby, but others really want to make a profession out of flying. There are educational programs to obtain a degree and a flight license in a few months; flight schools provide capable instructors and a safe infrastructure.

Pilot schools  

Pilot schools in Brazil

Not all the Pilot Schools offer programs only for future pilots. Some also provide careers for people who are interested in becoming in an air hostess, flight stewards training or flight mechanics. The schools of pilots also offer short courses for those who want to learn how to fly a plane just for fun.

Technical schools  

Technical schools in Brazil

Technical Schools are very popular because they provide certificates in a short time. They train students for industries that have higher demands such as: electronics, culinary, computer science, business, accounting, finance, cosmetology and health science.  Technical schools help you develop specific abilities so then you can work in the area of your choice.

Boarding schools  

Boarding schools in Brazil

Most of the Boarding Schools offer a supportive community and a friendly environment. A boarding school offers an education that is focused in teaching the students to live a little more independently and to develop different personal skills. In boarding schools, students like with the teachers and their peers. They also can receive family visits.

Trade schools  

Trade schools in Brazil

If you want to advance your current career, start a new career or learn a new business, in a Trade School you can find many types of careers that can be complementary to others or can be the best option to find employment in a short time. Some trade schools offer distance programs.

Massage schools  

Massage schools in Brazil

As a massage therapist, you can choose a specialty program for example: acupuncture, reflexology, physiotherapy, medical massage, sports massage and many more. The education in massage schools is focused in offering practice course in a real massage center. They also offer theory courses about the human body.

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