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Eating in Sao Paulo

There are two things Sao Paulo is best known for in Brazil: business and food. Because the city's sprawling population represents every ethnicity in the country, cuisine in Sao Paulo becomes a matter of choice. There are thousands of restaurants, and if there's something you crave it's bound to be there, be it the obscurest of world cuisine or a simple slice of pizza - a local favorite.

As many cities in Brazil, São Paulo has its popular food, some of them are popular in all Brazil like feijoada:
  • Tutu a Mineira: Mashed beans served with roasted pork loin, cabbage, and rice.
  • Pao de Queijo: cheese bread.
  • Acaraje: Fried shrimp pie.
  • Virada Paulista: Rice, beans and banana served with meat.
  • Feijoada: A stew of black beans and a variety of meats, served with rice and kale.
  • Polenta: Baked dough of corn flour with salt.
  • Churrasco: Excellent quality barbecued meat
  • Pastel: Fried pies eaten with various fillings like meat, cheese, guava, and condensed milk.
Some of its restaurants of local cuisine:
  • Mestico: Located at Rua Fernando de Albuquerque, 277, Consolacao, telephone: (011) 256-3165. This restuarant has pleasant lighting inside while dining. Its meals are good and a fine way to taste a typical Brazilian dish of feijaoada. Served with a beer is all you need. They serve Italian and Indian cuisine as well. Food is well prepared and service is superb. They are open for business from noon until midnight.
  • Bolinha: Located at Avenida Cidade Jardim, 53- Jardim Europa, telephone: (011)3061-2010. It is specialist in local cuisine, its feijolada is also special, the dish includes white rice, stewed kale, fried manioc, breadcrumbed banana, fried Peperoni sausage, toasted bacon, grilled pork cutlets, fried manioc meal, spiced bean sausage, sliced oranges and a jar of "Batida de limão" (a typical Brazilian drink made of lemon and alcohol). The cost is $17.00 and will fill you up. The rest of the feijoada is made of beef and pork.

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