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Santarem is called Pearl of the Tapajós, too. The city has an extension of 24.154 km2 with a population of five hundred thousand million of habitants approximately. Santarem is located to 36 meters of altitude from sea and has 1.369 kilometers from the capital of the state. Santarem is the new point of attraction in the State of Pará. Of course before to travel Santarem, known well the Weather in Santarem is necessary for you.

Santarem is a Brazilian municipality of Para region; the city is located between the confluence of the Tapajós and the Amazon River. The average annual temperature is between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius. The level of annual precipitations is 1920 mm. The higher temperatures are present since June until November and the period of highest precipitations is between December and May. For this reason the weather of Santarem is different to general weather of Para.

Unlike the eastern and western reaches of the Amazon, the region around Santarém has a very distinct dry season, stretching from June to December. In the dry season, Santarém and its surroundings get extremely hot, even by Brazilian standards, with a particularly enervating dry heat

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