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The city of Santarém

Popularly called the Pearl of the Tapajos River, Santarem is the largest city in the Western area of the State of Para, and its second most important city. With origins that go back to the great indigenous nation of the Tapajos, the city is located on the margins of that river.

It is surrounded by forests, “agapes” (flooded wood areas), and many ponds and “igarapes” (small river lagoons formed by running, crystalline water), and all this only a few minutes away from the town centre. In Vila de Alter-do-Chao, a small neighbouring town, river beaches are formed during low water season (from August to December).

One of the local attractions is the encounter of the Tapajos and the Amazon rivers, whose waters do not “mix”. This spectacle can be seen from the very entrance to the town. On one side, the greenish-blue waters of the Tapajos River and, on the other side, the muddy waters of the great Amazon River.

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