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Santarem has many interesting places to know, most of them are capture in these Album Photo of Santarem for example the Ships and the marina Port of Tapajos River, the outdoor market in Santarem, the landscapes of Tapajos, the Viagero ship in the Tapajos river, the activity of fishing, the Wooden bridge in Santarem, the picturesque houses of Santarem or the Pérola do Tapajos. These places are really jewelries in Santarem.

In this way we bring you the photos and images of these attractions in this section but Santarem is more. The landscapes of Tapajos River, the stone house and the old towers are other examples of the beauty of Santarem. The city resume in this part of JustBrazil with photos and images in high definition and full colors. Remember that this exotic and singular city of Brazil is waiting for you with its open arms.

This page contains a large selection of Santarém photos, city views, monuments, streets, attractions, etc. Click on the images below to enlarge them.

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