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Weather in Salvador

Salvador has a warm tropical climate with high humidity during all year. The temperatures in Salvador do Bahia are not so well defined because sea breezes cross its lands. In this sense March is the hottest month with temperatures since 24 degrees Celsius until 30 degrees Celsius. Otherwise June has the softer temperatures between 19 and 26 degrees Celsius respectively.

The Triangular form of the city make of Salvador do Bahia a city that receive the sun's rays the most part of the year (with an average of 2,220 hours of annual sun exposure). In the other side, the precipitations are very frequent in the region with an average annual total of 201cm.In may the precipitation reach the 33 cm and generally these ones decreases to 11 c, in January, besides the coasts with sandy beaches, cliffs, mangroves and a series of islands.

Temperatures in Salvador range from 19.15 to 31.35 (Celcius).

Weather in Salvador

Rainfall in Salvador varies from 168.0 to 879.0 (mm/month).

Rainfall in Salvador

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