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Cidade Baixa

The Cidade Alta connects to the lower part of Salvador, Cidade Baixa, via precipitous streets, a funicular railway or the gigantic Lacerda Elevator. Although closed for routine maintenance during our visit, the elevator remains a striking symbol of the city of Salvador, and, is one of the best ways to get a view of the lower city. Cidade Baixa is the state's commercial center and financial hub. During the day it is busy and cafe's are filled. At night the lower city is empty and unsafe

The Cidade Baixa is hardly as charming as Cidade Alta, but it does house one important stop the Mercado Modelo covered market, a major shopping point for Bahians and tourists alike. We found both fine and folk art pieces there, as well as a host of delicious ready-to-eat seafood.

At the lower City, we can find:
  • Igreja N.S. da Conceição da Praia: This church was built in Portugal, then transported to Salvador piece by piece.
  • Mercado Modelo: In the Mercado Modelo, largest handicrafts market in the northeast, crafted art work from Afro-Brazilian culture is sold at affordable prices. In arts and crafts, the mixture of different religions, so tipical of Salvador, is reflected. Mercado Modelo is located across the street from the Elevador Lacerda, and is the old Customs House now transformed into a warehouse of handicrafts stalls. The rear part of the structure is given over to bars and restaurants (on the street level, and upstairs on a huge balcony). If you want to buy in the Mercado Modelo be prepared to haggle, and be prepared to shake off vendors insistent on selling something to you whether you want to buy or not. The site of the old Mercado Modelo is now occupied by a statue by Mario Cravo, the statue officially entitled "Fonte da Rampa do Mercado" ("Fountain of the Market Ramp") but more commonly referred to by locals as "A Bunda" ("The Butt").
  • Mercado São Joaquim: On this big market you can find the typical ingredients of the Brazilian food.

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