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Explore Salvador

This Salvador Brazil guide is an interesting source of information for anyone who is considering traveling to the area.

Before you jump right in and depart strolling the exciting city streets of Salvador, it is recommended that you learn a bit about the area so that you have a good idea of what to expect once you arrive.

Explore Salvador
Around Salvador Churches of São Francisco Cidade Baixa
Around Salvador
Getting around Salvador is a great way to learn its culture and meet new people.
Churches of São Francisco
Autenthic masterpieces located across the city, visit them and get amazed by the constructions.
Cidade Baixa
A great place to spend some time shopping in Cidade Baixa, a commercial centre in Salvador.
From Praça Municipal to Terreiro de Jesus Igreja do Bonfim Largo do Pelourinho
From Praça Municipal to Terreiro de Jesus
Find out what makes Salvador a place that worth a visit by taking this tour
Igreja do Bonfim
Make some religious tourism in Salvador, Igreja do Bonfim is a great place to start.
Largo do Pelourinho
Explore this traditional area of Salvador, Largo do Pelourinho.
Museu Afro-Brasileiro Museu Nautico da Bahia Museu da Arte Sacra
Museu Afro-Brasileiro
Find out some mixes of Brazilian and African traditions, art and culture.
Museu Nautico da Bahia
One of the oldest fortress constructed in urban areas, find information here.
Museu da Arte Sacra
Explore around this museum that boasts several galleries of religious art.

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