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Nowadays, people enjoy themselves with many things, for example videos (funny videos, aerobic videos, hidden camera, etc.), sports, and festivals. A large of number of people love festivals so this article is about the most important festival in South America, Rock in Rio.

Rock in Rio Post of 1981

The United States and Europe take care of the most important festivals around the world. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, The Strokes, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Maroon 5 and Linkin Park are some of the most wonderful rock groups in the United States and The Arctic Monkey, Franz Ferdinand, The Verve, The Libertines, Oasis and Blur are some of the most recognized rock groups in the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, South America also has an important event up to par the mega concerts of North America and The Old Continent; it is The Rock in Rio and it is a series of rock festivals made in Brazil, Spain and Portugal. This important event was created by the publicist Roberto Medina in 1985 and the concert was immediately successful.

Some of the Rock in Rio editions

The Queen Rock in Rio

The Rock in Rio I

The first concert was made in Rio de Janeiro from January 11 to 20, 1985. The greatest rock bands such as Rod Stewart, Queen, AC/DC, George Benson, and Yes, were the headliners. This first edition was a success around the world, with 1.5 million people assisting the 10-day-long festival. The organizers and the Brazilian Government helped to build the “Rock City”, a place of 250.000 square meters in Japarecagua, Rio de Janeiro, to organize the concert of Rock in Rio. The place was equipped to receive almost one and half millions of people. Before the event, people were making aerobic moves; it was only warm-up exercises for the concert at night.
As an additional note, MacDonald sold 58.000 hamburgers in a one day in Rio breaking a record Guinness on this day.
Guns and Roses in Rio

The Rock in Rio II

In 1991, the organizers brought back this festival. The place was the Maracana Stadium (with a capacity of 700 000 people) from January 18 to the 27. Guns N’ Roses, INXS, Santana, Princes, George Michael, A-ha, New Kids on the bloke and Joe Cocker were some of the rock bands that animated the event during the festival. However, the event didn’t have the popularity and success that the first one brought because of the small space offered by the Maracana Stadium compared with “City Rock”.
The Rock City in Japarecagua

The Rock in Rio III

In this occasion, the festival went back to his cradle, “Rock City” in Japarecagua. The festival was made from January 12 to the 21, 2001. Brazil put his eyes in the “Rock City” to see Sting, Guns N' Roses, N Sync, Iron Maiden, Neil Young, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and of course, other new bands such as: the Foo Fighters, Beck, James Taylor and Deftones. This event got back the success and the glory of the first edition. 1 235.000 people assisted to concert, 600.000 beer liters were consumed and the store sold around 630.000 snacks and 435.000 soda liters. The organizer introduced new music styles such as Electronic and African music.
As an additional note, Iron Maiden recorded music videos in this festival, calling the production “Iron Maiden: Rock in Rio”.
Rod Stewart, a rock legend

The Rock in Rio IV

This time Portugal and Lisboa hosted this festival and the official name was The Rock in Rio Lisboa, it was made in 2004. The organizers also built a “Rock City” in Bella Vista Park, Lisboa. Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Orishas, Metallica, sepulture and other local artists had good performances in the festival. However, Rock in Rio fans didn’t like the idea of the festival being moved to another country and this edition was dubbed “Tajo Rock in Rio,” a derogatory name to a poor festival. The concert only had 384.000 spectators. The number was much lower than early editions but it was remembered as the greatest concert in Portugal history.

The festival had two memorable problems; first, when the the audience realized that Britney Spears was playback singing and booed the young artist; and second, the accident that occurred when Carlinhos Brawn was rejected by the audience, as they wanted rock, and not a Samba-Fusion.
Nowadays Rock in Rio

The Rock in Rio V

Once again the Rock in Rio Festival was organized in Lisboa in 2006 but received the fewer amounts of people in its history, there were only 350.000 people. Artists such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Santana, Guns N' Roses and Sting turned up in this edition.

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