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Weather in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has an Atlantic Tropical Weather with warm summers and soft winters. The maximum temperatures can reach 35 degrees Celsius and rarely 40 degrees Celsius. Of courses in the principal Tourist zones the weather is moderate by the sea winds that cross its lands. The more hot months are December and January otherwise the coldest months are June and July with temperatures among 18 and 27 degrees Celsius besides of has precipitations in the first half of the year.

The weather of Rio de Janeiro is one of the most pleasant weather inside Brazil. The climate allows practices a variety of sport in the Region. For example aquatic sports are the favorite’s sports by all tourists who visit Rio de Janeiro. Besides its beaches in combination with his climate are the perfect places to spend a great moments with the loved ones and family. Rio de Janeiro has all to give you wonderful moments and perfect times.

Temperatures in Rio de Janeiro range from 15.05 to 30.7 (Celcius).

Weather in Rio de Janeiro

Rainfall in Rio de Janeiro varies from 183.0 to 696.0 (mm/month).

Rainfall in Rio de Janeiro

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