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Entertainment in Recife

The nightlife in Recife is very exciting like other places of Brazil, there are a variety of bars to the client's pleasure.
  • Downtown Pub: One of the most popular places among the youngsters. International and Brazilian rock music. Always crowded, usually with a waiting queue outside. R. Vigário Tenório, 105, Bairro do Recife - Phone: 3424 6317
  • Budega Club: A large restaurant which offers live music shows. Diversified rythms: Brazilian music, jazz, blues, music from the 70s. Av. Conselheiro Rosa e Silva, 1834. Phone: 3267 7777
  • Andador Dancing Bar: Disco, dancing floor, dry-ice smoke. Music from 70s, 80s and 90s. Av. Bernardo Vieira de Melo,1215,Piedade. Phone: 3361 1443
  • Catedral da Seresta: "Seresta" is the Portuguese word for serenate. So, expect older romantic music, and middle aged patrons. Rua Real da Torre, 1435 Phone: 3228 0567
  • HYPE: Hype parties. Inspired in similar houses from London. Travessa do Tuyuty, 39, Bairro do Recife Phone: 3424 1170
  • Depois Dancing Bar: An old building from Recife Antigo was restored and turned into a bar with live music and dancing floor. Average age of the public is over 30. Av. Rio Branco, 66, Recife Antigo - Phone: 3424 7451
  • Metropole World Dance: Focused on GLS public. It used to be called Doktor Froid (name by which many taxi drivers still know it). Three floors, electronic music. Rua das Ninfas, 125 Boa Vista Phone: 3423 0123
  • Repertório: Opened from Wednesday through Sunday nights, with a different kind of music each night: forro, Mexican music, Brazilian music. Rua Real da Torre,849 - Torre Phone: 3301 1665
  • Reboco: Specialized in forro. Rua Gregório Junior, 264, Cordeiro - Phone: 3228 7052
Carnival in Recife
When it comes to sounds, rythms and dance, no other carnival compares to Recife. Rio de Janeiro is worldly famous for the Samba Schools; in Salvador, the Axé and similar rythms predominate (read more about Carnival in Bahia); in Recife, one can watch performances of several rythms, each with its own peculiarities: frevo, maracatu, caboclinho, ciranda, coco, samba, rock, reggae, manguebeat.

There are more than 100 artists in live performances on the streets; there's a beautiful and magic spectacle in every place of the town. The city government supports shows (diverting traffic, advertising, hiring some groups), but the core of the party is made by the populars; they define which songs to play, which way to take. This cultural diversity attracts people from everywhere. Tradition rhytms join together with the new and contemporany. Popular and sofistication are united. Every year, Recife's Carnival on street bring millions of people, tourists from other Brazilian cities and foreign countries. Everybody comes to have fun. Carnival takes place across the whole town, even in the distant neighborhoods and quarters; people in Recife doesn't need much to create their own carnival parties.

Recife has several shopping centers, which concentrate not only shops but also leisure and food options.
  • Shopping Recife: The biggest shopping in Recife, and one of the biggest in Brazil. A cinema multiplex and the only bowling house in Recife. Right in the middle of Boa Viagem.
  • Tacaruna In Recife: close to Olinda.
  • Shopping Guararapes: In Jaboatão, but close to Recife.
  • Plaza Shopping: It's the smallest of the four major shopping centers in Recife. In the middle of one of the richest neighbourhoods of the city, this place is the most frequented by the upper class of the Recife.

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