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Casa da Cultura

On the banks of the Rio Capibaribe at the other end of the old town, in Rua Floriano Peixoto, is the House of Culture, which occupies the former Casa de Detenção (Prison). Here craft products are displayed for sale.

The Casa da Cultura de Recife, Recife's cultural marketplace, was once a colonial prison. It has since been transformed into a centre for traditional arts, now are occupied by souvenir shops. You'll find a good selection of local crafts: ceramics, woodcarvings, leather sandals, lace, and clothing. Prices are reasonable, but a bit of bargaining is expected. Excellent musical and dance performances often take place right outside the building. The Casa da Cultura is an excellent place to obtain tourist information and start an acquaintance with the region's cultural arts.

Casa da Cultura located at Rua Floriano Peixoto, s/n. Santo Antonio. Phone: 3224-2850

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