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Brazil Travel Guide

Moving to Brazil

Moving to Brazil Maybe you are thinking about moving; well we recommend you that Brazil will be the perfect destination. Brazil is among the countries that have more immigrants, and what is the reason? There are many reasons for moving to Brazil; here we explain some of them:
  • The clime in Brazil is almost perfect, it has temperatures around 25 to 41 Celsius degrees, and there is always a calm breeze to fresh yourself.
  • The price of the houses is not high; in fact it is relatively cheap. The real estate market is right now on its best moment in Brazil, the incoming events like the World Cup, or the Olympics are making the market even better.
  • The environment of the city or the towns around Brazil is excellent; you will never be bored because you have more beaches in Brazil than in any other part of the world, the activities that you can perform: walking thru the park, walking next to the sea, and also seeing some sports such as climbing, swimming, jogging, running or bicycling. You can perform anything you want in Brazil; you just must be open to the adventure.
  • Perhaps the fact that attracts to the country is that the economy is one of the best worldwide and it can be located among the seven most powerful countries in the world and the first one in South America.
  • Other fact that you may consider, it is that in Brazil people are friendly they are not very open, but they are friendly with almost every foreign person. But do you know how to speak Portuguese? Portuguese is the language of Brazilian people and for that it is mandatory that you could learn Portuguese before your arrival. Although people in Brazil know how to speak English, it is better for you to communicate in the local language, remember that it’ll better to speak Portuguese if you are planning to live there.
  • Some cities of Brazil are marvelous, for example Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo is one of the biggest cities, and it is the economic center of Brazil. Sao Paulo is the 10th richest city in the world.
We think that moving to another country must be planned. And the plan got to be carefully tough, since there are a lot of things that you may consider such as where are you going to live? Which persons are going to help you there, in the new city? Where are you going to work? How are you going to keep contact with your friends?

The moving companies can help you a lot with your move; they are specialized in the market of arranging everything that you may need, such as packing, taking care of every detail abroad, and they will also set the agreements before your arrival to the new country.

But, if you think that you just need a hand with the packages, you can contract movers. They will help you with the packages and with the transportation to the airport.

If you have a friend or relative who lives in the place where you are going to move, he/she can help you to find a job offer. Another solution is contacting to an employment agency.

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