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Getting Manaus

Get in

The best time to arrive to Manaus is on Sunday, because the city is more quiet than the others days. There are many ways to go to Manaus from regional vessels through airplanes.

By plane
Manaus is about three hours by air from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian airline TAM also flies once daily direct Miami - Manaus which takes less than 5 hours. Copa Airlines also flies to Miami-Manaus by way of Panama. There are also flights from London and many other South American capitals. Manaus also has budget flights from Fortaleza and Cayenes (French Guiana) with TAF.

By boat
Manaus is a major destination for boats on the Amazon River. From Belém on the Atlantic Coast, it takes about five days. Boats go to Porto Velho two-three times per week. Tabatinga on the border with Colombia can also be reached by boat from Manaus, with connections further on to Iquitos in Perú.

Individual boat or canoe tours nearby Manaus.

By bus
Due to road conditions, there is very little (if any) long-distance bus service originating from major cities in Brazil. There are daily buses to Boa Vista in the north and to destinations in Venezuela. The bus from Caracas in Venezula takes about 36 hours, but it is air-conditioned, has comfortable reclining seats and a toilet.

Get Around

Manaus is surrounded by rivers and flooted forest. A lot of points you only reach by boat.

In Manaus you will find a lot of options of fluvial transport.

Many places you only can reach by motor boat or canoe in the highwater season , and this transport is really amazing.

Also to get out (Belem, Obidos, Tabatinga ...) the boat transport is better and cheaper than fly, showing the amazon rainforest and local customs, offering a oportunity to learn more about the amazon.

Around the city the best option is take a taxi.

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