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Around the docks

Ships dock at the Porto Flutuante (floating docks), an ingenious structure that rises and falls with the greatly fluctuating river level. A stone retaining wall at the end of the bridge from the dock indicates the high water marks from 1902, when it was built. The town begins at the docks. Check out the number and sizes of riverboats that are docked with your ship; Manaus is the market center for the entire Amazon region, and river dwellers travel up to five days to buy supplies there.

From Manaus you can start programs to the four main points of the Amazon area. In the south Mamori, Juma e Janauacá. In the extreme north Presidente Figueiredo. In the east the national park Jaú and Rio Negro. In the west Rio Urubu, represented by a vegetation bulk, being composed for dense tropical forest or open forests.

You can expect to see some wildlife and visit some of the forest remnants, but two weeks or more are needed to reach untouched areas. Small two-story river boats carry five to ten people, sleeping in hammocks on the upper deck. Large boats carrying hundreds ply the river too, but the big boats don't stop between ports.

Explore Manaus

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