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Manaus Travel Guide

MANAUS is a city in north-west Brazil (nevertheless, according to the country's official regional division, it is part of the North of Brazil) and capital of Amazonas State. It is situated on the Rio Negro river, just 10 kilometers upstream from the point this river meets the Solimoes to form the Amazon. When in the area you should pay a visit to this point for the mingling of black and yellow water from the two rivers is really a sight worth seeing.

The city boomed due to the richness from the nearby rubberplants who used this place to trade latex. When the rubber business came into decline due to synthetic alternatives, the city fell into decline.

It now has a population over one and a half million people. Situated in the middle of the Amazon rain forest it serves as a travel hub and a distribution center for the river areas of the upper Amazon. It is thriving river harbour as well as the major destination on the highway from the south. You will be impressed by the vast number of river vessels of all shapes and sizes that ply their way from here to every township up and down this great river. Manaus is also the furthest point along the Amazon's deep-water channel, which allows huge ocean liners to come the 2,000 km/1,250 miles upstream from the Atlantic.

The Rio Negro (northern) branch of the Amazon is the color of strong tea, peaty brown and its comparative acidity means few mosquitoes. At Manaus the Amazon rises and falls almost twenty meters between seasons. In May and June it's at its peak, full and very wide, spreading way out into the trees. In November December it's low; still massive but with sandbanks showing.

The City of Manaus

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