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Insurance in Brazil

Insurance in Brazil Like any other market in Brazil, the insurance market is having a terrific era. Why? Because Brazil is having one of the best times of its history, right now, Brazil is among the seven most powerful countries in the world, it is a country where any person of any country will invest.

The stable government and the growing economy of the country make Brazil the most important country in South America. These factors not only benefit the Country, these factors benefit all Brazilian population and the external investments.

Investments such as the insurance are now entering into the market of low economics rates, like the favelas Rocinha and Heliópolis. Why the insurances are entering to the favelas? The insurance companies are entering to the favelas because they seem in to the poor a potential market (because of the economy of the country, poor people have better income).

Since the Brazilian economy is better, poor people are having best quality of life. Some privileges like life Insurance now can be acquired by poor people, so they can now leave a pension to their families if something happened.

But this is the first step in to the market of the poor people of the country, the other kind of insurances like Home, Car, Travel or Health insurance are not entering yet, because of the low level of acquisition.

The other side of the coin is the situation of Brazil cities; the country is like any other developed country in the world, so risks are the same than in other countries. The traffic is almost unbearable in cities like Sao Paulo or Brasilia that is why it is recommended acquiring a car Insurance to prevent some accidents that you may have on the route.

Some people say that Brazil is insecure and other say it’s not true, why are you going to risk yourself? If you are living in Brazil, it is better to insurance your house by purchasing or contracting a home Insurance just to prevent, this kind of insurance comes in two parts: the insurance of the belongings that are inside the house and the insurance that protect the structure of the house, you can contract both of them in one contract or contract them one by one.

Another insurance that you might have is the health insurance, if you are traveling to Brazil or you already live there, it is recommended having one of those (Health Insurance), since Brazil is a tropical area and has a stressful way of living. Be sure that you are not allergic of living in a tropical zone or entering into an estate of stress, because you will need a health insurance. Another insurance that we recommend you in case you are traveling to Brazil is the travel Insurance that is specialized on the field of traveling.

The market of insurances in Brazil is one of the better ones of South America, for so it is recommended to invest in the country, and if you are not an investor, we encourage you to contract the insurances because it is better to be protected.

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