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Golf Courses in Brazil

Golf Courses in Brazil Brazil is a country known worldwide for its outstanding performance in a particular sport, and that sport is Soccer. However, regardless of what people may believe, there are a lot of sports where Brazilian athletes have demonstrated a high skill level such as volleyball, Formula1, martial arts and much more. The sport that is gradually increasing its popularity among the Brazilians is Golf.

Golf is becoming very popular in Brazil, and many of the most important cities in the country are starting to open major Golf Courses. These golfing centers host thousands of players every year, and they are the main scenario for professional and amateur tournaments that are held throughout the year. Most of these golf courses are located in exclusive clubs; so, its practice hasn’t really widespread among the population because of the extracted access to these recreation centers.

Recently, Brazil was part of the World Amateur Team Championship in St. Andrews, Scotland. Raul Borges and João Pinto Barbosa Correa led the Brazilian team to an outstanding performance. To this day, Brazil and the United States are the only two countries that have participated in every World Cup tournament.

Nowadays, Brazil has more than 25,000 professional golfers and that number is increasing rapidly thanks to aggressive marketing initiatives that seek to spread the practice of Golf around the country.

Practicing Golf

We should not be surprised about the fact that Brazil is an interesting place to practice golf; especially for those who are seeking a golf course and enjoy quietly this relaxing sport. But as any sport, you would need to start with some some golf lessons to practice. A personal trainer can give us some useful golf tips that will help us improve our game and achieve a better performance in the field.

Besides the possibility of having a personal instructor, there is also the chance to get in a golf school. Golf schools offer many advantages that could help you to decide. To begin with, the cost is more economical. An instructor can concentrate exclusively on you, but they charge a little higher. A school can cost less and still offer positive results at the end of the course.

Golf schools also have facilities that will help you to spend a pleasant time while you learn all the secrets behind golf. Golf schools are also the main organizers of small amateur tournaments, where we will be able to measure our skills with other players.

Nowadays, Brazil has many golf courses, but it sure will continue improving this sport and will offer tourists some great golf facilities in the upcoming years; so, tourists will continue going to Brazil to live intensely and enjoy  their vacation holidays. Maybe they will also play some golf.

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