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Nightlife in Fortaleza

A very famous bar is Piratas Bar, located at Rua dos Tabajaras, 325 - Iracema Beach. It is a wild place on Mondays. It all starts at 8 at night until the sun raises into your eyes the next morning. Here is where the quanities of people are endless. It is a great place to see the traditional dance called; Forro. It is a little like country style. It is known as the Craziest Monday on the World. It commences with the playings of the accordian and drums. Around midnight it lights up with electronic forro, made of the rythums of axe, salsa, xaxado and carimbo. All worth the visit. Be prepared to be awake until the late hours because at four in the morning, samba and popular brazilian music are played until the rays of the morning arrive. You can dance to 'Forró' and some Axé (from Bahia)and meet new people. You have to pay a R$ 15,00 entrance. And if you manage to keep dancing until 4 am, they serve their special "Survivors' soup"!

Murucupi Club is another good option, in Murucupi there are 6 areas, Alfandega (it is dedicated to a former night club, they have live music with the best of pop rock, axe music and etc), Arena (holds 1,500 people it plays rock n'roll, pop rock classics and etc), Estacao (holds about 300 people and mostly plays blues, MTV, pop and Jazz), Usina (holds about 800 people and it is the space for techno and dance music), Tunel (the best of flashback '60, '70, '80, '90) and finally the restaurant, Vintage.

órbita, This is a nice environment, where you can go with your friends. Usually there are live bands playing there.. The style of music is usually cover bands of certain artists, pop rock, reggae. It is usually R$5,00 to get in and sometimes, if you get there before 10pm you get in for free (depending on how many people are in there already). You can play pool, kick it by the bar, or enjoy the music.

Barraca Biruta, is a place in "Praia do Futuro" called "Barraca Biruta". During the day, especially during vacation time, there are a lot of good looking people enjoying the beach, people from all around the world. At night, people go there usually when there are concerts, parties and etc. During the month of July, every Tueday, there is the "Festa Normal", where a whole bunch of people go there and dance, it is style night club. Then, on saturdays, there are always, parties that you can go to that is usually also night club style.

Another clubs are The Pub located at Ana Bilhar Street, 1445 - Varjota and Olé Klub.

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