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The city of Fortaleza

Fortaleza is a modern city in north-eastern Brazil. It's the capital of the state Ceará which is a great starting point to reach some of the best beaches in the world. Here you find Jericoacoara which was voted as the best beach in the world 2004 by Lonely Planet. Here you find Canoa Quebrada which is a lovely village discovered by hippies in the '60s, rediscovered by backpackers in the '80s and taken over by party people in the '90s. Canoa Quebrada got one of the best nightlife as well as one of the best beaches in Brazil and is internationally known. Here you also find some of the best fish dishes one possible can imagine. Specially if visiting smaller restaurants owned by fishermen's wife's who have been brought up with fish and cooking. Around the city we can find many place to visit, for shopping, for eating, for see, etc. Some examples:
  • Praça do Ferreira is the major city square, and has stores, restaurants, and movie theaters as well as plenty of benches for just sitting and watching people.
  • Praça José de Alencar has plenty of greenery and is the place to catch the city's best street performers.
  • The relatively new Dragão do Mar culture center has an art museum and other modern attractions.
  • Museu de Arte e Cultura Popular, Rua Senador Pompeu, near the beach. Located within the Centro de Turismo, this museum, housed in a single large room, displays many fine examples of folk art as well as boats and other cultural relics.
There are handicraft shops all around the city, but the best places to go are the Feirinha da Beira-Mar (Beach Fair) and the Mercado Público (Public Market). These places have a large number of stalls and shops, and competition drives prices down. The Beach Fair is right at the Meireles Beach, The area around the fair is one the busiest parts of Fortaleza, surrounded by several hotels and restaurants. It is safe and fun to walk from Meireles and Mucuripe to the fair; walking from Iracema is possible (about 1 km from the central Iracema area), but a bus may be more convenient. The hundreds of stalls where handicraft is sold are assembled and disassembled every day; the first stalls are opened at around 4 pm.

Fortaleza is a wonderful city, deep in culture and abundant in leisure for the traveler. There are many different facets of life celebrated here, from watching capoeira. Capoeira a sport participated with deep african-brazilian overtures.Worth the experience. Fortaleza is located in the northeasten portion of Brazil.It is the capital of the State of Ceara. The climates are tropical and very little rain. Go check out the many different reasons this city and state are worth a journey.

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